Watchers on the Wall Awards: Best Death Scene

Best Death Scene

“What do we say to the god of death?” “Not today.”

Today, we will be celebrating the best of Game of Thrones season 5’s death scenes. Death is a constant presence on Game of Thrones, and the show has made an art of its presentation. Hardly an episode goes by without at least one character meeting their end, and this season was packed with powerful and shocking death scenes.

After a round of voting, we’ve narrowed down the initial list of contenders (preliminary round results here) to a stellar top 5.

The nominees are:

  • Janos Slynt loses his head for refusing Jon’s orders – Watch the scene
  • Maester Aemon dies a natural death, calling for his little brother – Watch the scene

In the finals, unlike the preliminaries, fans have one vote to cast, and 48 hours to make their decision and vote.

You also have one more day to vote on Best Dramatic Scene and Best Comedic Scene of season 5!

The final round polls will be open for 48 hours: Death Scene beginning now and running until 9/27/15 at 12PM EDT. The results will be revealed at the Watchers On The Wall Awards ceremony in a few weeks time!

Sue the Fury
Susan Miller, Editor in Chief of


  1. Why not Myranda? That was incredibly satisfying. It felt good to see the hateful bitch’s brains splatter on the ice below.

  2. Jon. Though I have to admit that I’m letting my initial shock at reading the scene in the books influence my decision. Nevertheless, best shocking death since the red wedding.

    (I was truly upset by Shireen’s scene – it was outstandingly filmed and truly horrific and hard to endure – but I gotta go with the game changer here.)

  3. I know Jon Snow will probably win because he’s Jon Snow but I’m throwing in for Aemon. He’s the only person to die a peaceful, natural, painless death.

  4. “Maester Aemon dies a natural death, calling for his little brother.”

    I got all choked up at that one.

    Come on, there has to be at least ONE natural death that gets some recognition.

  5. Galli:
    Why not Myranda? That was incredibly satisfying. It felt good to see the hateful bitch’s brains splatter on the ice below.

    These are the finals. Read the initial post, where I mention preliminary voting results- click that link and you’ll see where Myranda fell in the voting.

  6. BeautyBrienne,

    That’s why I am voting for him. No one gets to die a natural death on the show and Aemon not only got that, but got to live a long and good life. Also, I really love the references to Egg.

  7. Maester Aemon… as great a performance moment as the Shireen scene was, the Aemon scene was beautiful and perfect.

  8. Gotta go with Shireen’s death. It was just so poetic, and wonderfully executed. And as a book reader, the most shocking death of the season.

  9. I voted for Aemon because dying of old age is so much better than being beheaded, Aryad, betrayed or burnt. Of course, on a personal level, Trant’s was the most satisfying of deaths. I would never think of Jon’s and Shireen’s deaths as great or best because neither deserved to be betray like that.

  10. For the first time, I have absolutely no idea. I should narrow it down to the ones that held the most emotional punch, for whatever reason. Janos Slynt losing his head was nice, but expected and just very nicely executed (heh, pun not intended.) Pretty much the same goes for Jon Snow, and Maester Aemon to an extent. Meryn Trant and Shireen Baratheon have to be it, honestly.

    Beyond that… I’ll have to think about it. Or maybe I’ll sit this one out.

    EDIT: Fuck it, I’m voting for Trant’s death. It was equal parts satisfying and creepy, as it should be. The others are great and just as depressing as they should be, but this is my vote and I’m voting for that strange mix of satisfaction and uneasiness. If Myrcella’s death had been here, I would’ve probably voted for that (the only scene in the season in which I actually shouted at the screen), but it’s not so let it be Meryn Trant.

  11. Had to vote for Shireen as it had the strongest emotional impact on me. Mostly RAAAAGE but Rage is an emotion…

  12. Although all the death scenes were done so well I had to go with my first round #1 pick, Maester Aemon, agree with GeekFurious, it was beautiful and perfect, and it was non-violent.

