New photos of Sam & Gilly in Oldtown, as Game of Thrones in Cáceres filming wraps!


Yesterday we reported the first photos of John Bradley (Samwell Tarly) in Game of Thrones season 7. Now that filming has wrapped in Cáceres, Spain, we have even MORE photos from the good people at Hoy and, as you can see from above, we now have some with Hannah Murray (Gilly)!

Check out the rest (and some minor spoilers) under the cut!

Sam, Gilly, and not-so-little-anymore Sam were seen bundled up and heading out of Oldtown. Given their attire, we can guess they’re heading North!


Murray and Bradley weren’t the only ones spotted as director Matt Shakman (of episodes four and five) was also seen on set!


Given his appearance, we can also infer that this will be taking place during the later half of season 7.

The cutest couple in Westeros were also seen on-set enjoying a mini snack break:


We’ve also got an oddly (maybe even Braavosi?) dressed extra, and Sam and Gilly heading out!




That’s a wrap for Game of Thrones filming in Cáceres!

It’s extremely exciting to see Sam and Gilly on the move again and even more so when there’s a possible Jon Snow reunion on the horizon! What are your thoughts? Let us know below!


  1. I wonder if they’ll leave Oldtown post “Roseroad scene” and with knowledge of a couple things that happened there…

  2. Definitely Braavosi- and I believe there’s also a male Braavosi extra there too. Gets more and more mysterious.

    Faceless men, anyone?

  3. First thought on seeing the first photo was “Thank the gods, they finally sold that little brat. Time to have some fun for a change!”

  4. It’s nice to see Sam, Gilly, and little Sam. I’m really not feelin’ Gilly’s flowery dress. The hair looks good, though. Poor Sam has been wearing the same quilted black tunic (?) since S2, I think. If anyone ever needed a change in attire, it’s definitely Sam. I don’t see Heartsbane anywhere. Maybe it’s in the cart.

    Isn’t Old Town a port city? So I don’t think it’s strange that a Braavosi woman would be strolling the city streets. Just as Westerosi go to Braavos, the Braavosi can go to Westeros too.


    Shakman being the director of these Sam/Gilly scenes seems to line up with what Lads said: that they will leave Old Town in episode 5 and head to Winterfell. That explains Sam, Gilly, and little Sam being bundled up for the long journey to the cold North.
  5. Oldtown is a large city and a harbor. It wouldn’t surprise me to see people from all walks of life there.

    Leaks add up! 😀 Confirm all my theories now haha.
  6. Love Gilly’s new look, she looks like she’s really come into her own now.
    Bloody Sam, change your clothes. Lol his as bad as Jorah and Davos in that department.
    At least Jorah has changed his rags to proper Westeros clothes this upcoming season from Dragonstone pics hallelujah. I’ll miss the blue thing he had around his neck though when he was obviously trying to match Dany’s blue clothes lol

  7. BunBunStark,

    I think it’s very unusual that a clearly Braavosi couple would be there-even though it is a port. Kings Landing is also a port but all the locals have a similar style there. The wardrobe team are paying particular attention to their hair styling and costuming (taking reference photos to ensure continuity that they usually do for main cast), would they be so particular if they were just random extras?

  8. I just have one question…where is Sam’s chain? Maybe he got his knowledge and left to rejoin everyone else.

  9. Brian,

    It takes years of study to get chains, he won’t be a proper maester when he leaves. He probably just got important information for the fight against the WW and is going back to Jon to help in the fight

  10. Maybe the Brevosi is Arya? I don’t know how to hide spoilers so I won’t say why it would make sense.

  11. You know, we’ve passed the point at which they have to admit that Little Sam can or should be able to talk.

  12. Mel,

    I kind of was thinking that too. I would have liked to have seen him actually become a maester though and still marry Gilly

