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For the past two and a half years, the team at Watchers on the Wall, led by the relentless Sue the Fury, has worked tirelessly to bring you the most reliable and honest information surrounding our fanatical obsession with Game of Thrones. Our goal from the beginning has been clear: to put the fans’ interests and trust above all else and to conduct ourselves with professionalism and integrity in our operation at Watchers on the Wall.

Our steadfastness to this mission has helped WotW become the most credible and trusted name in the GoT fandom, an honor that all of us here take very seriously. But it is you, our loyal readers, that have propelled this site to heights that we thought might be attainable yet unlikely given the current onslaught of information available throughout the interwebs. At the end of the day, we built this site for you and you have responded to our core values: Fans first. Quality over quantity. No exceptions.

In order to take on the challenge of maintaining this level of integrity to another property, the WotW team agreed that whatever the subject may be, it had to be something that we were all truly passionate about and carried a level of suspense combined with intelligence that could sustain a dedicated site. And we feel like HBO’s new adaptation of Westworld deserves its own platform.

So, without further adieu, allow me to introduce you to our Watchers dedicated site to Westworld!

Screen Shot 2016-12-03 at 7.50.25 AM

Welcome to!

WestworldWatchers will be dedicated to breaking news, casting news, commentary and speculation surrounding Westworld just as we will continue to do at WatchersontheWall for Game of Thrones.

15135946_343966609292691_4945996477156039422_nThe WW site build is a more streamlined modern look designed to give you a refreshing reader experience while maintaining the functionality you have grown to expect at WotW.

The team has entrusted a name that you will recognize in Marc N. Kleinhenz at its Editor-in-Chief! Marc has become as passionate about Westworld as he is for Game of Thrones. He is a proven leader as well as a fantastic writer that understands the importance of integrity in reporting and will do a great job as EiC. Head over to Westworld Watchers to enjoy his salutations when you have a moment.

Screen Shot 2016-12-03 at 8.43.14 AMTiming: Yes, we are aware that in only a few hours, the season finale of Westworld Season 1 will take place. However, considering the complexity of the story combined with the perplexing characters involved, we feel that there is plenty to report and discuss to keep you engaged until Season 2 rolls around. We will go back and recap and dissect the Season 1 episodes just as we do here. We will discuss and analyze the characters and their development. We will break down the ratings and roundup interviews and reviews. And of course, you will get the best off-season filming and casting news that you have grown to expect from our team.

In the meantime, we have put together a handful of articles to get you started. So what are you waiting for?

What can you do to help?

Visit the new site, bookmark it and visit it often!

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And most importantly, tell your Westworld-loving friends and family about us and let them know we are here!

On behalf of our team, we sincerely thank you for helping us make your sites successful. We are dedicated to providing great coverage from Westeros to Delos and hope you will continue to make Watchers your first choice in the fandom.

Raise a cup Ladies and Sers, and may there always be peace in your realm. -Oz

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  1. Love it love it love it! Westworld is one of the best shows ever. Really happy you guys are doing this 😀

  2. As a Westworld fan, THANK YOU SO MUCH! Nobody I know watches this show (yet…I will work on it), so it’s good to have a website for news and speculation. 🙂

  3. Westworld is pretty good TV, but I can’t see many viewers obsessing over it for an extended period of time the way we do with GoT. But those of you who are eager for a forum to discuss your WW theories, have at it! And have fun!

  4. Congrats team! Great news. Westworld needs to be discussed to gain outside perspective because of its intrigue and depth. Awesome way to continue the Watcher tradition

  5. Good Luck with the new adventure! I haven’t watched Westworld yet, and I don’t particularly intend too at the moment, but I wish you all (and Marc in particular) the best of luck.

    You have cultivated a fantastic community here, and I’m sure you’ll grow an excellent one there too (with some of the same people, but hopefully a lot of new people too). I had a quick look over there (but didn’t want to go into too the articles really to avoid spoilers), and I’m not sure I like the layout, but as I said good luck with it all, and if and when I start watching Westworld, you’ll be the first site I’ll visit to discuss and read about the show.