  13. Well, I voted Shireen for most dramatic yesterday so I’ll be voting for her again today. I really, really liked four of the five though – the fifth being the Meryn Trant death. I’m a fan of using extreme violence to characterise Arya and her intense desire for revenge, but other than that, I dunno, just didn’t affect me in ways the other four (plus Mance) did. They’ve set a really high bar for death scenes this year.

  14. Danny,

    I felt the same about Jon and Shireen. Both made me sad and I am pretty sure I shed a tear or two. Watching Trant die at Arya’s hands was just so dang satisfying.

  15. Shireens death was to horrible.
    Trants death was bad ass. I love Arya Stark.
    I was happy to see that Janos died. Hopefully Doren is next!
    Jon Snow… I stil don’t (want to) believe that he is dead.

    So my vote goes to maester Aemon. Finally someone who died naturally and as an old man. Unfortunately maester Aemon and Deanerys never met each other.

  16. I’m still in denial about Shireen and the Jon one is only a “until next time” so I’m taking these off!
    It was hard to pick one between the other three… but my beloved maester Aemon won because his scene was just perfect, better than in the books even.
    A round of applause for Meryn’s and Janos’ deaths too because they were amazingly portrayed!

  17. Deesensfan,

    For me, much like with Polliver, it started being “FUCK YEAH, AWESOME!” but by the end I felt uneasy and creeped out by just how much Arya got out of the revenge. And I think that’s perfect! Exactly what one should feel.

  18. Shireen all the way! Beautifully shot, and those screams and the sound of the fire… shivers…

    Kind of sad that Selmy’s epic and brave demise to a great music did not make it to the final 5, but I guess everyone has its opinion.

    Personally, while I enjoyed Janos death I did not see it as a contender for Best Death, it seemed somewhat trivial in the way it was shot, like an everyday’s activity at the Wall. With Meryn Trant, I love the sheer brutality of it, but again I got not emotional reaction to it, much like watching the restaurant scene in Kill Bill, blood everywhere, aesthetically pleasing, but not much more.

  19. It’s all Maester Aemon, all the way. Calling for his little brother. So beautifully done and so poignant and sad.

  20. I suspect that Shireen’s death will win by a large margin, so I voted for Janos Slynt. Having read aGoT again, there’s just no redemption for this guy and the scene was extremely well done, even without “fetch me a block”.. -.-

  21. It was tough, but I went with Aemon. It was a natural death, but it was no less poetic than the best deaths in GoT. My runner up goes to Shireen, but I couldn’t bring myself to vote for for it as the “Best Death”, because it was just so heartbreaking.

    None of these may be quite as good as the RW deaths, Oberyn or Ned, but they were all so outstandingly shot and acted. Any of them would be a worthy winner in my mind.

  22. Luka Nieto,

    Exactly… that’s how I made my decision. Like its a true GAME OF THRONES death right there… and shes had this list for four years!
    I was cheering her on the entire time

    With Jon being my favorite character, I was more pissed by his death scene then touched by it. I am in denial about it

    Shireens was heartbreaking, but I went for dramatic scene with that one.

    Janos’ would have came in second, because, lets be honest, no one fucks with LORD SNOW!
    As for Aemon, loved him, I know hes getting lots of votes by others.

  23. That Shireen scene has stuck with me to this moment. I hated it, but I hated it because I really cared about the character and, while it was (ridiculously) out of character for Book Stannis, the scene was well acted and executed (No pun intended). So, yea, if a scene can invoke my anger and passion like that, then it wins my vote.

  24. Shireen. I think it was the most impactful of all the deaths, though Jon’s deserves an honourable mention. I suspect that Shireen’s vote might be hit because she is such a shoe-in for best dramatic scene, but I really think it deserves to win this one as well. Janos and Trant’s left me feeling good, Aemon’s gave me a little nerdgasm, Jon’s “exit” was well done, but Shireen’s really, really affected me.

  25. Like the last ballot 2nd question this was a lil tuff as well. I went with Arya bc the starks have been starving for some vengeance

  26. Jon Snow’s death in the TV series is so badly condensed with so many plot holes that it doesn’t deserve to win. In fact it was a low point of the season due to poor writing.

