The Making of Game of Thrones’ Emmy Award-Winning Dragon VFX


Pixomondo has released a video reel of Game of Thrones VFX, this one focusing specifically on the process that brought Drogon, Viserion and Rhaegal to life for season 5.

The reel overviews the animation process behind several scenes featuring Daenerys’ dragons, including Drogon’s dramatic arrival and exit from Daznak’s Pit, which helped Game of Thrones win its fourth Emmy for special visual effects for “The Dance of Dragons.”

Check it out:

Pixomondo thanks the HBO Visual Effects Team, Joe Bauer (Lead Visual Effects Supervisor), Steve Kullback (Lead Visual Effects Producer), Adam Chazen (Visual Effects Associate Producer), Dan Katcher (Dragon Designer) and Sven Martin (Visual Effects Supervisor Pixomondo) as well as the rest of the team at Pixomondo.

Thanks to WotW reader CryZe for bringing the video to our attention!

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    1. Very interesting to see this – and think just how far computer effects have come from the table top games in pubs in the early 1980s (yes I have been around long enough to remember them). I think Emilia Clarke does a pretty good job of putting some emotion into it when she is just interacting with a tennis ball or other place holder instead of a real dragon (although there are some folks who often whinge about her acting ability).


      I agree about the budget vis-a-vis TV and film-making.

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    2. This year, anything with the dragons was enthralling. Watched those scenes over and over. Seeing even a little of how they do it just adds to the amazement. Thanks for this clip Petra

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