  6. I am absolutely enjoying Westworld, but for some reason I don’t have the same drive to discuss and crawl for spoiler theorizing (although I’m probably in the minority here). That said, perhaps it’s only due to being a single season in, maybe that will change with time for me.

    I do however wish you guys the best, as you’ve done so much for ASOIAF (and continue to do so), with it “wrapping up” next year except for those of us who are playing the long game with GRRM and the books, I wish you all great success with the new site, and Westworld, I certainly hope it can maintain S1’s quality into future seasons. That’s why I’m very curious as to see how they’re going to end the first season.

  7. Thank you!
    I was looking for an interesting place to read about and discuss theories and characters. I have found it!

  8. Rhaenys Stark,

    Is that a mini Jon Snow and Ghost??! Lol love the avatar.

    I am a little behind in watching Westworld. I have yet to watch ep 9, so I will check out the website once I have caught up, which will probably be after the finale.

    I have loved it so far, it’s a very intriguing show. I found the first 4 episodes a bit hard to get into, but the last 3 to 4 episodes have been excellent. I am not sure I will love it as much as GOT though.

  9. Knight of the Walkers,

    Thank you for the feedback! We are going to test out the layout and see how responsive readers are to it. We are always open to trying new designs but also want to keep it true to our roots.

  10. Oh my god finally an alternative to reddit for WW info.
    I’ve avoided WotW because of so many spoilers coming out for season 7 but now I can be happy to support \W/atchers in the meantime

  11. ghost of winterfell,

    I thought the middle was a bit slow (the episodes are a bit of a blur), but it really picked up with episode 7. The last couple of episodes were amazing. You have to hurry up and watch 9! What characters are you invested in?

  12. Jon Snowpenhauer,

    Thank you for responding! We have reason to believe that it will change over time, especially as the show becomes more popular and as the finale is revealed. Thank you also for your kind words.

  13. Nice. I don’t have nearly as much passion for Westwood but it appears to be a good idea to start the site. I’m sure I’ll follow and participate some as long as I’m watching it. 🙂

  14. ghost of winterfell,

    I wanted to show my support for other GoT characters I like and sadly we haven’t had many chances to talk about Jaime here. But yeah he’s a favorite of mine. 🙂 I hope NCW gives some interviews soon.

    I plan on making Cersei my next one, unless HBO drops some promotional photos. Cersei is actually one of my top favorite characters, which is weird coming from a Stark/Snow fan I know lol.

  15. At least everybody will be unsullied on the new site! Sue and co. have done such a great job with WOTW in only a few years, that this seems a logical extension. I haven’t seen WW yet, but will in the near term. It will never engage me as much as GoT has, because 1) I’m rather tired of dystopias and robots, 2) it isn’t as much of a multi-universe, multi-generational adventure, and 3) it’s American, not English (Anthony Hopkins notwithstanding). Plus I’ve been engrossed with ASOIAF since 2003 and my own scholarly pursuits were in English literature and history. That said, the minute the spouse and I start watching WW I’ll join Meanwhile, I’ll tell my HBO/Sky friends about it now. I wholeheartedly wish it luck…though maybe not quite as much luck as this site :-).

  16. ghost of winterfell,

    Haha it is thanks!
    I agree, the pilot was excellent but I felt that episodes 2-4 fell a bit flat, so to speak. I loved all the next ones though, especially 7 and 9. Can’t wait for tomorrow’s episode. God Hopkins is a legend!

  17. I might be really dumb, but i dont know how i am supposed to read that site. Like how will you know where new stories are, will it just be random all over the page? It is sort of strange to me how much it looks like winteriscoming, i had to do a double check that is was not one of their sites when i got there.

    But there is a reason that stories posted the way you guys do it here is done all over the internet, because people know how to read it, and it makes sense. Just because you can make cool icons for stories in blocks all over the page does not mean you should.

  18. Stark Raven’ Rad,

    Has it been a few years already? Man aging sure does a number on time perception, I still feel like the site is super young (although I suppose 2/3 years isn’t exactly old)

    That said, the staff here is what has kept me here along with a handful of my fellow discussion/post regulars.

