Yet Another Musical Cameo for Season 7!

Mastodon as wildling wights in "Hardhome"

Mastodon as wildling wights in “Hardhome”

Only a few days ago, David Benioff revealed Ed Sheeran would make an appearance in season seven, which came on the heels of Noah Syndergaard’s cameo news. And today another one joins the party! However, this one is quite unique in the history of the show — This will be the second visit to Westeros for this heavy metal guitarist.

Mastodon has a history with Game of Thrones. As well as appearing as wildlings (and wildling wights) in Hardhome, this American heavy metal band created an appropriately White Walker-themed track for season five’s promotional “Catch the Throne: Volume II.” Apparently, guitarist Brent Hinds didn’t have enough of it, because he is back.

GameSpot reports on the Jasta Show podcast’s interview with Hinds: As a fan of the show, he appears to be quite excited to announce his return to the show in season seven, where he will play a wildling wight again. It seems the enthusiasm goes both ways, too, as D.B. Weiss is known to be a fan of the band. To top it off, this time the producers were particularly impressed with his performance as a shambling zombie:

“This time, I had my broken leg and they were like ‘You’re doing the best zombie walk, we want you to come right towards the camera. I want you to drag this axe behind you.’ I’m like a reborn, come to life wildling turning into a White Walker.”

Mastodon Hardhome 1

Behind the scenes of “Hardhome”, Brent Hinds photographed next to Kit Harington

As of yet, it’s unclear whether his Mastodon band mates returned for a brief cameo too. Who knows, perhaps they just didn’t have Hinds’ knack for playing a ghoulish undead. After all, they suffered from a severe lack of broken legs. You can’t fake that!

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    1. That’s cool. I love that they’re bringing back people we’ve seen on the show before as wights. Maybe we’ll get wight Hodor in the future 😛

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    2. Karsi was awesome! Every time there’s a crappy new show on tv and people defend it saying it takes time for the characters to develop, I immediately think of her and how it only took a few minutes.

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    3. Flayed Potatoes,

      I’ve been reading this site for quite a while but rarely comment. You, Flayed Potatoes, I’ve always seen as a bit of a kindred spirit, as your views tend to sync with mine… until now. I don’t think my poor, little heart could handle Wight Hodor. I have been unable to bring myself to rewatch “The Door” until last week. I thought I was prepared. NOPE! The first time Meera called “Hold the door!”, my chest constricted, and it was somewhat difficult to breathe. I wasn’t expecting such a visceral reaction, especially since I’ve seen clips of the scene many times. I’d prefer that poor Hodor rest in peace. I don’t think I could handle Jon slicing up Wight Hodor, or worse, Bran, warged into a dragon, lighting him up.

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    4. I replied to too many people in one comment and it’s under moderation, so I split up the replies into two different comments. Please delete this one, mods and sorry for the trouble.


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    5. Rygritte,

      YES BRING BACK THE CREEPY CHILDREN!! They were…cute…strangely.


      Thank you. To be fair, I always tear up when the three eyed raven tells Bran it’s time to leave him (old people suffering really gets me) and then when the hold the door part kicks in the waterworks really start going.

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    6. KrakenBowl,

      thorne garnet,

      The show has been doing celeb cameos since season 3. At no point did they detract from the scene they were in. So spare me the hand wringing. Seriously, GTF out of here with the overused ‘jump the shark’ nonsense.

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    7. Gfx,

      As long as they’re doing musicians’ cameos, they should bring back wight Karsi (Birgitte Hjort Sorensen) and if dragons flambé the Army of the Dead have her break into “Light ‘Em Up (I’m on Fire)” from Pitch Perfect 2

      Sorry…. I thought she was great in GoT — and as Kommissar of Das Sound Machine in PP2.

      But seriously, I suspect Karsi will be back. That last shot of her blue-dyed zombified face at the end of “Hardhome” was spooky as hell – and suggested that’s not the last we’ve seen of her. (Why else get such a great up and coming actress for half an episode ?)

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    8. KrakenBowl,

      You should have stayed banned where you belong,you bring nothing useful to the discussions besides promoting yourself and being a joke in general,am i not right LatrineLoser ?

