Wall Nuts: IKEA, children books, and Danny McBride – an unlikely combination

Time for another big round of Wall Nuts. Ever wondered how to make your own Iron Throne? Well …

So, what if Danny McBride joined the cast of Thrones? Funny of Die has an answer:

College Humor is also on the ball, this is how they think you wish last season (and the red wedding) had wrapped up:

Where would Game of Thrones characters work in a Westeros mall? Check it out here!


In a similar vein, here are some book recommendations for GoT characters. I like this a lot, follow the link for the rest.

Jon's list

Lastly, a parody of Goodnight Moon has been made by Mashable. Follow the link for the full experience, or watch just the video below.

Goodnight Westeros!


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