The Kraken and the Squid – A New Game of Thrones Vlog Series


Check out the first episode of The Kraken and the Squid, my new vlog series in which I do my utmost to bring my housemate on board the Game of Thrones fan-wagon, one binge session at a time. Here, we kick things off with the first two episodes of season 1, “Winter is Coming” and “The Kingsroad”.

So, what do you think? Is this a vlog series you’d like to see more of? And have you ever tried to force feed Game of Thrones to a friend or family member?

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    1. I’m so happy that someone with you knowledge is guiding him though the show. I will just ask you to make sure he stays unspoiled.

      And also let him form his own opinion. I mean don’t tell him that Hardhome is popular or Dorne unpopular or something like that. 😀

      And how often are you going to realise these episodes?

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    2. I was thinking that this would be a fun new segment….until I realized that he has already been conditioned to think of Jon Snow as “Superman” and “a very boring character” 🙁 . That’s killed a lot of my interest. I will still check in to hear his thoughts on the big episodes though.

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    3. mau,

      Thanks! We’re currently trying to figure out our filming schedule but getting through at least the first season is a priority on my to-do list ATM.

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    4. The reference to Jon as Superman for being boring but likeable is spot on.

      I can’t wait to see what he thinks of Dany buying the Unsullied.

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    5. Petra,

      @So, what do you think? Is this a vlog series you’d like to see more of?”

      Of course, Petra!!! More, more, more!

      Small favor though? Do you think you can increase the volume on your microphone? 🎤⏫
      I could hear your friend loud and clear, but I couldn’t make out what you were saying sometimes.

      And have you ever tried to force feed Game of Thrones to a friend or family member?

      Yes, and I am still trying, going on two years now without success. She’s in another state, and I even offered to buy her a boxed set of all seven seasons. Still a non-starter.
      I understand though. I was a genre snob, and or three years resisted watching what looked like a silly show with unkempt guys in ragged furs sitting near some rocks in the middle of a field doing nothing. So I changed the channel. On another occasion, I read a TV Guide episode summary that said “Jon climbs the Wall”, and thought to myself sarcastically: “Oh. Gee whiz. Sounds exciting. 💤.”

      I realized much later, when binge-watching an HBO S1-S3 marathon, that the unkempt guys in ragged furs sitting in the middle of the field were Jaime and Qyburn, right before Jaime forced the Bolton escort to take him back (to the bear pit) to save Brienne. And of course, “Jon climbs the Wall” ended with one of the most visually beautiful scenes ever rendered on film (Ygritte and Jon at the top of the Wall).

      I only started watching because I was home-bound for a few days and the pre-S4 marathon waa on. I do not know how to “force feed” my friend on the other side of the continent.

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    6. I really enjoyed this, refreshing to see someone new come in and give his honest unbiased opinions. It kind of makes me step back a bit from the show and question your my defense of certain characters. Thank you for sharing this with us, can’t wait for the next installment.

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    7. Petra – A great vlog… Most enjoyable 🙂

      It must be fun doing this with someone who’s never seen the show and getting their reactions. Nolan pretty much sussed out Joffrey and Viserys taking an instant dislike to them, but I guess that pretty much was the same for all of us.

      A pity Nolan knows about the Red and Purple weddings? Would have been better to have been unspoiled in that respect. I’ve never read the novels, so when those scenes happened, it came as surprise – especially the RW. However, the PW was an excuse to celebrate 😛

      It will be interesting to see more installments of ‘The Kraken and the Squid’ and how Nolan reacts to them.

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    8. I made my dad watch the loot train sequence. He always said he couldn’t like it because of all the fantasy stuff but he really enjoyed the sequence. As for your vlog yeah I’d watch for sure.

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    9. mau:
      Shame he knows about RW and PW. I guess the show is just too popular to be completely unspoiled.

      But he should be save though, because the episodes have different names. So he shouldn’t know when it’s coming, no?

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    10. Hursta1:
      I made my dad watch the loot train sequence.He always said he couldn’t like it because of all the fantasy stuff but he really enjoyed the sequence.As for your vlog yeah I’d watch for sure.

      I made my husband watch it, as well. He refuses to watch the series until it’s completely done and he’ll never have to wait for a week or a year to watch the next episode, but he did like that sequence a lot. And of course, any Dany nudity. 🙂

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