    A choice between Aemon or Janos Slynt….both great, though I went with Janos as it was more emotionally uplifting (even if it took out the story beat of wanting to hang him at first then stopping, only to reveal because he wanted to personally behead him with his sword — but okay, dramatic pacing in live action is always an argument; that might have slowed it down. Nice on its own).

  27. Maester Aemon. I actually bawled when watching it and I was in mourning for a couple of days, felt like I’d personally lost someone . Weird, I know, and I know it’s only a TV show /series of fantasy books but I loved that old man!

    Shireen’s death was hearbreaking and Kerry Ingram was so amazing, my runner-up.

  28. dee:
    Jon. Though I have to admit that I’m letting my initial shock at reading the scene in the books influence my decision. Nevertheless, best shocking death since the red wedding.

    (I was truly upset by Shireen’s scene – it was outstandingly filmed and truly horrific and hard to endure – but I gotta go with the game changer here.)

    I went with the truly upsetting Shireen scene; maybe because I knew “For the Watch” was coming. Maybe because of the screaming….Kerry kicked ass with those screams. It was definitely Stannis’s game changer!

  29. The Dragon Demands: Jon Snow’s death in the TV series is so badly condensed with so many plot holes that it doesn’t deserve to win. In fact it was a low point of the season due to poor writing.

    You’re literally the only person I’ve seen who thinks this. That didn’t stop you from plastering it all over the wiki, though, as if your opinion was fact.

  30. I couldn’t choose. All important and good death scenes. So, i went with my feeling and choose the one that hit me the hardest.

    Maester Aemon, you get my vote. Rest in Peace, go back to your little brother.

  31. That was a tough one.

    I voted for Aemon. I voted for three of his quotes in another poll, so I guess I’m on an Aemon kick, right now.

    I really wanted vote for Shireen and Janos too. (“I’ve always been afraid…” WACK!) So good.

  32. Very difficult choice – all good for different reasons.

    Went with Shireen because it was emotionally extremely unsettling rather than satisfying, so while I enjoyed the visceral demise of Meryn F.Trant at the hands of Arya and Aemon’s peaceful and dignified passing the one that brought out the strongest emotion in me was Shireen and that wins my vote.

  33. Difficult! But Shireens death was so absurd and shocking and Kerrys performance so gigantic that this vote is a tribute (once more) to her and a way of lamenting her absence…

  34. I voted for Slynt. He deserved it.

    This scene also showed Jon wielding his LC power, which somehow makes him even more attractive (like that’s a thing?).

    Next would be Trant because he also deserved it, but it was far too bloody, to the point of discomfort, for me.

  35. It was a tough call, but I went with Arya stabbing Meryn Trant. Shireen’s death (which I have no interest in ever watching again) was more viscerally powerful. But after a season of consistent depression, the sheer pleasure of watching Arya cross a name off of her list couldn’t be matched.

  36. 1º. Shireen. Wonderfully acted, wonderfully shooted, really impresive, completely unexpected and your heart bleeds when you realise you won’t see Kerry again.

    2º. Maester Aemon. Another heart bleeding. And one of the few characters who died of a natural death lol.

    3º Janos Slynt. Bye bye Janos, it was a cool scene.

    4º Meryn Trant. Too much goory for my taste (where’s your training Arya? No Syriesque, no FMenesque) but satisfaying. Hope they didn’t turn Trant into paedophile to avoid “Arya is murdering”, though.

    The only I didn’t like was Jon’s. First Benjen (Jon just has to come to the outside of his office, Olly saying “there’s a fight!” is enough, not need of bring in Benjen), the brothers killing like they were doing queue on Starbucks (one stab. Next. Other stab. Next. lol) and not very fan of Kit’s acting skills…

  37. Shireens scene was cheaply manufactured by D&D to try to give ep9 that factor the other ep9s have had. We all kno it didn’t occur in the books. And it served as another weak piece to the mannis’s downfall that we also know never occurred (yet?) so for those reasons, the scene fell spectacularly flat for me. Do I feel bad a little girl got toasted? Of course, im not that evil

  38. God of tits and wine,

    Except they already had Daznak’s Pit for the shock value and also please just stop with your fanboyism dude,it’s really embarassing to see . And also claiming you “know”,have you read TWOW outlines and personally talked to George like David and Dan did,no ?