  13. Brian,

    Yeah, there is a reason all the maester’s we see are at least middle aged because they’ve spent years studying
    He could technically still marry Gilly after the WW war since I don’t imagine they’ll have need of a nights watch afterwards but I can’t see him becoming a maester since they are forbidden to marry perhaps a scholar though or he’ll take over his house since his father and brother are going up against Dany and it probably won’t go well for them so someone will need to fill in the gaps they leave behind

  14. reallylike the gilly new look, but wheres the scene with davos and tyrion finding gendry? like, peter was in te city last week, so he came back to spain to film in malpartida? strange since was confirmed he wasnt part of the ambush. i dont get why he was in caceres

  15. BunBunStark,

    Wait, are they going to take the Kingsroad to Winterfell? That seems really dangerous now. Why not take a ship? Maybe they are really in Braavos on the way to White Harbor. But then again, what would they be doing with a cart and horse?

  16. corinnestark,

    Book-type not-exactly-spoiler + speculation:

    In the books, they get to Oldtown by way of Braavos in the first place (involving all sorts of fun with Arya), and that appears to be a typical route when coming from the North (in that case, I believe the point of origin was Eastwatch), so if they are on their way to Winterfell, I suppose it’s not all that odd that they should stop in Braavos.

    However, the horse and cart are sort of inexplicable. Maybe they are making a delivery on the way. 🙂

  17. The Dragon Demands: You know, we’ve passed the point at which they have to admit that Little Sam can or should be able to talk.

    Er, why would they “admit” this? Given the kid’s size (or kids’ sizes: he probably is played by twins), he’s supposed to be about 3. However, just because a three year old can speak it does not follow that anybody other than his parents ever want hear it, and it certainly would be nothing that would add to the story.

  18. MakeDorneGreatAgain,

    No it takes years of studying to get them I doubt Sam will be there for more than a few months. I imagine he’ll leave with information about the WW threat from books at the Citadel without actually becoming a maester

  19. Hmmm, Sam’s non-black cloak (pelt-collared too!!) and Gilly’s finery might indicate that maybe he’s learned that he is now Lord Tarly. If he learned of JOn’s leaving the NW and becoming the Kitn as well, maybe Sam considers his watch ended as well. I’ve never thought he would become a maester. He specifically was told by Stannis and Jon to learn what would defeat the WW, and although Sam loves learning (don’t we all?), he’s got more important things to accomplish upon completion of his research: crucial knowledge to convey, caring for family, etc. One other remote possibility: if he’s in Braavos, perhaps to deal with the Iron Bank. Or per hints in the books, Jaqen could have met him in Oldtown and even told him to go to Braavos for some reason. BTW, has anyone spotted Tom Wlaschiha during S7 filming? Of course, Jaqen could look like anyone.

  20. Therae,

    (Not really spoiler-y, but I’ll be safe)

    I think that to get to Winterfell, it would make more sense to go directly to White Harbor from Oldtown. Oldtown to Braavos to Eastwatch by water, then south on the road to Winterfell, seems a tad much given winter sailing *and* road conditions.
  21. Little Sam really takes after his father. In fact it’s rumored that he already has thirteen wives.


  22. BunBunStark,

    I hope this part is not true as it’s stupid and so un-necessary given Bran’s power to see the past. Why on earth would he be looking for and care about the information he’s found other than as an aside? Make a note of it and file it under something to tell Jon AFTER he finds a way to stop the WW. Their world is in peril from the NK so instead of trying to find a way to stop them – he runs to tell Jon some ‘personal news’ like some teenage girl relaying gossip? The ‘paper in question’ ins’t going to say ‘Jon has super powers’ and he can stop the WW so why would he stop trying to save the world to deliver this? Bran likely already knows the entire story including what’s potentially written on that paper so it makes absolutely no sense at all.

  23. kathy,

    I agree but I think he probably finds out stuff about the WW as well and can’t discover anything else so he goes North to relay that information before the WW invade. Just because it wasn’t in the leaks doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen, I’m sure there are many things they didn’t mention like this website announcing Cersei and the Iron Bank issues.

