Brush-up for Episode 3 with Dame Pasty’s Recap and Review of “The House of Black and White”


The day before a new episode time seems to slow down and the Force may feel slightly out of balance (yeah, yeah, I’m mixing my metaphors).  If you’re looking for something to while away the time, here’s this week’s Brush Up with Dame Pasty covering Episode 2:  The House of Black and White.  Spoilers have been moved to the very end so even the Unsullied can watch the video without interruption.

Video after the jump.

Let me know what you think about my crazy ideas and feedback is always appreciated. Hope you enjoy it!


  1. Uhm, isn’t Jaime a deadbeat Dad ’cause if he was an involved Dad it would be the death of his children? What with incest and treason and all that. 😀

  2. Thanks for another fun episode prep! Moving the spoilers to the end was a smart move but not so sure about all the extra pop-ups. They were a bit distracting. Your typed comments add plenty of comedy to the video!

    Only one day left! I hope we get to see some dragons again! I’m really looking forward to the pay off for all the set-up in the previous episodes. I think I’m most excited for Dany and Tyrion meeting up! So far my favorite aspects has been characters meeting up that have been away from each other or have never met.

  3. REALLY enjoyed this. Thanks for your efforts. Keep ’em coming!

    Putting the spoilers at the end is a good move. And I enjoyed the various displays (pop-ups, text, etc.). Visually interesting and lots of information.

  4. Thanks for the recap, Dame Pasty.

    Regarding the question you had about how Gilly’s sisters got greyscale, that it doesn’t seem like it fits book-canon:

    I don’t remember the details of greyscale being north of the Wall in the books, but I certainly remember Val having a serious problem with Shireen being around because of the greyscale…wanting her burned. So, to me, it does fit into book-canon insofar as Wildlings do have a knowledge of it.

    As an aside, while trying to find specifically what Val says about it, I ran across this quote of hers, which describes greyscale much the same way the White Walkers are described. “The grey death sleeps , only to wake again.” Eek!!!

    I do love your idea about Shireen being the cure. I don’t know if that will end up being the case, but I went, “ooooooo,” when you said it. 🙂

  5. About Kevan being mysogynistic, I really don’t agree. We all know everybody knows that Cersei is not capable of ruling. He clearly mentions this “you’re putting coinmongerers and asslickers at the small council” or something of the sort. And you’re the Queen Regent. I think that’s more a reference that she’s in charge of decisions for the King (i.e. education, travels), but not the decisions the King needs to make (appointing small council members, etc), and thus didn’t have any power. I really don’t think he meant it as: “and eff you because you’re a woman”.

    As for Olly and FTW, I noticed how you purposefully left out the third time we saw him during that scene: that part where he clapped hysterically enthusiastically rejoiced when Aemon cast the last token and Jon won. You don’t do that when in doubt and only further supports that he supported Jon.
  6. Thanks for this very nice recap. I very much enjoyed your book spoilers and what it could mean although I agree with Nymeria Warrior Queen that some wildling knowledge of greyscale is canon. I am very curious as to how greyscale will play out in the show (and the future books…).
    About Ollie, it seems he is taking the place of Satin in one major future event.

  7. Ser Oromis Locke,

    In Dame Pasty’s defense, she did say there was just a touch of misogyny in there (I’m paraphrasing) and went on to say she cheered for Kevan (again, paraphrasing). I, personally, wish she’d used a different word (like sexism), but that’s because I have seen and heard “misogyny” thrown around so often of late, and in situations where it hardly applies, I am at the point of wanting to scream almost every time I hear it (and I’m a woman). I wouldn’t go so far as to say there was absolutely no sexism (I’ll use the word I prefer) in there; Westseros is a sexist society. However, as I stated in response to another poster on another thread who went into a long rant on a couple of threads about how the only reason Kevan basically told Cersei to go fuck herself was because she was a woman, and it is wrong for people to have cheered for him in that scene, if Cersei was a man, with all the same mistakes, power-grabs, and what have you, I believe Kevan’s response would have been almost the same. So, in that regard I absolutely agree with you.

  8. I think I do have to throw in that I do like your review a lot, though I may seem overtly critical. I love your mix of witty and insightfulness 🙂

  9. What? Sophie Turner was at the WH Correspondents Dinner tonight? Or was she just visiting the WH with the Dallas Cowboys? Either way, I am very confused.