  39. Maester Aemon… for the Watch!

    Well-acted as it was, I couldn’t bring myself to vote for Shireen’s burning. Meryn Trant’s dead was too over-the-top to my taste, and I never cared for Janos, so those were out as well. Meaning it was between Aegon and Jon’s deaths. Even though I wasn’t spoiled in any way, even at the first viewing Jon’s murder never felt like it would be final, which took the sting out of it for me. On the other hand, Aegon’s death was as incredibly sad AND beautiful at the same time. It was a scene that restored a sense of normality to the twisted world of GoT. So that latter scene gets my vote, and I really hope it will take the win.

  40. What? NO MANCE???????? Nooooooooooo! That was the most moving death scene by far! So perfectly done. And a much more important character than Meryn or Janos. Oh well. First world problems. I’ll leave this one to you guys, then; my vote goes to Mance in absentia.

  41. God of tits and wine,

    You don’t think Shireen is going to be sacrificed in the books? I mean, the books have hinted at that for a while. Stannis murdered his own brother by using black magic, did nothing to protect Maester Cressen from Mel, despite the fact that Cressen had been like a second father to him and he allowed Mel to burn Alester Florent, not to mention the little fact that he wanted to burn Edric Storm, his nephew and a child only because Mel told him it would help win the war. You don’t think Stannis has it in him to sacrifice his own daughter if pushed enough? Just a question.

  42. Marcus,

    Me no comprende. We’re all fans here I assume. And I respect the books and the show as their own entity. And I’m no book purist by any means. My views aren’t fact just opinion. Tisk Tisk with the name calling btw, your better than that

  43. Voted for the coolest one. Arya killing Trant made me shout “FUCK YEAH!” at the time. Slynt’s death was satisfying too, but not as much as Trant’s.

    The others are great for “best dramatic scene”, but not “best death”.

  44. Danny,

    No, but I guess we’ll just have to wait and see… I’d just quickly counter that with that the fact she’s nowhere near him and the mannis said no sacrifices

  45. It’s hard to choose! What does “best” mean? Ah ah.

    I voted for Shireen because it’s the most surprising and shocking of the season. But I care more about Jon, and his death is the most important this season…

  46. God of tits and wine,

    No one said he would burn her to win the battle for winterfell, things can easly go different in the books. I’m still not sure on him burning her tough, I’m at like 60%.
    She is not with Stannis now, but she could easly be there in 4-6 chapters.

    But honestly? I don’t care anymore, I belive we will never get the ending from the books. TWOW might come out, but I never expect to read ADOS.
    I enjoyed the show’s version, so for me there is no complaint, and I could not care less if she burns by Mell’s order or Stannis’s, I enjoyed this version, and would actoully be quite annoyed if she burns to revive Jon as some suspect, and frankly, I enjoyed this season far more then I did AFFC/ADWD combined.

  47. Mihnea,

    Knowing Mel’s shortcomings though, I wouldn’t be surprised if during the “sacrifice” she was invoking help for Azor Ahai and that is the reason why no help came for Stannis. Stannis is not Azor Ahai. “I pray for a glimpse of Azor Ahai, and R’hllor shows me only Snow.” Even in the show, Shireen’s sacrifice may actually pay for Jon’s life. Only death can pay for life. Royal death for royal life.

  48. Danny,

    I fully belive that in the show sacrificing her, allowed Mell to return to Jon.

    I also have a theory, that Mell runs with Shireen/Selyse to help Stannis, as she thinks he is dead, so she might hope to save him this way.

    I also trust D&D, unlike other people, that when they said that Martin told them of this, he told them of Stannis doing it. As I think that is what gives this scene/moment such a dramatic feelling, a father choosing to sacrifice his own duaghter in an attempt to save his men. Unlike Mell burning her to revive Jon or whatever other motive.

  49. Master Aemon. It was surprisingly moving (& refreshing) to have a natural death (the first in GoT?). Shireen’s would have gotten my vote if it were not the horrific murder of an innocent child; Kerry was awesome.