  24. BunBunStark,

    I think the handle of the Heartsbane can be seen in the second photo from above. It’s wrapped into cloaks, so it’s hard to tell for sure but the shape looks similar. It’s not just a bundle.

  25. Jack Bauer 24,

    Presumably Belfast filming will continue until shortly before Christmas. If I understood WOTW correctly, filming will then pick up in the new year. And they’ll also start filming in Iceland mid-January.

  26. kathy,

    The stuff Sam finds there basically legitimizes everything Bran sees about Jon, so yeah it’s important. Not everyone is going to believe Bran’s magical visions, but more would be convinced if there are records at the Citadel which confirm those visions.

  27. Flayed Potatoes,


    I think though what Kathy is referring to though is Jon’s parentage doesn’t matter if they all die against the WW, so It would be stupid for Sam to leave before he gets information on the WW giving them a edge against them since Jon’s parentage will not help them in the slightest in the actual fight if anything it would do the opposite and hurt Jon in a time when he needs to be clear headed in the fight, instead he’ll keep thinking about the man he looked up to for years and has tried to be like isn’t his father, instead it’s the man who Ned told him basically kidnapped and Raped his sister.

  28. Mel,

    Well the leaker implied that

    Maester Wolkan is the one keeping Sam up to date with what is happening in Winterfell, so maybe he’s assured that he can return. Or he finds something about the WW and sends it to Winterfell and Bran (who knows these things anyway) and that makes it easier to leave. To me it always seemed obvious that the reason Sam and Gilly were sent away from the Wall was: 1. to keep them alive because the WW are going to attack it and nobody will survive and 2. to find out something about Jon’s parentage which will confirm Bran’s visions, so I’m not too worried about this.

    The leaker clearly didn’t reveal everything that happens this season anyway.

  29. Flayed Potatoes,

    It is important that either Sam or Bran find a way to defeat the WW as I think we all know a frontal assault will fail every time, they may kill quite a bit of WW but every time one of their own fall their added to the WW army. It has to be more to do with the Night King himself.

  30. Mel,

    Bran will most likely figure it out. He already saw how the NK was made, so he might see more in the future. I don’t think the show wants to reveal everything too early.

    We also don’t know what else Sam might discover, as those are probably all indoor scenes.
  31. Mel: It is important that either Sam or Bran find a way to defeat the WW as I think we all know a frontal assault will fail every time

    This is not Lord of the Rings: ultimately, the big hook is going to be Jon and Daeny building upon their past experiences to make some damned-if-you-do, damned-if-you-don’t decision(s) with which they will then have to live (although we won’t see that part).

    At any rate, it would be silly if the Maesters had information about how to kill White Walkers. After all, the Maesters do not think that White Walkers ever existed. At best, they would have recordings of the old myths that they would record for anthropological reasons: but the Children have (or had) much better historical references, and they did not know how to kill the Walkers. So, if actual recordings of events do not tell you how to fight the Walkers, then how will heavily distorted and mutated stories derived from those histories tell anyone anything? (Note that this really eliminates both Bran and Sam.)

    Instead, the bigger issue is going to be: why are the Walkers back? They’ve been gone for millenia. There must be some reason why they are back. Understanding that, and understanding the cost of undoing or balancing that reason is a much more plausible direction for this sort of story. My bet is that it will be something along these lines: and Jon & Daeny (and perhaps Tyrion, Arya, Bran & Sansa) will be involved in making some pretty terrible choices about how that “undoing” is paid.

  32. Flayed Potatoes,

    What Bran learned from this was why obsidian can kill them. The Children had no other ideas, and they have been able to relive those histories for thousands of years. It would be silly if the answer was sitting there for one person to realize. (And, no, that is not how it works in reality; in reality, these things come from groups of people attacking the same general problem in a variety of ways: usually the answer could not have been had given the effort of just one of them.)

