The winner of a Varys figure from Dark Horse is…


Summer is here, and we kicked it off with a giveaway! Dark Horse Comics has unveiled the latest addition to their line of official Game of Thrones merch, a beautifully detailed and costumed figure of the spymaster Varys, and we’re giving one away.

You can also be on the lookout this September for two new regal additions to the Dark Horse GoT lineup: The Night King and Stannis Baratheon. For those of you who don’t win Varys, he’s available for purchase already.

Now, the business at hand: we’ve gathered up the hundreds of entries in the contest, and the time has come to reveal the winner of the new Varys figure. We’re happy to announce that the winner is…


Congratulations, House Hartigan. The big fish ate the little fish, and you’ll keep on paddling  with your new Varys figure.

Thank you to everyone for joining in the fun of the giveaway, and be sure to visit this summer as we keep on keepin’ on with contests, reporting and the Watchers on the Wall Awards, which will start its annual nomination process in the near future.

Sue the Fury
Susan Miller, Editor in Chief of


  1. Ideally, a Varys figurine really ought to come equipped with a mechanism for spouting random snarky quips at the push of a button, but a nice prize nonetheless. Congratulations House Hartigan!

  2. The winner of a Varys figure from Dark Horse is… not me.
    but congratulations for you who won..aaaaah

  3. Well done HouseHartigan – I won a Joffers doll last year – I do a bit of work from home so he’s keeping an eye I don’t slack.

  4. Awaiting confirmation that this figure does not have any “attributes”.

  5. Shouldn’t we all be talking about how great it is that there’s finally a figure for the One True King Stannis Baratheon?!

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