  19. jasonw,

    Thank you for your comments, Jason. Believe me, we are taking those sentiments into consideration. The articles will travel down the page in order of post, but I definitely understand your point. Again, we are trying a newer streamlined approach, but if it doesn’t go over well, we will adjust it.

  20. I’ve always wanted to try and write a few stuff for WotW, but often I felt it useless when seing the remarkable work of the team here… but who knows, I was already planning on trying to write some stuff for Westworld, so who knows…

    Anyway, looking forward to see this new site grow, evolve and amaze us !

  21. Great!!!!
    I love Westworld and honestly it’s getting the same type of love GoT got when it first aired…I think this was an excellent idea!!

    Can’t wait to read into the theories and await casting news for Season 2.

  22. Great news! Thank you Watchers!

    I am really enjoying Westworld and can’t wait for the finale.

  23. Excellent news! I’ve been watching Westworld from the beginning, and enjoying it very much. But I have to admit that until recently, I had been viewing the show from somewhat of a distance – staying away from all of the rampant theorizing and trying to see if I could become invested in the core narrative and characters without allowing the various mysteries and puzzles that are built into the show to consume the majority of my attention.

    On a base interest level, I was all-in pretty quickly. I’m an easy mark for stories about artificial intelligence, and the quality of the writing and the acting in this particular story were readily apparent. The rich (if at times heavily expository) monologues that the actors were called upon to deliver on that subject were just cracking. I think that Evan Rachel Wood, Thandie Newton, and Jeffrey Wright are all incredible (all three should all be serious Emmy contenders). Anthony Hopkins, living legend, looks revitalized – as engaged than I’ve seen him in years.

    Still, I quite wasn’t enraptured enough to go diving into the deep end just yet. Mainly, I was wary because my sense of investment in several lesser shows/books/movies recently has been prematurely crippled by the Reddit-style machine that fuels a sizeable portion of Internet fandom these days. That tinfoil roller coaster should be familiar to many – minute dissection of the smallest details, breathless theorizing about what’s to come, and either euphoric exultation or bitter disappointment when those theories pan out – or don’t. It’s been both a blessing and a curse for genre fans, and Game of Thrones is one of the few properties where my love for the underlying story and characters has been deep enough and strong enough to survive the whiplash that such a never-ending cycle can sometimes induce (unfortunately the novels, in the absence of new material to consider, have fared somewhat less well in this respect).

    Fortunately, somewhere around Episode 7, both Westworld’s story and my emotional investment in several major characters kicked into a higher gear … right around the time when the buzz that was building around all of the major theories (the timelines, the Man in Black, Arnold, Wyatt, etc.) became impossible to ignore. Since then, I’ve been fairly obsessed.

    It’s unfortunate that Westworld likely won’t return before 2018, but hey – we’ll have Game of Thrones Season 7 to keep us occupied until then! In that respect, this new project seems perfectly timed.

    Congratulations to the entire Watchers team on the new venture!

  24. Congratulations on the new site! After seeing “Westworld” when it comes out on DVD, I’m coming by for a visit. 🙂

    Flayed Potatoes,

    Regarding Jaime, I have a feeling things will come “full circle” in S8, and he’ll be the focus along with Bran. The story will end with them.

  25. Westworld is leaving me unimpressed. I truly can’t believe HBO is dragging it out more than one season. Get to the point and end it. The acting is very good, but other than that , meh.

  26. yay! I´m loving WestWorld! I don´t know or think it´ll become another GOT but it is super entertaining! Great acting,scenery,music and dialogue…that is more than enough for me 🙂

  27. Jared,

    The acting is amazing. Everyone is doing such a fantastic job and I hope they get many nominations (and hopefully some wins) at the Emmys next year. Episode 7 got me from interested to hooked on this show. The wait for season 2 will be hard.

    Flora Linden,

    I hope so as well. Him pushing Bran out of the tower was the catalyst for so many events. I’m curious to see how a reunion between these two characters will be like. I think Jaime will also be very important in the big war and I hope he has some huge moments.