    Jon’s, I knew what was coming, and the scene seemed a little clumsy to me. Meryn — eh — just another gruesome death. Janos’s was satisfying, but not my fave.

  50. Luka Nieto: The Dragon Demands: Jon Snow’s death in the TV series is so badly condensed with so many plot holes that it doesn’t deserve to win. In fact it was a low point of the season due to poor writing.

    You’re literally the only person I’ve seen who thinks this. That didn’t stop you from plastering it all over the wiki, though, as if your opinion was fact.

    I wasn’t that impressed with how ‘For the Watch’ was handled for TV either. Book version aside, there was a huge, glaring plot hole that jumped out at me immediately: What if Jon had not jumped up and followed Olly, and instead, like a typical busy boss, said, ‘Bring him here to me at once!’? What would the conspirators have done next? Pried their silly ‘Traitor’ sign off the post and carried it up to his office? It didn’t make a whole lot of sense. And watching Kit just lie there blank-faced and bleeding out for such a long time…I don’t know, I just didn’t find it very moving or shocking. Maybe because I never expected him to stay dead.

  51. I voted for Shireen’s burning as Best Dramatic Scene. So to mix it up a little for Best Death, I’m going with Maester Aemon. So sad to see that wise old man go.

  52. I was originally gonna vote for Jon, but since it’s all but confirmed that he’ll be resurrected, I decided to go with Maester Aemon. It was very sad to see such a beloved character go, but still pleasant in a way to see him go peacefully and surrounded by people he cared about, rather than the gruesome, often treacherous demise so many other characters meet in the series. It was also much better than his death in the books (he deserved better than to be stuffed in a cask of rum). Although I am really glad they kept the Egg line!

    (Also, Peter Vaughan didn’t get nominated for Best Supporting Actor, so I think he deserves at least some recognition for his flawless portrayal of Aemon)

    Shireen’s death is close. It made me really miserable and angry (which I guess is a good thing since that’s likely what the intention was!). I had a sinking feeling that it would end up happening ever since Mel first ran the idea by Stannis, and correctly predicted that Ramsay’s raid would be the last straw that pushes Stannis to allow it… and also predicted that it would have no effect whatsoever and that he would still fail to take Winterfell.

    As horrible and vain as it was though, the sacrifice does fit with a running theme throughout Season 5. “Belief is so often the death of reason.”

    It’s also not just hinted at, but pretty much confirmed that the sacrifice will happen in the books (D&D said George told them about it to begin with). The circumstances will likely be different, but it will happen.

  53. Firannion,

    In life there are always choices, even not doing anything is a choice. What would have happen if Ned did not warn Cersei? Why is that more illogical than say Jon deciding to follow Olly when he tells him that the rangers have someone in hand who claims to know where Benjen is? But really what made sense in Bowen Marsh’s plan? It was an illogical plan to begin with. What the fck does Bowen expect will happen with Jon no longer being able to control the wildlings? And again, TV is a completely different medium, show don’t tell, the traitor sign is exactly show don’t tell without Thorne having to say the words. And as far as Kit is concerned, should he have been more dramatic, melodramatic perhaps, when playing a dying man? I would imagine your face goes blank as life is slowly leaving your body behind.

  54. Danny,

    This is the exact reason I will not read the books until the show is done. It completly ruins your enjoyment, and takes away one of the most important parts of GOT, the pure shock. The shock when Ned gets killed, the shock when the RW happens,…etc.

  55. Mihnea,

    Well, I don’t quite agree. The shock value will always be there the first time you either read/watch something. I had not read the books before the first season so I was shocked about Ned. I started the books right away and then I proceeded to be shocked by the Red Wedding and other events while reading the books. But I’m also the type of person that goes after spoilers so I don’t care about saving myself for the shock factor, I’m one of those people who enjoys the journey as well as the destination. The only thing I don’t want to know the ending to beforehand are sporting events, what is the point of that? I love the books and I love the show and I also love the combined version that often plays in my head when trying to think of GOT events.