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    9. Rygritte,

      Interesting question: could Bran warg a wight Summer.
      Along those lines, I don’t think Bran has tried to warg a corpse yet, has he? I wonder if Bran will discover that like the Night King, he too has the power to reanimate the dead. (Why not? Jojen and the 3ER have already been surprised at the extent of Bran’s SuperWarg/Greenseer abilities.)

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    10. Tyrion Pimpslap: Seriously, GTF out of here with the overused ‘jump the shark’ nonsense.

      If a show has not gone into decline heading into its penultimate season, then it is never going to do so.

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    11. Speaking of musician cameos, I heard a rumor that they are trying to coax Elvis out of hiding to play R’hllor. Anybody have any info on that?

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    12. Ten Bears, I think he will and that will be how the Night’s King is ultimately defeated with a little help

      from a man whose heart is now fire. Jon will enlist Dany to take out the army and when none is left,

      Bran will boot the Night’s King from the psychic friends network.

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    13. Rygritte,

      Must … not… click on greyscale spoiler coding…

      I was tempted, but can’t do it. Sixty hours over six seasons has given me enough fodder to come up with outlandish theories. (I’m assuming your covered text alludes to “the leaks.”)

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    14. Wimsey,

      I thought they already signed Elvis to play the God of Tits and Wine (and Pharmaceuticals).

      I do wish they’d get his granddaughter Riley Keough to become a redhead again like she was in Mad Max: Fury Road, and play a feisty Wildling.

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    15. I heard that Ed Sheeren’s appearance was a ‘gift’ for Maisie from the producers, as she is a fan. Could this at all suggest that Arya might die this season? Or am I just reading too much into this!

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    16. Can we get a glimpse of Rhaegar? He’s the perfect musician cameo role in GOT. Get HOZIER, get him to write the “Song of Ice and Fire”. Just his songwriting, singing and his hands on a harp will suffice.

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    17. RhaenyStark:
      I heard that Ed Sheeren’s appearance was a ‘gift’ for Maisie from the producers, as she is a fan. Could this at all suggest that Arya might die this season? Or am I just reading too much into this!

      They tried to get him for s while and he wanted to do it. Maisie knows him now but they’re. Getting him anyway. So it probably does not hint ai Arya’s fate.

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    18. They released the Veep Season 6 trailer yesterday and it premieres next month. I think we may be looking at a June trailer for GoT.

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    19. Ten Bears: I thought they already signed Elvis to play the God of Tits and Wine (and Pharmaceuticals).

      I think that Keith Richards got that role.

      RhaenyStark: Could this at all suggest that Arya might die this season? Or am I just reading too much into this!

      You almost are reading too much into it. If nothing else, then keep in mind that Arya is one of the principal protagonists: and principle protagonist have to be there at the climax. (And, no, this is not a “trope!”)

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    20. Flayed Potatoes,

      I mean it would be easy for the production they won’t have to fly him in or have to apply for a working permit. I hear he’s a huge fan of the original D&D (as in Dungeons & Dragons), real geeky, but has not properly seen GOT.

      But oh! HIS HANDS! Have you seen his hands? They’re divine. Can’t imagine it holding a sword tbh but can definitely see it playing a harp.

      HIS VOICE! Can definitely hear iron tones. His songs have made women weep and a lot of grown men too.

      And most of all HIS LYRICS! So poetically deep yet clear and accessible.

      Okay gotta shut up now. But a girl can dream.

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    21. Jack Bauer 24:

      Season 7 Dragons are the size of 747’s and Drogo’s range of fire is 30 diameters.

      30 diametres? Diametre is not a unit of measurement. The article you quoted said the diametre of his fire is 30 feet… Which would be 15 feet (approx. 5 metres) radius in either and every direction… which doesn’t seem very far. In fact, less than he had last season.

      They’re probably not talking about the reach but the actual diametre of the fireball. So he could be blasting 10-metre (30 feet) fireballs maybe 100 metres (300 feet) away, or something like that. Or they could just not be very familiar with geometrical concepts and measurements.

      The basic idea, though, seems to be that Drogon’s fire-blasting capacity will be bigger than last season.

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