Telltale releases Game of Thrones Ep 4: “Sons of Winter” Trailer

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Telltale has finally revealed the trailer for the anticipated fourth episode: “Sons of Winter!” The trailer features more appearances by Jon Snow (voiced by Kit Harington) and Mother of Dragons: Daenerys Targaryen (voiced by Emilia Clarke).

The story follows The Forresters (bannermen to The Starks) and takes place at The Wall, King’s Landing, Ironrath (home to The Forresters, North of Westeros), and new location (and gorgeous shot) this episode, Meereen!

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The series picks up at the end of Game of Thrones Season 3 and will end roughly before Season 5!

Given the footage in the trailer, this episode looks like it will have more fight sequences then the previous which will make for an exciting experience!

For those unfamiliar with the style of Telltale’s games, it’s narrative story, movement based with point and click options, that allow players to make their own decisions that craft their own unique episode experience.

The game is available on all major platforms.

It will release first on Playstation, PC and Mac next Tuesday, May 26th!

And Xbox: May 27th, and Mobile (Apple and Android) on May 28th!

Have you played the previous three episodes yourself? What did you think of that trailer?! Let us know in the comments below!

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    1. That looks so good! The trailer was a bit spoilery (Rodrick’s part) but I really enjoyed it nonetheless and I can’t wait to play it! 😀

      Also, Meereen and it’s streets look so damn fine! I love that shot of the Great Pyramid covered in clouds!

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    2. I really don’t like how this game keeps mimicking the canon story so much. Looks like Gared is gonna “betray” the Watch and meet his own Ygritte now. How romantic. And new.
      I wish they’d spread out more. This world has so much potential and so many locations and characters and plots. Why stick with what we’ve already seen in the show?

      But oh well. I’m still enjoying it. It’s definitely held up better than The Walking Dead S2 so far.

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    3. I think it looks promising. I’m hoping that there’s more variation in the consequences of whatever actions you pick in it. I read a review (maybe it was here?) of the 3rd chapter where it seemed like no matter what you do, not!Jon Snow is

      doomed to kill Whatshisface at the Wall, no matter how hard you tried not to.

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    4. Renly’s Peach,

      Gared is “Jon 2.0” I can’t for his uncle to reveal he’s a Forrestargaryan.

      Asher’s story looks the most interesting, as it will let us see how Meereen actually went down than just the glimpses we got from books/show.

      Meera story looks like is getting repetitive. A problem Ironrath already suffered from but it finally seems to get moving.

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