The Long Flight – Aftermath

Melisandre death The LOng NIght

So this is a Twitter post addendum, basically.

You’d think two posts per episode would be enough.

CLEARLY NOT. There is still a lot to unpack with this. The Long Night was quite possibly the most divisive episode in Game of Thrones history. It broke records, y’all. It was the most tweeted-about single episode of television in the history of… tweeting about… television.

There were discussions to be had.

So let’s see—in the minutes, hours, and days that followed—what Twitter had to say!

Firstly, some GoT luminaries had their varied reactions:

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Maisie re-Tweeted this:

There was a lot of excitement, even in the american sports world:

Athletes love GoT.

Oh, and this exchange happened:


Oh, and the other Isaac:

In general, the fandom was pretty hyped following 80 minutes of T E N S E.

…Not entirely inaccurate!

Wholly accurate!

We’ll get to individual kudos in a bit.


Goddamned reddit nerds. GO BACK TO 4CHAN YOU DOINKS!

(I honestly don’t know the difference between reddit and 4chan, so I can totally talk shit if I want.)

This too is my headcanon.



Who da REAL MVP doe??

Y’all kill me. I get not liking Dany (or whoever) for whatever reason, but some of y’all take your anti-stan obsessions to sad and ridiculous levels. GTFO.

You’re not #BANNED, you’re #BLOCKED.

(LBR the only character who really deserves this kind of hate is…

…Oly of course. I mean, that dude can die in a fire am I right guys??????!!!!!!1111111ONE)

But for the most part, Twitter had one name breaking the internet:

A LITTLE less.


I’m’a go with THAT one.

People were still talking about the dim lighting…

People also still had PROPHESY questions…

Heathen King out here winning.

The fandom still discussing shit the next day! This is literal watercooler talk.

But you know. The Twitter version.

Mm. Interesting.

I literally asked for this:

And I got it. FML.

That still sits in the pit of my stomach, no lie.

Well done, wee bear!

Wow, the Mary Sue taking time away from their usual pearl-clutching to actually give us some funny snark. Good on you, ‘Sue.

I would have enjoyed that too!

I don’t get the Dany hate. Not for this episode, at least. I have no idea if it was her idea to send the Dothraki into that sea of death in the first place. (Irony: the poisoned sea DID kill the Dothraki!)

It could be argued, however, that having the Dothraki there accomplished nothing. More fodder for the Night King’s army. A better idea would have been to send them away and await word for the wars to come. Or at the very least have them strafe the dead with flame arrows.

Cersei’s sure glad they were sent into the fray!

So who sent them into that ocean of death? ….I’m’a blame Tyrion.

(I have no proof it was his idea. I just like to blame Tyrion.)

That’s such a JETS thing to do.

(I don’t blame ’em though.)


I feel like people are sleeping on Bran..


So another day passed…

Ouch, bro.

The Drake curse is REAL.

Someone’s Wikipedia game is sharp:





BET. You know who’s COMIN’ for you, Gregor!

And with that we are done for this week!

See y’all again… in a few short days!



  1. Thanks Axechucker! That was fun! I especially liked some of the fan art and memes. The elephant dragon is funny. The Lyanna and the Giant painting and that very last one of Arya are great. All the “throw back” photos of the actors as kids and the Brothers at Castle Black are wonderful. What a journey they and we have been on.

  2. I don’t normally tweet, I don’t even have a twitter account so it was fun to see these in a safe spot.

    That said, I can browse through tweets and for the first time ever I scrolled through the Watchers on the Wall twitter feeds and ran into a spoiler – I hope it’s an not authentic leak, but still.

    The interwebs is scary and full of spoilers. Ugh.

  3. Fewermonts!? Wow… 😜

    I haven’t thought of it to look for, but if there aren’t any Chuck Norris style memes for Arya starting to circulate I’m going to start wondering what’s wrong with the internet. 😉

  4. I read not all but many.

    That cerseis dream picture is just amazing hahaha

    And I who criticize dany a lot. I can’t understand why they just can’t praise her for what she did in this episode.

    And how is it that after 7+ seasons people still can wights white walkers. They have a outspoken opinion of the show but can’t understand the basics of what happening.