  56. Danny,

    You can’t imagine how convulated my head-canon is. 🙂

    Arrianne is there. But also grown-up Trystane in love with Myrcella,…and so on.

  57. This was so hard. All 5 death scenes were powerful.

    It felt like a tie between Shireen, Jon, and Aemon… although Trant’s was the most gruesome.

    In the end, I voted for Jon because I didn’t know what to do.

  58. Lex:
    This was so hard. All 5 death scenes were powerful.

    It felt like a tie between Shireen, Jon, and Aemon… although Trant’s was the most gruesome.

    In the end, I voted for Jon because I didn’t know what to do.

    That is why I liked Trant’s the most. It was brutal, young Arya let the savage inside of her come out. It showed her anger.

  59. Danny,

    My point was not that Jon following Olly was illogical, but that it seemed improbably foolish for the conspirators to bank on him reacting that way, when he could just have easily have stayed behind his desk and ordered the wildling who claimed to have seen Benjen to be brought into his presence – in which case they would’ve needed a Plan B to get Jon somewhere where they could kill him discreetly. Murder plots need to be thought through carefully, and this one just seemed slipshod to me. The ‘Traitor’ sign was unnecessary evidence that they would then have to be careful to dispose of, since presumably there are prescribed consequences for mutineers against the LC.

  60. “Best” in terms of the one I was happiest about? Meryn Trant.

    In terms of most moving? Aemon’s was touching and peaceful.

    Most shocking from the book was Jon’s death. With all of the show’s deaths, having expected them, it took away the impact. And while in the books the tension is there for several pages, on the show it’s only for a few minutes. So for Jon, I was expecting taking away any shock, but I was really curious if there would be any hints as to what happens next. Nope, just him bleeding out, very somber way to end the season.

    Ultimately, I voted for Shireen, because it was so unexpected and also very upsetting.

  61. Hmm, Mance didn’t get to the finals, he’s sixth, if I look right.

    Pity, he would have been my choice for the win. In this case, I’ll go with Janos. Shireen was indeed heartwrenching and Jon’s death was ‘beautiful’ (there was an artistic quality to it same as with Sansa’s wedding).

  62. Go on do your duty. How could Stannis execution by Brienne not be a choice? Unless wotw knows the mannis lives? Haha

  63. Janos Slynt…great stuff, not just the single blow head swing (unlike Theon) it’s all the small things they put around

    Eg, the Robb beheading Karstark, the nod to Stannis and especially….

    They way Jon casually finished his drink like a boss!

  64. As for others, I put Shireen as best drama scene, ie not just about Shireens death but it is very much about the reaction from Selyse, Stannis and Baratheon General as a reflection of his troops, not to mention the sociopathic glee of Melisandre

  65. It was between Shireen and Jon for me. And while Jon’s death will have an impact on the story, Shireens sacrifice impacted me in a way that a fictional death never has. So I went with that.

  66. Shireen’s death was the most dramatic and affecting scene on the show so far, IMO. This is a good crop of deaths, but Shireen’s was definitely my choice.

  67. I voted for Janos Slint’s death. His and Maester Aemon were the only two deaths that would qualify as “best deaths” in my book. And Maester Aemon’s was surprising because it was a natural death, but Slint’s had me pumping my fist in the air… “finally!” (I know this is kind of sick on my part, but yeah, it was satisfactory).

    Jon’s death was too painful. Shireen’s was my best dramatic scene pick, but not “the best” death. I re-watched it yesterday for the first time and it was extremely unsettling. And Meryn Trant’s death was too gruesome. I can’t stand anything happening to the eyes, and there you have it, a couple of stabs to the eye-balls. I watched the rest through the fingers of my hands.

    Slint’s was short and swift. But the scene was very important for Jon’s handling of his new job: his attempt to separate one of the most complicated alliances in the NW, dividing and conquering. Plus he got Stannis’ nod of approval.

  68. I so wanted to vote for Slint’s come-uppance (or was that come off – ense), but I voted for the sacrifice of Shireen Baratheon. Harrowing, heart-renching and performed at pitch perfection by the leads, the supports and the extras.