  28. And thank you, everyone, for the kind words. I was surprised but delighted by Sue and Oz’s offer, and I can’t wait to transform WestWatchers into one of the best analytical sites on the web. 😀


  29. yuuhuu I’m so happy I’ll eb able to share my new obsession with you guys, I know I’m more of a lurker but coming here to read the articles and your comments are the highlights of my week, so it will be great to have the new site too!

  30. ZOMG! I was looking at the pic and was thinking “why does WotW have a pic from WW”??

    This is awesome!

  31. Marc N. Kleinhenz,

    Does this mean you’re our “host”?

    I was wary of Westworld’s potential after the first episode, but am so glad I kept watching. I’ve been looking for a site with the quality, integrity, and community of WotW and welcome this new addition.

    Wonder if there will be a Hodor-like rush to be the first post? William? Maeve?

  32. I like Westworld. The finale has a lot to prove, and if it does it well I’ll be in for the long run IMO.

  33. An excellent decision. Westworld is desperately in need of a high quality fan site. I have been enjoying the show and am looking forward to the finale. So glad that we can spend a few more years together. Congratulations!

  34. Excellent news ! This may be sacrilegious to say around these parts but I think if the finale is done right Westworld may rival GoT as the most epic show on TV at the moment.

    The show has a sense of scale and excitement that is very reminiscent to me of the feeling I had watching the first season of GoT. Like it was the beginning of a journey of epic complexity and proportions.

    Having a fan site to complement it should be awesome, provided the atmosphere remains friendly and doesn’t become venomous as it has all too often been on this site.
    Hopefully it’ll be pure enjoyment.

    Looking forward to it !

  35. I wish there were a site for discussion of Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency. I’m actually enjoying that show a whole lot more than Westworld, despite the fact that it’s made on about a tenth of WW’s budget. For one thing, it’s very funny. I find Westworld utterly lacking in comic relief, unlike the movie that inspired it.

  36. OMG this is so exciting
    I wish we had that from the beginning of the season because I was looking for somewhere to discuss the show and read recaps and thoughts but I couldn’t find anything!

    I am enjoying westworld a lot and I think I will enjoy it even more discussing with all of you

    It hasn’t captured me like Game of Thrones did when I first watched it but not everything has to be the same. I also think it’ll be hard to top tv episodes such as BOTB and TWOW…. but Westworld is still amazing.

    I’m so excited for this!

  37. Great idea, guys/gals! You-all have had such a wonderful site here (and at the other place) that I’m very excited to check out the new spot.

    I loved the movie back in the 70’s and am really loving this modern take on that concept. So much has changed technologically and people are so much more tech-savvy now that it could not have been easy to come up with a fresh take on this that would grab a modern audience. The writers/producers have brought a us a complex, multilayered, intimate story on a grand scale very much in the GoT tradition. If you haven’t checked it out yet, you should!

    See you-all at the new place!

  38. Yay! Love this site and been loving Westworld too, so I hope to see a lot of familiar names over there, both behind the scenes people and my fellow commenters 😀

  39. thorne garnet:
    Westworld is leaving me unimpressed. I truly can’t believe HBO is dragging it out more than one season. Get to the point and end it. The acting is very good, but other than that , meh.

    I agree with you! I just can’t get into it this series. Same with ‘Vinyl’ – what a pile of shite that was 🙁

    I’ve watched all the WW episodes up to date. Some are ok (like those I can sort of understand whats going on) but most are mediocre or crappy! If it wasn’t for the high calibre acting of Anthony Hopkins, I doubt if I would bother.

    No way does it compare to GoT. I was hooked from episode one with that series, but WW has no way come up to my expectations.

  40. I enjoy West World, but I am wondering how it lasts beyond 1 season. Will it be a different setting each season? Will it be like Fargo and have a separate story and characters? The show’s strength is in its tremendous cast, and would hate to see Hopkins,Rachel-Wood,Newton,Wright, and Harris leave.

    I can’t say I’m a fanatic about the show yet, but I am mesmerized by the cast.

