Watchers on the Wall Attends the Game of Thrones DVD Fan Screening- The Spoils of War on the Big Screen!


I was lucky enough to attend HBO’s Game of Thrones DVD fan screening of the incredible epic that is Game of Thrones episode 704, ‘The Spoils of War.” I, along with a good friend of mine and some very lucky fans, were treated to a mini-exhibition of sorts, all within the comforts of an NYC movie theatre. Sue the Fury was kind enough to let me take over the Watchers handle on Twitter, so head over there to check out the play-by-play of the evening. There was a whole lot packed into a two-hour period!

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The Iron Throne, ladies and sers, was the first thing we saw when we entered the theatre. Naturally, I couldn’t resist…

Once we had checked in, we had to stop to admire the fully hand-painted map that lay before us, a replica of Dragonstone’s Painted Table:


Then, we noticed the gallery of high quality of pictures on the wall. I like to root for the good guys, so here’s a little snapshot I edited together, alongside Robb’s sword:

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Tommen, Jon, Robb
From top to bottom: Jon, Tommen, Robb

But here’s where we found ourselves at a bit of a crossroads. The curators of this mini museum decided to position Margaery and Stannis adjacent to one another. My friend Frank and I had differing opinions on who should really sit on the Iron Throne:


Lastly, it came time for the main event. Not like we were excited or anything:


The main event consisted of three portions:

The season 7 sizzle reel, a 5 minute overview of the season, complete with cast interviews, crew insights, and the Game of Thrones title sequence including commentary from Lena Headey (Cersei), Kit Harington (Jon), and David Benioff (showrunner/executive producer) – it was rather amusing and a great warm-up for the evening.

Next up were 10 animated chapters of Conquest and Rebellion, a special premiere of a DVD/Blu-ray extra. It’s a thorough overview of the history of Aegon The Conquerer’s escape from Valyria 12 years before its doom, and his bloody journey towards uniting the seven kingdoms of Westeros. I must confess, I am not the greatest at historical Westeros trivia, but wow was this exciting for both of us. My friend Frank is a super casual viewer but he enjoyed the histories as much as I did. The narration was read by Conleth Hill (Varys), Sophie Turner (Sansa), Nikolaj Coster-Waldau (Jaime), Pilou Asbæk (Euron), Aidan Gillen (Littlefinger), and, in a surprising return, Harry Lloyd (Viserys). Each of them read over different parts of history, but the narrative was largely driven by Harry Lloyd, as he detailed Aegon’s rise and the lasting legacy of House Targaryen. It was great to see (well, hear) Lloyd get such time in the spotlight considering Viserys’ demise was arguably the first big character death of the entire series.

Last up was the episode ‘The Spoils of War” to bring us home. What more can I say about one of the all-time iconic episodes of Game of Thrones other than HOLY CRAP THAT WAS AWESOME ON THE BIG SCREEN?! For me, the best part of it all was that my friend was probably the only person in the theatre who had not seen the episode (he’d seen episodes 1-3 prior), so watching his reactions was a pleasure for me. When it ended, and Jaime was sinking to the depths below, he said “Wow. I guess I should probably get around to finishing season 7.” And hot damn is he right. Watching this live brought me back to the first time I saw the Battle of Helm’s Deep on the big screen – it just looked that damn good.

What a night. What a show. Queen Daenerys over and out.

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  1. Also Very Jealous and extremely excited for you guys!! That would be an amazing episode to watch on the big screen! Thanks for sharing

  2. I’m really looking forward to seeing it in January! Did most people bring the DVDs with them, the proof of purchase or a receipt?

  3. LadyGoodman:
    I’m really looking forward to seeing it in January!Did most people bring the DVDs with them,theproof of purchase or a receipt?

    Yeah but I think they kept them in their bags. People didn’t exactly walk around with them under their arms!

  4. Chicago, NY and LA only? Out of reach for so many! One would think they’d at least come to Dallas, which will after all be hosting Con of Thrones in May. Oh well. Thank you, David, for the vicarious delight.

  5. Sue the Fury,

    Thank you! The theater is brisk walking distance from home so I could bring the disks if needed – but it would certainly make it harder to juggle my popcorn and cold brew!

  6. Stark Raven’ Rad:
    Chicago, NY and LA only?Out of reach for so many!One would think they’d at least come to Dallas, which will after all be hosting Con of Thrones in May.Oh well.Thank you, David, for the vicarious delight.

    Always happy to let people live through me! Glad you enjoyed 🙂

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