  69. No matter what the nominees, I was confident Shireen would get in, and therefore would get my vote. I have never been so viscerally affected by anything I’ve ever seen on television. Initially I hated it, I really didn’t want it to happen and I was so sick to my stomach that it did…but I now realize that is the reason why it is so good. It has to win, Jon Snow’s is the only other one on this list that comes close to it, honestly (although I appreciated Aemon’s natural death).

    Gotta be honest though, I was a little disappointed in the final five. Although I pretty much expected Mance to miss the cut, I thought his death was a real highlight of the entire season. Compare Mance’s death to Janos’s (which is still really good), and I think it is stronger in almost every measurable way: the buildup, the acting, the direction.

    I am, however, very surprised that Stannis didn’t make it, especially given how popular he and his storyline seem to be in every other category. Being executed for Renly’s assassination was so poetic at his downfall, reminding us where his dark turn began just as his arc comes to a conclusion. And it contains what I think is some of Stephen Dillane’s strongest acting on the series (which is really saying something).

    Meanwhile, Meryn Trant’s death makes it, and maybe I’m in the minority here, but I thought the scene was just way over the top. And I have a hard time caring about Meryn Trant. Obviously he’s not supposed to be sympathetic, but he has been such a forgettable background character for so long I really didn’t care that much that Arya managed to kill him.

    Oh well. Seeing how competitive the “best death” category was, so competetive that neither Stannis nor Mance made it, just reminds me again how strong this season was. So many great farewells. Besides last year, I can’t think of another season where the category had this many strong possibilities for nomination.

  70. Hodor Targaryen,

    I too was disappointed in Mance’s death missing from the list. I know that it didn’t make the preliminary vote list; but I think if we are looking just at the death scene and not the whole scene it was a part of, it was the best. Ah well

    Also rethinking Shireen – Like Ghost CR, I also voted for her as best dramatic scene. Thinking I would like to change my vote to FTW, tho I somehow don’t suppose my one vote would matter all that much

  71. The sacrifice of Shireen Baratheon. Despite my skeptic view of this scene legitimately happening (I thought it was extremely out of character for Stannis and he is by far my favourite character) it was nevertheless extremely well acted by all involved and is one of the most powerful deaths Game of Thrones has given. I doubt we will see many shows have the guts to show a semi-onscreen death (a burning no less) of a child character like Game of Thrones has.

  72. I hated how stannis’ story played out this past season especially him burning his own daughter wich I flat out deny he would ever (or will in the books) do, but his last words were just so perfect as was the scene, stubborn but true to his convictions til the end “go on then do your duty”

    That’s my vote.

  73. I voted for the sacrifice of Shireen Baratheon in the Best Dramatic Scene category and said my extended piece about it there. The entire sequence is stunningly crafted, and elicited a visceral response from me on a level I didn’t think was possible. I’ll never forget it.

    That being said, I voted for Jon’s assassination here. It was an event that we had been waiting years to see. When it comes to something like that, expectations of the fandom tend to be impossibly high (see: Oberyn’s duel with the Mountain). I actually loved how quiet and relatively understated the ambush wound up being, playing out with no music in a mostly silent courtyard with minimal dialogue. Against that backdrop, the muffled sound of each dagger entering Jon’s body seemed deafening. The harsh reveal of the cruelly embossed “TRAITOR” sign, the way Jon’s face goes from when he sees it, and the slow pooling of the blood beside him as the light left his eyes were great visual touches that underscored the brutal inevitably of this series-altering moment.

    While it didn’t get my vote, I’d like to acknowledge Aemon’s death as well. Peter Vaughn was one of the very best actors on the show who always managed to fly somewhat under the radar among the wider audience (Devoted fans like the ones who frequent this site know how good he is). Vaughn’s portrayal of the old Maester’s final moments was perfect, and wonderfully complemented by John Bradley and Hannah Murray. The score was beautiful. Sam’s eulogy was touching. And yes, we got the line that everyone wanted.

    I also would have given serious consideration to voting for Mance Rayder’s death if it had reached the final round. Alas.

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