  41. This is SO awesome and great news! After the last WW episode, I was actually longing for a Westworld fan site as intelligent and respected as WOTW. I have been pleasantly surprised that I’ve been enjoying it, rewatching it and obsessing over it at almost the same intensity level as GOT… I never thought another show could conjure that up in me, but WW has proved me wrong. I’m going to head to the new site now! SO STOKED to check it out! Thanks guys!

  42. These violent delights have violent ends…

    Glad to hear of the expansion! I’ve always thought that WotW should have a Television Without Pity-esque site for select TV shows (Mr. Robot, The Americans, and now Westworld) and it’s nice to see you moving in that direction. As you grow, I hope WotW will always stay its own site though. I come here solely for GoT info and wouldn’t want to have to wade through other stuff to get to those precious nuggets!

    Congrats again and if you ever need someone to run your Rupaul’s Drag Race site down the line, I’m your gal 😛

  43. You know, I haven’t been around for a long time or posted anytime recently, however I feel like we need to have a lot more arguing about the official name.
    WestGate (in honor of House GateWatch)
    So argue for a long time in the comments, pick one, and then go change all the urls.

  44. I went to the new WW site, but I left feeling very frustrated. It doesn’t look like anything to me! Is there some sort of glitch? I can’t see a thing. You guys need to work on an update.

  45. How cool! Even though it doesn’t have the same emotional impact on me as GoT had from the very first episode (“The things I do for love” –> no sleep for the next coupe of hours), I have been enjoying Westworld tremendously. Having watched up to episode 7, I’m both eager and anxious to see how they will make this story into a captivating multi-season show. Good to know there’s a place to go to for fan discussions!


    Hey Jilly, haven’t seen you around here – or the old place – in (literally) years! Nice to see you again, and my pick for the new website would be “WestWorldGate”. For obvious reasons I’d love “Gate” to be part of the title, but “WestWorld” in its entirety should be added for searchable-keyword reasons to attract new fans. Now, if only we knew someone to write an alternative reality “history” to support the new WestWorldGate community… 😉

  46. Great news!!! Hopefully season 2 will keep up with the suspense and quality of the first season… And I’ll be sure to visit your new site! 🙂 🙂

  47. Tar Kidho: Now, if only we knew someone to write an alternative reality “history” to support the new WestWorldGate community…

    Holy shit, a blast from the past! How were you able to dig that up again? 😀

  48. jasonw: how will you know where new stories are, will it just be random all over the page?

    Apparently, it will take over the Twitter feed and recent comments on the right side of this site. It would be nice if it was completely separated since I don’t watch this show. It’s hard enough to find new posts here on the new server.

  49. Funnily enough I was talking this morning with some friends on FB about WW and one of our friends told us her dad’s company did the lighting for WW S1 (the parts that were filmed in Santa Clarita, CA) but that his company lost the contract for Season 2 because they’re not filming in Santa Clarita next year. She said she thinks they are filming in North Carolina next year. Might be nothing (As in its cheaper to film there) or could indicate that Westworld might add one of the other worlds next season. Though this article negates Roman World and Medieval World:

  50. So they do a 1 1/2 hour finale in their first season… Sure wish GoT would have given us some of those. :/

  51. Abyss: Holy shit, a blast from the past!How were you able to dig that up again? ?

    A poor memory complemented by super-human googling skills 😉 But seriously, that thread was a blast, and if there is a God of Fans, that page will never be taken down.

  52. Thank you, our fearless Watchers, for adding the other “violent delights” for us to enjoy! It had to be the same amazing team to offer me (and the fellow fans) “a clean, well-lighted place” for our shared passions.
    Nothing has impressed me lately more than Westworld, but ASOIAF/ GOT still remains on the first place in my preferences.
    In my country we celebrate St. Nicholas tomorrow, and on the eve of this holiday people are given presents. For me this a wonderful, unexpected present.

  53. Tar Kidho,

    Even if so, I saved it, just for shits and giggles.

    I was shocked to see that Mike Chair has changed is avatar. He betrayed House Gatewatch! – Just like the bastard that he is! 😉

  54. I watched some episodes of Westworld, but it didn’t caught my attention yet.. maybe after S2. but I wish you all the best of luck, since you guys always made a AMAZING job with WotW, and i know will continue to be great!

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