  33. Flayed Potatoes,



    The leaks say Sam leaves Oldtown because he is tired of doing dogsbody work, which implies that he doesn’t find anything useful about the WWs I thought.

    Secondly, what I understood from the leaks was that Sam doesn’t realize the truth of Jon’s parentage when he leaves Oldtown. Gilly finds the papers, however she pronounces “Ragger” when she mentions it, and Sam doesn’t connect this with “Rhaegar” and so he doesn’t pay her much attention. And it is only later at the end of the season when Sam and Bran talk about this that Sam realizes Gilly was talking about Rhaegar. That’s when they connect the dots and realize Jon is Rhaegar’s legitimate son.

    So apparently Sam just leaves Oldtown without any particular purpose in mind.

  34. One of the things I have been most curious about is what causd the white walkers to wake, and also WHEN did they wake. Maybe if we knew when they woke and started traveling south, then we can have a better idea of the events of that period in question. We know they were on the move when the Stark kids were younger. So when did this begin? What was thecatylist that triggered them?

  35. Also regarding WW, I am wondering if some type of imbalance was created and if they have to somehow get the balance back. Did the original Bran the builder work some kind of peaceful deal with them? I can’t fathom a couple of dragons and human beings defeating them in a war. I mean, there are thousands upon thousands of wights alone and God knows how many white waLkers. I am looking forward to getting some answers I hope.

  36. Gilly is looking very beautiful in those pics. And it’s good to see Sam in black.

    Sometimes I wonder if Gilly’s son being one of the “sons of Craster” and apparently the only fully human one alive will play a part in the end game. I’ve probably just been exposed to too many t.v. tropes over the years though.

  37. If Sam just leaves the Citadel without uncovering any useful knowledge, his arc is almost pointless. Knowing his sense of devotion, I think he’ll only leave after he’d discovered something really crucial. It could be about obsidian, valyrian steel, Jon’s parentage, all the above. Re: R+L=J Bran could use some corroboration, and Sam would be perfect, especially if they don’t add adult Howland Reed. Presumably, the Citadel central library has a really good card catalogue. And the maester-mentor Sam will inevitably associate with (Jim Broadbent?) will probably give him extra support. Personally, I’d like to see book chracter Alleras/Sarella help too. Dorne will need her after Euron and Cersei are done with the other Martells.

    I have a theory that Sam and/or Bran will probably solve a mystery: Why must there always be a Stark in Winterfell? It’s practical governing advice, of course, but surely also concerns the past, a curse, magic, something having to do with the CoTF, Kings of Winter, and the Others coming or conquering. Probably only a Stark (I include Jon) can defeat the King of Winter. Will there be another battle of Winterfell, perhaps the battle for the dawn? Will the presence of one or all four of the Starks and even two direwolves make the difference? Will the Starks in the crypt rise too? (I hope so.) These are all pre-Endgame considerations, but they’ll help pave the way for the S8 denouement.

  38. I’m intrigued by the Braavosi extras. Maybe they’re just some Braavosi merchant and his merchant wife swinging by Oldtown for trade… But ideas of Faceless Men aren’t too out there. Especially if you know some book stuff.

    What I’m more interested in is Sam’s story. John Bradley (Sam’s actor) in some interviews seemed to indicate that he’s not taking his Night’s Watch vows seriously anymore, because Gilly and little Sam are more important (How did Maester Aemon put it again? “Love is the death of duty.”)

    I don’t know what’s going to happen. Sam might, probably will, break his vows for love and forget his duty. For Gilly and also the wee mite, little Sam. They’re telling the world he’s Sam’s. We know he’s not, he’s Craster’s son. He’s a cute wee little mite anyway. Where’s the harm in that, him thinking Sam is his father? Except, GRRM does not do happy endings, bhuahahahaha!

  39. corinnestark,

    I always thought if this was going to happen, it would be Jon who would raise them, because in the books, Jon keeps having dreams about the crypts all the time.

