Game of Owns: Fetch Me a Block

Tyrion and Clea

Episode 272 – Fetch Me a Block
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The course is set, paths are crossing like never before. Our characters move steadily Northward, heading for the East — for revenge, power, and honor. What do these signs mean? Hop in the wagon for a final go at events so far, Sunday is coming.

Discussion Topics
Wagon wheels
Podrick’s tale
Brienne’s tale
The Baratheons
Killing Janos Slynt
Office of the Lord Commander
The beauty of Volantis
Words of the priestess
The brothel
Listener Owns
A few emails
A hedge knight is coming…


  1. i think there is significance in the way that Melisandre looks at jon at the end of season 4 and the way the red priestess in volantis looks at tyrion.

  2. I was really struck by the scene with Jon’s shadow on the mess hall wall.

    It seemed that there was more than Jon’s shadow on that wall. I sensed the presence of Ned’s shadow: the man who pass the sentence swings the sword. The shade of Rob Stark, the Young Wolf, another “son” of Ned’s, who faced a similar dilemma and made the same decesion and finally Lord Commander Mormont who showed Jon what it meant to command the Night’s Watch. Then when Stannis gave him that curt nod after Jon killed Janos, Jon fulfilled the obligations put before him by the most influential men in his life and got the approval of the “One True King of Westeros.

    Quite a scene.

  3. Tyrion was so bored. If only he had some type of board game to play….

  4. Game of owns also goes to Pycell “Peoples private lives should remain private!”

    lol, one dirty old man to another…

    Nice episode, that one about Ser Pounce being Tommens second favourite pussy now was hilarious

    I think an emailer referred to the Sparrows as a cult. I’ll be dissapointed if it goes this way rather an extremist revolutionary movement borne out of the brutality of the nobility, because this would be whitewashing akin to what is happening with Cerseis character

  5. HelloThere:
    Ghost’s Lunch,

    There is a difference b/t White Washing and not making a character a raging 1 dimensional psychopath

    Yeah but when it gets to the point where they establish a rule to bizarrely omit all these really good character developing flashbacks (which are crucial in a visual medium) and then break the trend if it helps to ‘justify’ Cersei’s paranoi- sorry “perspective” on top of the absurd notion of “zero gold mine output” you have to start wondering

    Don’t get me wrong, I thought the Maggy the Frog flashback was great. My issue is I would like to have seen more

    Plus I think it’s great if we have moved Cersei from being a “one-dimensional” psychopath, at the same time it would be good if that was afforded to other characters who have actually been trimmed and not done proper justice. Ser Loras for a start but there’s also Mance and of course in the books Tyrion was a mopey jerk while in that brothel on the w/e

    This is where one starts to wonder if the showrunners are getting too close to some actors perhaps, heaven forbid they should show some in a bad light…

  6. Ghost’s Lunch,

    I was just gonna mention Tyrion in the discussion before you got there on your post.

    I think the problem is, the show doesn’t do subtlety. Everything has to be anvil-sized for it to make sense, and that’s what I miss the most about the books. The show makes for a (relatively) entertaining 10 weeks every year though.

    But like George, I’ve already seperated the both in my mind. No use getting angry at things being changed every year.

  7. Ghost’s Lunch,

    I agree w/ Tyrion.
    He is too much of a hero in the show.

    I just don’t agree about Cersei. As a character, shes far more interesting to me on the show than she was in the book. Book Cersei reminded me of show Joffrey, just too one dimensionally evil for me to actually care.

  8. Ghost’s Lunch,

    There are priorities. Loras doesen’t need to be complex character in the show, because he isn’t realy important. But Margaery has to be, and she is more interesting character than in the books.

    It’s the same with Mance. He isn’t important for the story they want to tell. Brienne is.

    And it become cliche to have antihero as main character. Breaking bad, House of cards, Hannibal, The Sopranos,…. Tyrion isn’t a bad person in the books, and he isn’t a bad person in the show. Why he need to be a bad person to be interesting character?

    In modern television “antihero” type of main charater is something boring and too mainstream.

  9. Ser Marq’s Bowman,

    WOW! No, really, that’s what I said out loud when I read your post. I went back and looked at that scene and the power is there. No other reason for that scene to be there except to invoke the memory of those who came before and had such heavy impact on Jon.

  10. I love listening to you guys! One criticism though…during your discussion of Brienne and Renly, you said something to the effect that Brienne’s problems were trivial in regards to what Renly had been going through and it was nice of him to help her because of that. I couldn’t disagree more with you. Brienne’s experience, basically her entire life, was to be told that she was expected to be petite, graceful, pretty, etc, etc and she literally could not be any of those things no matter how hard she tried. I think it’s wrong of you to compare their suffering and judge hers as “less than”. In fact, I would argue that their dilemma was almost exactly the same. Neither could ever be what society demanded them to be based on their gender. She was expected to “womanly” and he was expected to be “manly” and all that is implied by those labels. And neither could be. It was my thought that Renly recognized that similarity and that’s why he helped her. They were essentially fighting the same fight.

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