Vintage Wine Estates to release new ‘Game of Thrones’ wine in partnership with HBO

Is this what Dornish red tastes like?
Is this what Dornish red tastes like?

Cerseis and Tyrions around the world, rejoice: Vintage Wine Estates is expanding on its Thrones-branded wines, adding a pinot noir to the collection it began last year.

Available this month, the pinot joins the chardonnay, red blend and cabernet sauvignon that the Oregon-based Vintage Wine Estates began offering in 2017. Those bottles feature, respectively, Lannister, Targaryen and Stark sigils in the label artwork; the newest offering will feature an imprint of either the House Martell or House Tyrell sigil imprinted on the cork.

The pinot is “elegant and bursting with complex flavors and aromas,” according to Vintage Wine Estates winemaker Bob Cabral, who was named Wine Enthusiast’s Winemaker of the Year in 2011 and is a “huge” Game of Thrones fan.

“The new pinot noir is a worthy addition to the Game of Thrones line of wines, as it was inspired by the complexity and nuances of this riveting drama,” Cabral said. “Oregon is renowned for fine pinot noir, and this wine captures the essence of the variety and the exceptional vineyards from which it is made.”

The Game of Thrones pinot noir will be introduced at the Aspen Food & Wine Classic this weekend and will be available online at and in stores around the country later this summer. It’s no Imp’s Delight, but it will serve us well as we await the final season (and help us drown our sorrows when the series ends).


  1. At the very least, how about a Thoros of Myr memorial wine? Our preeminent wino deserves that much.

  2. The Chardonnay was quite alright and haven’t cracked open the red blend yet (the cab sav was too many golden dragons)

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