  40. Stark Raven’ Rad,

    Aah, you’re musing on the things I am. Raising good points. Especially about why must there always be a Stark at Winterfell. It’s been emphasised, book and show, so much that it must mean something.

    Old Nan (book) said that the Night’s King was a Stark. She was referring to the 13th LC of the NW, not the enemy leader we now have on the show. Or maybe…

    Click click go her knitting needles…telling bedtime stories to her Brans, enough to keep any kid awake at night, the horrible, lovely old bat… Only… Old Nan’s stories are apparently all true. I’m starting to wonder about the giant called Macumber, inside whose blue eye we all live, as retold by Robb Stark and Oberyn Martell. Click, click, click…

  41. Stark Raven’ Rad: If Sam just leaves the Citadel without uncovering any useful knowledge, his arc is almost pointless. Knowing his sense of devotion, I think he’ll only leave after he’d discovered something really crucial. It could be about obsidian, valyrian steel, Jon’s parentage, all the above.

    Given the nature of the story, I think that information about Jon’s parentage, and possibly information demonstrating that Jon is the legitimate son of Rhaegar rather than one of Rhaegar’s bastards is what we will get. This will radically alter Jon’s world-view. Just learning that he was Ned’s nephew will do that in part, yes: he now will appreciate just how much “lesser dishonor” Ned had to accrue in order to avoid “greater dishonor,” and also that Ned did all of this assuming that nobody would ever learn about it. However, another big part of Jon’s world-view is that he, Jon, is a bastard, and therefore must overcome the natural flaws of bastards. Learning that he is legitimate changes things yet again.

    Sam cannot learn much from the Citadel about obsidian, unless they have geology maps showing where obsidian veins occur throughout Westeros. Still, that would be sort of lame: after all, everybody already know where troves of the stuff can be mined.

    The fan-fiction that the Maesters have had the recipe for Valyrian steel all of this time is, well, just that: fan-fiction. If the Maesters had this, then they would be using it to there profit: yet neither in the books nor in the show do we get any hint that there are mysterious troves of Valyrian steel out there. Indeed, we know in both media that the Lannisters have been desperate to get a new Valyrian sword for a while. If the Maesters knew how to make the stuff, then they certainly would have found a way to get a few months worth of Lannister mine output in exchange for one.

    Besides, the book almost certainly gives us the recipe:

    tempering the steel via human sacrifice.

    This is how the old stories will have useful information: an apparent allegory will turn out to have some real-world basis to it.

  42. talvikorppi: It’s been emphasised, book and show, so much that it must mean something.

    It has not gotten that much emphasis in the books. The emphasis has been from fans regurgitating it over and over again. This is a classic sort of “Mount Molehill!”

    Besides, Winterfell did not have a Stark for some time. And…. nothing happened. No, the White Walkers did not return: they returned years, possibly decades before. After all, Mance Rayder’s rise to King Beyond the Wall was driven in large part by the return of the Walkers. And Craster had been giving his sons to the Walkers for years, even decades at this point.

    The Wall did not fall without a Stark in Winterfell: and it almost certainly will fall while one is there.

    Dragons returned with Starks in Winterfell, but nothing bad happened to the Dragons after Winterfell lost the Starks.

    Basically, we can pretty much falsify the idea that not having Starks in Winterfell has any dire effects on anything. The “worst” stuff that has happened happened while Starks were in Winterfell, and life continued being just generally Hobbesianly horrible for everyone while the Starks were away.

  43. Asoiaf fan: One of the things I have been most curious about is what causd the white walkers to wake, and also WHEN did they wake.

    We know much more about the “when.” A big part of what allowed Mance to unify the Free Folk was the return of the Walkers. Mance started doing that long before the story starts: in the books, Ned openly thinks that he’s probably going to have to summon the bannermen to put down Mance’s uprising before Robert comes to Winterfell.

