A New Game of Thrones Promo from HBO Asia – “Tapestry”

Tapestry by Bubug

An interesting new Game of Thrones promo has surfaced over the last few days, never before seen by fans. While the entirely animated video holds no season 8 material (all quotes are from earlier seasons) and we’ve not been able to confirm its official status, the beautifully crafted promo was made by Mirari, a company who has worked with HBO Asia on previous teasers. The video features the animated creation of a tapestry, using artwork by artist Bubug. It’s noted on Bubug’s Deviantart page that the illustration was made by them “for Mirari + Co for the Tapestry – Game of Thrones 2019 promotion.”

It may not feature new material but it’s really lovely work, nonetheless! Bubug has some of the most beautiful A Song of Ice and Fire artwork around. Enjoy!

Sue the Fury
Susan Miller, Editor in Chief of WatchersOnTheWall.com


  1. Jon is one of my 2 favorite characters but he doesn’t need 2 corners of the tapestry. Arya and Nymeria & Sansa should have been on the bottom left at Winterfell. And where’s the Night King & Bran?

  2. Wow what a beautifully crafted trailer, well done!!! I wish more characters were involved/featured but nonetheless this is so creative. This should have been the first promo, that Dragonstone tease was so basic imo

  3. How lovely! I adore the Medieval perspectives and the obvious recalling of Edward Gorey’s style. Bravo!!!

  4. viki,

    Thanks for the correction! Now I’m wishing they would make a prequel showing younger Catelyn, Ned, etc., and their stories.

  5. I’ll echo the posts above saying this was a beautiful tapestry. Nicely done without being a spoiler.

  6. This is really interesting do we think this is yet another teaser trailer of sorts that has leasked? I thought I saw something on social media which suggested there would be one more teaser and only one proper trailer for S8 which may make sense given all of the secrecy of the ending.

  7. Tryptych,

    That’s Catelyn watching Ned return home with baby Jon. In the animation, this is shown with the voiceover, “Seventeen years ago, you rode of with Robert Baratheon. You came back a year later with another woman’s son.”

  8. As a mediaevalist, I love this tapestry look. The style is like Victorian/PreRaphaelite art. IMO it’s incomplete because it lacks the Stark sisters, alas. Presumably HBO Asia doesn’t care about the Big 7 or the Five to Survive.

  9. Edward,

    The first one I think, the one with the painted table in dragonstone hence, the promo title ‘dragonstone’ I did not appreciate that one mainly because it did not feature Jon, Arya, Tyrion, no characters were teased in that teaser which to me makes for an underwhelming promo 🙂

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