First Look at “The Lost Lords,” episode 2 of Telltale’s Game of Thrones series


Rejoice, gamers and general Game of Thrones fans. The first episode of S5 may be 80 days away (check out our fancy countdown clock if you haven’t yet), but the second episode of the Telltale Games take on Thrones will be out on February 2 on PC/Mac and PS, and within two further days on all supported platforms. Below, find the embedded trailer for the episode (with 30 second of new “footage”) and some further comments.

Not unexpectedly, the trailer promises to acquaint us with more of the original characters created for the game, including new playable ones (there will be 5 in total according to the released info, and we have already experienced playing with three in the first episode). Asher Forrester, the exiled second son, appears to be a lock for one of them, and will provide us a window into the Essos side of the story. A second son for the Second Sons? Why not. I’m very much looking forward to experiencing the Wall thanks to Gared’s perspective, and we’ll revisit Mira in King’s Landing as well.

Staying true to the company name, the first episode was excellent in telling a compelling story very much in the style of ASoIaF, capturing the atmosphere to a T, if you ask me – and many agree. The game is a very accessible interactive narrative type of affair in Telltale’s signature style. While I may be as of yet still unconvinved that decision you make really matter to the extent one would wish, I highly recommend that you try it out.

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    1. First episode was great, so here’s to hoping the rest are on the same level of quality.

      also fuck yeah Yunkai! Button mash A to eat roasted dog and locusts

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    2. Yeah, WiC got mentioned, for some weird reason. The Telltale people should really update their sources, or just visit WiC and see for themselves the pathetic, empty husk that Fansided left in its wake.

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    3. first ‘episode’ was mediocre. let’s see how this second part fares…
      I wanted a refund because my choices only kinda changed some dialogues and nothing else

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    4. I do hope for some more legitimate branching in this next episode, but overall I enjoyed the first one, so I’m excited for more!

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    5. I was reading the trailer warning label, about profanity, gore and violence and noticed the lack of sexual situation and nudity. I’m like wtf, it’s not GoT without the latter, even the books have plenty of that, the game needs to add them to stay true to both the original and adapted forms, probably won’t purchase it now, because I want the full GoT experience, not a watered down PG-13 version.

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    6. Enjoyed the first episode

      Different choices didn’t make a massive difference, that’s hardly surprising as it is a bit like S1 but I’d imagine a game version of the “Butterfly Effect” will start to come into play rom this episode onwards

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    7. Morgoth,

      Well, that’s the thing with Telltale games. They rely more on the illusion of choice than on actual consequences for your actions. I loved their Walking Dead game, the story is amazing, but it all kind of falls to pieces when you do a replay and realize your choices didn’t change much. If you’re searching for a real branching story, you’ll end up disappointed.
      I can understand it from a resource standpoint though

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    8. Dolorous Ned,

      I don’t know about that. If you choose to save Bowen early on in the game, you’re dead with a crossbolt in your eye within a few minutes and “Valar Morghulis” draped across your body.


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    9. This is off topic but Bryan Singer just announced on Twitter that Sophie Turner will be the new Jean Grey in X-Men: Apocalypse!!!

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    10. JP Dayne,

      Is this your first Telltale game? What exactly were you expecting to happen? If you didn’t wash your hands in the first part you’d get a disease and die? There were variables and different consequences, all within the normal bounds of every other Telltale game. It was fine.
      Also.. it was the first episode. Typically, the more broad changes and options change as you progress and the story has more chance to unfold. I don’t understand what radically different paths some of you were expecting, honestly.


      I thought I was the only person who noticed this; it’s really jarring. But then again the average person who isn’t an obsessive loser like myself won’t mind, so.

      The only reason I can think of is maybe incorporating the giant braziers didn’t look good? The Telltale engine is already whack enough as is.

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    11. I was a bit underwhelmed with the first episode of the game. Because it’s not really a game. It’s a (very good) short animated film with a token bit of interactivity thrown in.

