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Iron Throne

We have another fantastic Game of Thrones giveaway this week for our readers here at Watchers on the Wall!  And this one is worldwide, so everyone at the Wall can take part in this contest for the Iron Throne.

The Iron Throne Bookend, that is, from the Noble Collection’s elegant line of officially licensed Game of Thrones products. The hand-painted statue bookend weighs nearly 4 pounds and measures 7 and half inches tall. The base features the sigils of the Great Houses of Westeros, including Stark, Lannister, Targaryen, Tyrell, Greyjoy, and the two branches of the Baratheons.

For the next week, we’re accepting entries in a worldwide giveaway, and one of our readers will be taking home this Iron Throne statue bookend!

To enter, all you need to do is leave a comment below! (See below for 4 more entry methods.)

The Official Rules

How do you enter?

Method #1: Simply comment on this post!

For additional or alternate entries (making it possible to have 5 entries total):

Method #2: WotW Twitter: Follow our Twitter, WatchersOTWall, and retweet the Iron Throne Giveaway tweet (you must do both for the extra entry). If you already follow us, no problem. Simply retweet the contest post.

Method #3: WotW Facebook: Like the WatchersontheWall Facebook page, then Like AND Share the Iron Throne Giveaway post (you must do both for the extra entry). If you already Like our page, again, no problem. Just share the contest post and you are entered!

Method #4: Con of Thrones Twitter: Follow the Con of Thrones Twitter, along with retweeting the Iron Throne Giveaway  Tweet.

Method #5: Con of Thrones Facebook: Like the Con of Thrones Facebook page, then Like and Share the Iron Throne Giveaway post (both for the extra entry).

Entries are accepted for a week, closing the giveaway for entries on Friday, August 26th, 2016 at 12PM ET. The winner will be randomly selected and announced shortly thereafter on Monday.

**The contest is worldwide** The winner is selected from among entrants by random drawing. The winner must respond within 72 hours of notification or will forfeit their prize and another winner will be selected. The winner must have a valid shipping address.

Twitter and Facebook are their own entities and are in no way associated with this giveaway.

Thank you for entering, and best of luck to you all!



Sue the Fury
Susan Miller, Editor in Chief of


  1. Wow! That’s awesome. I think it would look great anywhere in the house, not just on the bookcase!

  2. The only extra entry I couldn’t find is the Iron Throne Giveaway on the Con of Thrones FB page. Other than that … check, check, check, and check.

    This would make a wonderful addition to my bookcase.

  3. Every time I am faced with a decision I close my eyes and see the same picture. Whenever I consider an action I ask myself, “will this action help to make this picture a reality? Pull it out of my mind, and put it into the world.” And I only act if the answer is yes.

    A picture of my shelf with The Iron Throne on it, with my ASOIAF books by it’s side.

  4. So pretty! I love that it has a bunch of different sigils on the bottom, not just the usual direwolf, dragon, stag, and kraken. I hope it has a bear!

  5. Quite unique Love it. Entered everywhere, shared, commented. Crossing fingers. Thank you for opportunity

  6. I’d love to win this. However, I suspect that even if I got picked, I wouldn’t wind up winning lol

  7. Aw thanks, WoTW, you didn’t have to get me a present for my birthday next week! 🙂

    Seriously, that is gorgeous.

  8. I would like to sit on this Iron Throne…Now I just need a shrink ray….and for you to pick me…

  9. The Con of Thrones Twitter account doesn’t have the tweet. The link you give goes to the WOTW tweet. Ooops!

  10. Just so long as naebody sits on it – that’s ‘nobody’ for English-only speakers. Too prickly. Like great big thistles, these swords were…

  11. Yep, bookshelf needs this. Then I can throw it at my husband if he suggests purging my books again.

  12. It would look so much better than the IKEA bookend holding my ASOIAF collection at the moment!

  13. I have the perfect place on my book shelf to showcase, or should I say honor, the Iron Throne bookend from my favorite television series of all time! Followed each of the above entry steps and also pinned this post on Pinterest. Thank you for this fun giveaway chance!

  14. Not to sound greedy or anything but wouldn’t one need TWO bookends? Joking apart, it does look nice.

  15. Ive got no room on my bookshelf so don’t know where I would find room for this but hey I’m in it to win it

  16. How cool my mini set of ASOIAF would look next to that! I’d need to get the Westeros map then.

  17. I’ve just got a new place to live, so I am pretty sure I’ll find a nice bookshelf to put this throne on.

  18. OMG, this thing is ugly! Then I always thought the real thing is pretty ugly too.

    Just in case my name is drawn… draw again!! ??

  19. “A man can fight the dead, but when their masters come, when the white mists rise up … how do you fights a mist, crow? Shadows with teeth … air so cold it hurts to breathe, like a knife inside your chest … you do not know, you cannot know … can your sword cut cold? ”
    Tormund to Jon

  20. The most uncomfortable chair would be very comfortable for my GRRM books! Who knows, maybe this time, maybe this giveaway…

  21. Listen, buddies, pals …. chums …. I am a poor and lowly uni student with a lot of books that need holding up (books that I will probably never open, but STILL).

  22. Bread, and two of those little fish, and a mug of that good dark beer to wash them down. Oh, and some bacon. Burn it until it turns black.

  23. <strong>#tbt to S6E5:

    – Will you stay on as Joffrey’s Hand?
    me: The Iron Throne’s what I demand!
    – You cannot.
    me: I can.
    – You will not
    me: I will.
    – You dare not.
    me: I dare yes!
    – But the line of succession!
    me: What’s that mean?
    – The proper progression.
    me: What’s that mean?
    – The lawful ascension.
    me What’s that mean?
    So move along, give me my chair and there won’t be no more trouble!

  24. I used to own a LOTR type book-end that someone broke a few years ago. This is even prettier.

  25. Horror is dead! Quit leaving “Hordor” as your comment people.

    Respectfully ,

    Juan Snow-King in the North

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