Video Review & Reaction Roundup for House of the Dragon Season 1, Episode 6 “The Princess and the Queen”

Pentos, Young Baela (Shani Smethhurst), Young Rhaena (Eva Ossei Gerning), 1x06 (1)

Before tomorrow’s episode, watch our roundup of video breakdowns and reactions for the first post-big time jump episode, “The Princess and the Queen”!

Our list of book-reader breakdowns begin with Westeros History, who provide us with a synopsis as well as their great review and breakdown podcast:

As well as reviewing the episode, Joe Magician continues touting his “Larys is a greenseer” theory, which the sixth episode provided much more ammunition for:

Gray Area focuses on just how much of a terrible mother Alicent is and how Daemon is not as bad as people say, and highlights the character of Laena Velaryon:

TwoTheFuture considers whether the ten year time skip worked overall, and how it shortchanged Laena’s character as well as a few others:

At New Rockstars, Erik Voss keeps us up to date on the expanding family tree, what the deal is with the Targaryen and Velaryon kids, Larys’s firefly sigil, and just how many secret dragon dreamers and greenseers there may be in this story:

Alt Shift X explains the dark side to dragon training, how Helaena may be a dragon dreamer, the evolution of Alicent and Criston, the changes to the small council, the Tully muppets, what the time jump skipped over, and more:

We end with video reactions! After their reaction, Blind Wave analyze Larys’s sigil and whether Viserys still has an arm, discuss the meaning of the rat, and the time jump. Finally, they try to guess the names of all the Targaryen and Velaryon kids.

Next up: The Normies! After the reaction, they have a Greens vs Black discussion.

Burlington Bar‘s reaction comes in two parts as usual:

Struggle Nation have a fun reaction to the time jump and all the drama:

The Reel Rejects may be listed last here but they’re the quickest to upload:

What did you think of the videos this week? Is there any good one I missed?

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