      Some of the confrontations were good – very tense (particularly with Ramsey) – but overall in terms of ‘playability’, I didn’t get that much out of it.

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    12. I know this doesn’t have anything do to with the telltale game, but if you haven given the game of thrones RPG from 2012 a chance yet, I would suggest giving it another look. I held off for a while because I heard it was shitty but I just finished a play through and the story was pretty fantastic with a lot of twists and turns. The two main characters are compelling enough, and the story fits in very nicely with the beginning of season 1/the first book. Plus, if your like me and like a little more action than the telltale games provide, you’ll most likely enjoy this game. The combat is a little weird to get used to at first, but once you do and your character starts getting the better abilities it actually gets pretty fun (one of the characters can warg into his dog almost whenever he wants and kill people, and the other is a red priest so fire magic is obviously involved). Ya, the graphics aren’t amazing but all in all they are not bad and are tolerable. Get past the first couple of chapters (they are kind boring) and when the story starts to pick up you won’t be able to stop playing (thats what happened to me). Just putting that out there, it might help pass the time before season 5 for some people.

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    13. WinterIsNeverComing,

      I couldn’t play that GOT RPG. The combat mechanics were just too poor and the voice acting was brutal. I can only spend so much of my life on video games so any game that requires you to “give it a second chance” is just a dud in my opinion. Its like people who recommend TV shows to me and say “you just have to get through the first couple of seasons then it gets good”… who has time for that?

      As for this game I would have to agree that it felt more like watching an animated GOT film than playing a game. Very little to actually do in the game that has consequences. This was my first Telltale game so I guess my hopes were up too high for more branching and consequences of my decisions.

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    14. OT: Back to the IMAX conversation…..

      Northern VA (and other VA IMAX locales) have finally got their act together and are scheduled as well. For all Northern VA folk missing out, see Tickets are $20.

      Seems like a lot of new additions throughout US and Canada were made in the past 24 hrs.

      Jan 29, 10:00pm…can’t wait!

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    15. **Yet another OT**

      Has anyone noticed that the IMDB cast lists for each episode have finally started to separate into episodes across the season instead of everyone being listed on the E1 page?

      I’m taking it with a grain of salt because IMDB isn’t the most reliable, but the seeing most of the minor castings compiled is interesting, particularly

      the Wildling leader and wight cast members being listed specifically under E8

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    16. Lion of Night,

      They’ve been listed there for a while now. That’s why many folks tend to think that that’s when we’ll get showHardhome.

      It’s not just IMDB btw which can corroborate their casting and being in that episode. Barrie Martin is listed as appearing in it on CastingCallPro and Simon Millar used to be listed there too (but isn’t anymore for whatever reason). Also Murry MacArthur has been listed as appearing in a Sapochnik-directed ep. for more than a month now here:

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    17. Greenjones,

      Ah alright. Yeah, I was aware of most of the news concerning that event, but not the timing of it. That’s actually pretty crazy timing if it does happen that early.

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    18. cami,

      Stick em with the pointy end,

      Tyrion’s holding a bloodied dagger so we get some Imp action this season. I love the shocked, literally jaw dropping faces on Missandei and Daario, even Dany appears enjoyably stunned. This appears to bode well for Drogon’s growth spurt from season 4.

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    19. OT- I just watched a GRRM interview on Al Jazeera that was at least 1/2 hour long, if not more. I did not learn one single thing I did not know already. Why does he do these, and I guess the bigger question is, why do these journalists not do their homework and come up with some new questions?

      **head desk**

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    20. Dolorous Ned,

      That’s true. But some of the more interesting questions are, strangely, not being asked. Will the series really die with Mr. Martin as he has stated? Would he have sold the rights to the books to HBO had he known they would finish before him? Does he think he can finish in seven books? Etc.

      I imagine Mr. Martin’s handlers have told interviewers some queries are off limits. Like when is TWOW coming out and how far along is he. Those should be asked of him every few months by any interviewer even if they are merely entertainment journos.

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