    However, you strike “gold” (nay! mithril! 😀 ) with the question of “why?” The Walkers were dormant for multiple millenia. Now they are back. Given GRRM’s love of “damned-if-you-do, damned-if-you-don’t” dilemmas as the source of his stories, it would be very surprising if learning this “why” does not put the whole battle into a very different light for Jon, Daeny and others. Indeed, we’ve already gotten the first hole in the wall for Daeny: we now know that the White Walkers are akin to Unsullied who rebelled against their owners; given Daeny’s natural sympathy for slaves, she will very certainly see the Walkers in a different light if she learns about this. (Of course, she’ll have to learn about the Walkers, first: at most, she’ll know of them as fictional bogeymen from the fables of the backwards Northerners.)

    However, I think that we can add one other “why” to this: R’hllor. R’hllor, whatever it is, does not seem to like the White Walkers. Of course, it does not seem to like anybody else, either. The Red Church is almost certainly going to be important in this: R’hllor brought Jon back, and we’ve seen how much Melisandre has contributed already. Thoros could be important again. And we saw last year that Red Clerics are promoting Daeny as a savior. (That happens in the books, too.)

    Last year opened up one intriguing possibility: R’hllor is the by-product of the Children being like Humans and learning the completely wrong lesson from their past mistakes. Some “why” like this could be crucial, too.

  44. Branflakes: am I the only one who thinks Gilly looks preggo in image 4?

    Insofar as I can see, some fans will see “pregnant” in shots of any of the female characters given particular angles. Look at it this way: how often do you see shots of a male character and think: “that makes him look like he’s got a beer belly.” It’s the same thing here.

    (Remember, many fans were were convinced that Sansa was shown to be pregnant in still last year.)

  45. Therae: One way or another, travel on the show is usually not entirely logical

    I do not think that you can ever describe travel as logical or illogical. How does a route not necessarily follow from some stated premise? Now, you can use a stated premise (e.g., “take the shortest path”) to choose among different routes, but you usually will get a different approximation than a different stated premise (e.g., “take the quickest path” or “take the safest path” or “take the path that provides the most provisions”).

  46. Wimsey,

    You know, this is a really interesting point.

    Was there a Stark in Winterfell during Robert’s Rebellion? Lyanna was MIA, Rickard and Brandon were dead, Ned was warring, Robb was gestating at Riverrun. We would all guess Benjen must have been there, but we don’t actually know a thing about his whereabouts between the Harrenhal tourney and his trip to WF when the king was there. We don’t know when he joined the NW, nor why. Logically this is something he shouldn’t have even considered doing until Ned had an heir in place.


    What if Benjen left WF during the war for whatever reason? Maybe that woke the White Walkers. Any Craster sons prior to that would have just died of exposure and/or been eaten by animals without really changing anything important. And Benjen could have taken the black as a result of failing in his duty to remain in Winterfell, without needing any knowledge that there were tangible consequences, because Stark.

    Oops, I think I got way off topic. 😐 Sorry!

  47. I’m pretty cautious about making those kinds of guesses – with Sansa’s dress last season I could recognise right away that it was the cut of the dress that gave that illusion. Gilly might just be slouching, she might just be bunching up the front of the cloak… It’s total speculation, and I could easily be wrong, but it might be interesting if Sam ends up with a legit heir, especially if there’s something special about Sam Jr. that means he’s destined for other things (also total speculation, as he may have no significance whatsoever).

  48. Therae: Was there a Stark in Winterfell during Robert’s Rebellion?

    I think that we do read somewhere that Benjen was at Winterfell during the War. Of course, it seems that after Benjen, you had to go to 2nd or 3rd cousins to get the next heir: and that person might not even have been a Stark. So, this is something that most families would have done.

