The Winner of the Lyanna Mormont Funko Pop Giveaway!

Lyanna Mormont Funko Pop

For fun this week, Watchers on the Wall decided to throw a Game of Thrones giveaway featuring one of the newest Funko Pop! Vinyl toys: the New York Comic Con Exclusive Lyanna Mormont Figure! The figure shows the fan fave played by Bella Ramsey in her Bear Island costuming, first seen in her season 6 debut. Now, after seven days and hundreds of entries, it’s time to pull a winner of the worldwide contest!

The winner is…


Congratulations- Lyanna and the loyalty of her 62 men are yours!

Thank you to everyone who entered. Come back next week when we’ll be kicking off yet another great giveaway here, details to come!

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    1. Well done, @soozums! That looks like a fun prize. People may know that some considerable time ago I won a Joffrey figurine. I was glad to win it because I don’t always have a lot of luck in such competitions but I don’t know if I could call Joffrey exactly a “fun” personnage.

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