  5. I may have missed this in the twitter storm but no one brought up House Glover. What to do with them…
    1) Drogon flyby flambé on the way to KL?
    2) Newest infantry – front line at KL?
    3) Assigned to Winterfell body clean up?
    4) ?

  6. No one was calling Arya a Mary Sue. I suppose discussing Rey is off-topic, but I view her as the creation of a committee, so she lacks the earnest charm & amateurish distinctiveness of a Mary Sue. Arya is a great creation from experienced professional author George R. R. Martin, and the early seasons reflected that. Later seasons weren’t so well written, but that applies to every character. Her killing the Night King could have worked really well if there had been more connecting steps, like changing her face into a wight in order to get past all those enemies in an open space. I know Jon was set up as having the longest history fighting the undead, but he’s an uninteresting character and I don’t care about him being just as useless/counterproductive here as he was in the Battle of Bastards. Bran warging into crows and then appearing to do NOTHING with whatever information he gained was more irritating.

    Within the books someone said that Sam Tarly is the clearest Mary Sue because GRRM has said that while he wishes he was Tyrion he’s probably Sam. But Mary Sue’s are typically idealized, so Tyrion is the Mary Sue. And indeed in these later seasons people keep telling Dany how great he is despite the lack of recent evidence for his intellect!

  7. A better idea would have been to send them away and await word for the wars to come. Or at the very least have them strafe the dead with flame arrows.

    Ah, strategy vs. tactics. Sending the Dothraki away would have been tactically sensible. It would have been strategic suicide. The Northerners would have felt that Daenerys was putting her interests over theirs: and she’s determined to show that their interests are their interests. They also are a world that considers cavalry to be one of the most powerful weapons out there: sure, zombies overwhelm WIldlings, but wait until they get a load of Dothraki screamers. The Dothraki themselves would have felt this strongly: and Daenerys basically saying “you guys are not up to this fight” would have probably have cost her their loyalty.

    As for being on the sidelines and strafing with fire arrows, that could work against conventional cavalry, but not zombies. Normal infantry does not pursue cavalry: but, then, normal infantry men are trying to stay alive.

    Again, the comparison here is WWI. It took them well over a year to finally accept that cavalry was ineffective against machine guns. (And the Americans went back to trying it as soon as they showed up; ’cause Gerry never seen ‘Murican Hosses!) The Westerosi thinking that cavalry would be ineffective against wights without seeing it for themselves would have been like real generals thinking that cavalry was ineffective against machine guns without seeing it for themselves (repeatedly).

  8. The Glovers are probably safe. Deepwood Motte is northwest of Winterfell, near the coast across from Bear Island. A pretty significant deviation from the path between Last Hearth and Winterfell. Given it didn’t seem like Manderly was there, either, and they probably wanted White Harbor manned to protect the fleet, there might still be a half decent fighting force left in the North. A few thousand, anyway.

  9. Dear everyone I disturbed on the bus with way too early in the morning cackling: “Fewermonts”.

  10. Although I liked episode 3 very much after a third time watching I got more questions
    Why did the Dothraky attack? They knew there are 100k and more death waiting.
    Thousands of people are running into Winterfell, but I see less than hundred fighting later. Where are they? Ok, I can take that for movie reasons.
    The Unsullied seem to have no possibillity to retreat into Winterfell, their way is blocked. Why is Mel walking so slowly when setting fire on the blockades. A moment ago everything seemed overrun.
    How could the death enter inside Winterfells rooms with Arya? Made not really sense at this point. No one in the crypts is armed? Everyone just screaming and runing. And the skeletons destry thier crypts thast looks like big stone? Jon is surrounded by hundreds of death the NK just raised. In the next view there are just a few. Same with Danny, but ok, most run to the dragon. Why is Jon shouting at the Dragon? First I thought he wants to kill it with his Valeryan steel sword, but now it just looks stupid. What is Bran doing at the end? Still warging the ravens? That seems impossible. It should be something more important than warging ravens. Where did Arya come from? It’s maybe the tree, but it impossible with the tree they showed. But otherwise it makes no sense to jump like she did. As trained assasin she knows it. There wasn’t anything around she had to jump over which is clearly shown in the last scene together with Bran. Why don’t the death collapse all at one time. Especially in the last scene you can see a lot still running to Winterfell. How is it possible that these guys are not yet at least at the walls. And they collapse a lot later than other deads. There are much unlogical scenes I did not notice to be unlogical in the first viewing, so better go back to not take these too serious. Nonsense like this is today usual for movies made in USA, where action is more important than logic.