    As for the tinfoil idea, well, at this point we should have read something about it. Moreover, what is “being at Winterfell?” Ned was off warring: but is Benjen doing whatever rounds as “The Deputy Stark” not having a Stark at Winterfell? After all, there are duties expected/required of the liegelords: and in a very real way, being “The Stark” on campaign in the North to rally taxes, supplies, troops, etc., and trying to raise morale among liegemen is being the Stark at Winterfell even if he’s not physically at Winterfell. And, of course, there would have been hunting and local rounds in the area just to do the “local lord” duties.

    This seems just more like something a ruling family would say. After all, the Starks pride themselves in being “the North” and ensconced in Winterfell. To this end, they also take pride in “feeding the dogs”: and having at least one member of the family actively acting as the Lord of Winterfell would be part of the duty that the Starks are supposed to fulfill. Indeed, this is part of the lesson that Sansa learns last year: loyalty is earned and must be earned and re-earned over and over again. Ned seems to have very much understood this: something that comes up in passing over and over again is that Ned frequently toured the north, visiting even the very rustic “clans” in the hills. It seems that he was known for his courtesy and respectfulness. The dogs would have needed feeding during the war, too. Having “a Stark in Winterfell” might be reference to this: someone should always be in the North providing the North with something in return for their oaths and taxes.

    Of course,

    the Walkers probably returned before Robert’s Rebellion, anyway. Craster has no sons, but Gilly is one of Craster’s granddaughters. So, Craster has been procreating for at least 40 years: and that means he probably has been giving away sons since before the Rebellion.

    Ultimately, my biggest problem with this notion is that it’s an arbitrary plot device. Suppose Jon and Daeny learn this. Then…. what? This creates no dilemmas for them. There is no way in which they can realize: “oh, crap: this is partly our fault.” The origins of the White Walkers is a “oh, crap: this is partly our fault” situation: the Walkers were designed to combat evil, and that evil was humanity. Look for their return to be something similar: humans have done something wrong, and it’s something that they’ve taken for granted. Moreover, it will be something that will hurt if humans stop doing it. What is it? No idea! However, I’m betting that we’ll kick ourselves when we figure it out or see it.

  49. Branflakes,

    I think Sam looks more preggers than Gilly. 🙂 I agree that the angle of the shot, the cut of the gown and draping of the shawl, with lots of excess material, hint at it. It might in fact be Hannah’s posture, which resembles that of the wife in the classic mediaeval painting, The Arnolfini Portrait. In recent years, some art critics started calling it The Arnolfini Pregnancy, in part because the wife also has her hand on her stomach. In any case, a Gilly pregnancy is certainly possible and would further the story in interesting ways, plus give impetus to Sam forsaking the NW. I could see D&D creating a pregnancy. Fans enjoy sam and Gilly’s sweet relationship–as opposed to being revolted by the very idea of a Bolton pregnancy. Thank the gods that rumour was scotched.

  50. Branflakes,

    I wonder if Sam Jr. being “brother” to the White Walkers might play more importantly in the books. In the books he was switched with Mance’s son because Jon feared that Melisandre would try to use him as a blood sacrifice. But what if he’d be the more useful baby in that regard? Melisandre might think a blood sacrifice of someone connected to the White Walkers could weaken them.

  51. Stark RAven’ Rad: I think Sam looks more preggers than Gilly.

    You hit that nail on the head. If a man’s gut looks like it’s sticking out, then we say “He’s put one weight” or “that outfit does not fit.” But for a woman under 50, it is always “her character is pregnant.”

    Of course, that happens with book readers, too. I remember that many readers were convinced that Book!Cersei is pregnant in Crows because her gowns were getting tight. GRRM’s subtle way of showing that Cersei is putting on weight was, it seems, too subtle.

    Stark RAven’ Rad: I could see D&D creating a pregnancy.

    It is possible that this happens in the books, too. By now, they are well into Winter and even the onset of Spring.

  52. Dutch Maester,

    They’ve converted a huge quarry and turned it into a snow realm with huge ice cliffs in the hills above Belfast. I pass it every day on the way to work, looks amazing.

    Probably a lair for the ice dragon.

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