  10. I really enjoyed this. It was funny and entertaining all the way through.

    I agree with others that Gilly knowing about greyscale does make sense. It seems like she only knows that it exists, but doesn’t know anyone who has any knowledge of it’s name, where it comes from, or what it fully does to a person. If Craster did know about greyscale, he didn’t talk to his daughters about it.

    Sadly, I agree about

  11. Cersei’s Brain,

    Yeah, GoT was represented by Sophie and NCW at the WH Correspondence dinner tonight. Obama (via Keegan-Michael Key) even got in a GoT-related Hillary campaign-financing joke:

    “She goin’ get that money. She goin’ get all the money. Khaleesi is coming to Westeros,”

  12. Nymeria Warrior Queen,

    Although I am flummoxed at how Gilly and her siblings would be exposed to greyscale, Gilly did express a great “Val-like” concern about Shireen’s condition. That’s a wonderful and daunting Val quote too. Gilly never really finished her recollection of what happened to her sisters in the end, although we can probably guess.


    Regarding Olly, I am not looking forward to any FtW involvement with him. But if so, perhaps Ghost will do to him what he did to Ygritte? Will there be daggers or arrows involved? Regardless, it does look like NW attitudes/opinions will sway as tension builds…really looking forward to the latter half of the season at/near the Wall.
  13. Thanks Dame Pasty, that was cool. I like your very dry commentary, and the captioning.


    That was fuckin hilarious. Gotta say I had a hard time not judging GRRM while initially watching that night out with Sibel (luckyyyy)- and noting that he enjoys talking about himself/his accomplishments/ his…. stuff. But its his party so why the fuck not. Editing just the laughs gives another impression entirely. Pretty funny.

    Pizza anybody?

  14. Gwenivere,

    A theory I came up with when watching that scene was that

    Melisandre was responsible for saving Shireen from greyscale. I have nothing to back it up except Shireen’s wording of how many people were brought in to cure her and not knowing how she was healed. Again, no proof and it probably isn’t the case but it would definitely tie into the Rasputin-like hold that Melisandre has over Selyse, not because Melisandre cured Shireen but as evidence of the power of the Lord of Light
  15. No surprise, the Dame’s a natural at this! I love real history connections but you really had me at the Price is Right (losing) sound effect. 🙂

  16. To all, thank you so much for all the positivity! I put a lot of work into these videos and it’s nice to know that someone is enjoying them. And now our watch begins until tonight. On the East Coast you guys only have to wait a couple more hours but I won’t get to see it until 9 pm (due to time zone and rugrats).

    Nymeria Warrior Queen, I did recall Val’s attitude toward Shireen but I also recalled that gray scale could only be caught by touch. And the only place where there were active cases

    was on that river that Tyrion, YG and OldGriff were sailing down…so…how did it get to Westeros? I guess that’s what I was wondering.

    Hodor’s Bastard,
    I totally agree with you on this point.

    I’ve been dreading FTW even more than the RW since the show started. If they make the Jon is/is not dead cliffhanger last until S6, I will be royally pissed off.

    I had completely forgotten about

    Satin, but I think you are right on the money there.

    Vallug Bowbeast,
    That is a fascinating idea and would make a lot of sense in regards to Selyse. Very cool thought.

    Phyllis Ashley,
    My rule of thumb is if it makes me laugh, it will probably make other people laugh too. We’re all 5 year olds at heart. 🙂

    Excellent! You can spend them in the imaginary Dame Pasty swag store.

  17. Dame Pasty,

    I am as mystified as to how it got to Westeros, much less north of the Wall, as you.

    Oh, and just to build off what others have said, I really like how your verbal commentary stays pretty straight, while the captions in the background and sound effects add most of the humor. It strikes a nice balance.

  18. What a lovely fresh voice/take on an episode! Thanks for your very successful efforts. I’m sorry it took me so long to watch this. I hope you get a chance to read it.
    Regarding greyscale in the North and how it’s contracted, as I recall there is a report from Hardhome by rangers of chaos and White Walkers and “dead things in the water” which made me think of the creatures in the Rhoyne. Don’t know if it’s a clue.
    I’ll be looking forward to your adroit review tomorrow, and hope your background music and clatter is toned down a bit. I resorted to closed captioning which is always a farce.
    Nice to know you’re a part of this fine staff, you and your subtle wit.

  19. Arya Dunyett,
    Thank you! I have indeed changed the music and lowered the volume. Hopefully tomorrow’s brush up video will be better. Cheers!

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