  11. Frank,

    Have you been watching the show since around season 5? Most of the stuff that makes no sense, or is cringey, or just crap.. is because DnD are terrible writers

  12. I’m pretty sure that was not a tweet from Maisie’s actual/verified twiiter page. I’m just saying…

  13. Frank,

    The Dothraki attacked because they work best in an open field. The wights aren’t mounted, and, militarily speaking, the idea was that the Dothraki would cut straight through them, as is the case with most calvary charges.

    We, the audience, were only following the characters we knew, but there were many other people fighting.

    The Unsullied protected the retreat, but once the other fighters made it into Winterfell, they managed to retreat as well. Many died, but how many will be determined next episode.

    Melisandre didn’t walk to fast or too slow. She walked at just the right pace.

    The dead were infiltrating everywhere, including the library.

    People in the crypt were armed, but they were also non-fighters, which is why they were in the crypt in the first place. They panicked, which is understandable.

    The dead are strong, and the stone became decrepit over time.

    There were always 100 hundred men surrounding Jon until Drogon lit them up.

    Jon was trying to kill the dragon to get to Bran, but he couldn’t. He shouted in frustration.

    Bran had been tracking the Night King the entire time. Bran’s role was very important. He was the bait, the reason the Night King was out in the open.

    She ran past all the White Walkers. The leap she took was impossible, but it fit nicely with the scene.

    We’re not sure how the magic worked. Maybe the wights closer to the Night King were the first to go.

  14. Isn’t anyone going to mention that Alyce Karstark died, too?!?!?! She went with Theon and the Ironborn to protect Bran, and no one survived out of that group. She should at least get as many mentions as Little Burnt Umber!

  15. Roberta Baratheon,

    I thought she did, but when the wights started attacking, I didn’t see her. I guess it might be possible she ran to assist those fighting in the Winterfell courtyard, but she very well could be dead. I guess we’ll know on Sunday.

  16. No one is asking if all of the Children of the Forest are dead. It seems to me that the Children don’t really like man. The First Men and then the Andals destroyed their precious weirwood trees and drove them from their land. They used their magic to create the White Walkers to begin with. Perhaps they are still fighting that war, in spite of the pact. If that’s the case, there is nothing stopping them from creating yet another Night King?!

  17. Young Dragon,

    Dothraki are light cavalry.. charging head on into anything would be bloody stupid for them. I can ignore the fact that they don’t wear any armour and their weapons are stupid (useless against shield and even some pretty basic armour) but having your only mounted force (guessing the vale lost their horses) just charge an enemy in the darkness is stupid. Looks great on screen but makes no sense, historically, tactically, just absolutely no sense anyway you look at it.

  18. Wimsey,

    Thanks, Wims, for that enlightening history reminder. If all generals were always doing the right thing, there’d be no point in having battles. People make mistakes.

  19. but something felt off about the overall execution at times.

    Yeah, no sh!t. Nothing in that episode made any frigging sense at all. Perhaps the worst written episode in the whole series. And to think that D&D insisted on doing it themselves to get it “just right”, LOL.

  20. Kevin1989,

    To be honest the difference between wights and White Walkers doesnt really matter in the show. The WW fight just as poorly and can be defeated as easily as the wights, both can be killed by dragonglass as well as Valyrian steel and both are 100% dependent on the Night King obviously.

  21. Wimsey,


    You can position your cavalry elsewhere. Let’s be honest the only reason they did that charge was because it looked cool.

  22. Occasional misfire,

    Then why are you still watching? It’s so annoying when people bitch about the show and the writing but are clearly still watching it. Do you just enjoy bitching about stuff in general? I presume that’s it. Why watch something if you dont enjoy it other than to come shit on it in the presence of people who are genuine fans?

  23. Young Dragon,

    Yup, people like this have too much time on their hands. That or they wish they made half the money D&D make in the 2 minutes it probably took them to write up that little complaint.

  24. Amy,

    The person who originally posted it was not Maisie, but Maisie did indeed retweet that from her verified account.

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