April Ferry & Michele Clapton Win Costume Designers Award for Game of Thrones

Michele Clapton and April Ferry receive their award at the 19th CDGA

Michele Clapton and April Ferry receive their award at the 19th CDGA

A few days ago it was time for the makeup artists and hair stylists to shine, and today it’s the costume designers’ turn. In January, we learned the Costume Designers Guild had nominated Game of Thrones in its usual category, and yesterday the results were revealed at the red carpet, black-tie award show, held at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in LA.

Usually, Michele Clapton alone heads the show’s amazing costume team, but for season six she took a leave of absence and April Ferry took her place. However, Clapton returned before season seven: she took over in the last two episodes, most notably on the design for Cersei’s regal dress. Because of this, Ferry and Clapton shared their nomination for season six, in the category of Outstanding Fantasy Television Series.

In yesterday’s celebration of the 19th Costume Designers Guild Awards, April Ferry and Michele Clapton went home with a well-deserved award for their joint work:

Ferry is a GoT newcomer, but this was Clapton’s and the show’s third consecutive win. And believe it or not, Clapton won another award last night, this time for The Crown:

Together they beat J.R. Hawbaker (The Man in the High Castle), Eduardo Castro (Once Upon a Time), Mairi Chisholm (Sleepy Hollow), and Eulyn C. Womble (The Walking Dead.) Though I must admit we may be a tiny bit biased here on Watchers on the Wall, I feel this was a no-brainer: Clapton has always been incredible at immersing us in the world of George R.R. Martin, and Ferry took the baton seamlessly. Congratulations to them both!

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    1. You know, awards are great and all… and congratulations to winners. However, is there anything anymore that doesn’t have a “guild” and that doesn’t give their own separate awards? I mean, sure, Costume Designers Guild makes perfect sense, but adding them all up there seems to be a plethora of these things.

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    2. Of all the guild awards, this is the only one that was a lock. In fantasy, GoT had to prevail, though I do like the OUtlander look. Michele must be chuffed at having also won for The Crown. FWIW, I think The Crown outclasses Victoria by a mile…in every category.

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    3. Congratulations to both designers!
      I admire Michelle Clapton for being able to immerse herself in two so different worlds and to describe two different kinds of opulence and elegance.

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