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Axey here, trundling back into the fold as is my wont when Game of Thrones makes its frenetic return. And life is good! I’m still coming down off the contact high that was Con of Thrones (WHICH WILL ALSO HAPPEN NEXT YEAR Y’ALL – MEET ME DOWN THAR!), and life is back to a semblance of normalcy, which for me consists of daily peeks at Watchers, Twitter, Tumblr, avoiding my family on Facebook, and peddling a book no one wants to publish (The news I said I might have on that front fell through. Womp womp.)

But rejoice! The thing that people REALLY love me for is just around the corner! Twitter posts will be back, every Tuesd—errr, probably Wednesday! And… AZOR AHYPE is here!

That excitable yet sublime Canadian-American team of Kinetic Kyle and Gentleman George did a favor for yours truly at Con of Thrones. You see, Friendly FaBio (that’s me, for all you oldschool WiCers) was supposed to get interviews of GoT notables whilst down in Nashville. And I… did…. sort of… But not with a camera! (What? What are those? Do they use VHS or Beta?) I had my trusty oldschool tape recorder on hand, but it wasn’t the same. And glancing over at my contemporaries, rolling film like b0sses, I was like, “Yo, sons, let me get on that hype train so I can stea—errrr, borrow your material.”

And weirdly, they were totally happy to do just that. So below you will find a fulm-tonz of Con of Thrones interviews with the likes of David J. Peterson, Miltos Yerolemou, Kate Dickie, and more! (Whilst you pace and stew, waiting for Sunday night to finally arrive!)



All you need to do is comment below in order to qualify, and one lucky winner will be selected at random. (Only open to readers in the U.S. and Canada! Sorry!) You have until Saturday 7/22 at 3PM ET/12PM PT to enter!

So here are some interviews! Enjoy! If you prefer to auto play all of ’em, go to their Chronological Playlist, press play, and sit back for a bunch of hype-filled interviews! But if you instead want to pick and choose, we’ve embedded ’em below:

And of course there’s more! Subscribe to Azor Ahype if you love these dudes as much as we do! And leave a comment if you want a shirt, nerds! SEASON 7 STARTS TOMORROW!


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    1. Hype it up! Bring on the Long Night we got Azor Ahype to light the way! Winter is Here Finally 😁🤗

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    2. GeekFurious:
      Remember, kids, the earlier in the thread you comment, the crappier your chance.

      Urban legend!

      (On the plus side I just discovered @GeekFurious is on Twitter. Hello, ser!)

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    3. I am on the hype train and will eat all the chicken nuggets…. and the tshirt would just be a total bonus!

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    4. I’m not here for the shirt, just wanted to say: Axey, hooray, glad to see you here and to know you will be there during the week with your Twitter Takes. That’s not the only reason we love you though. You know that.

      It’s 3:30 am – I tried to sleep. Wonder why I can’t. Could it be I’m excited about something? …

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    5. i will have shirt is nice shirt good thanks

      anybody know of anything cool to check out on tv tonight?

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    6. These interviews are great! Your posts are great! Especially the recap posts except I’d love some more HQ images to go along with the recap posts ;). You guys and Reddit are the Nancy DREWS AS FAR AS GAME OF THRONES NEWS AND UPDATES GO ON THE INTERNET! OVERALL THIS WEBSITE IS JUST PLAIN GREAT!

      And no I’m not just kissing ass for a T-Shirt haha I legit feel this way about WatchersOnTheWall and all of the people who make it possible 🙂 THANKS GUYS FOR KEEPING US ALL INFORMED AND HELPING US SCRATCH OUR ITCH DURING THE TIME BETWEEN EACH SEASON!

      Xoxo Dante F. Xoxo

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    7. So, why exactly did Kyle’s Fookin’ Chickens change to Azor Ahype anyway?????

      I like Azor Ahype, but I was a subscriber before and then all of a sudden it was called Azor Ahype.

      Keep the videos and the commentary coming!!!

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