The Stars of Game of Thrones at the 2017 Golden Globe Awards!

Maisie Williams at the Golden Globes

The 74th Golden Globe Awards took place tonight, with the winners being announced on NBC, airing from a live ceremony at the Beverly Hilton. Several stars of Game of Thrones were in attendance, supporting the show which was up for two awards. The evening started off with a star-studded musical number led by host Jimmy Fallon. Featured in the recorded opener was Game of Thrones star Kit Harington, with an homage to a major moment from season 6.

Maisie Williams, Sophie Turner, Liam Cunningham, Gwendoline Christie, and Nikolaj Coster-Waldau hit the red carpet before the ceremony began.


Maisie and liam

Liam Cunningha and Sophie Turner

nikolaj-coster-waldau at the golden globes

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Alas, Game of Thrones did not win any awards tonight. Olivia Colman of The Night Manager won the Best Supporting Actress award, where Lena Headey was in contention. The Best Television Series- Drama award was won by Netflix’s The Crown.

Luckily awards season is just beginning, so hopefully Game of Thrones will pick up a few trophies in the next couple months!

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  1. LOVE Maisie’s dress! So jealous as I cannot wear yellow – she looks like a real star. Gwen is as pale as me and that colour just washes her out. 🙁 And Sophie looks like the result of me trying on Spanx while holding scissors. The guys have it easy, so glad to see Liam! Nicolaj…..mrow.

    That opening was great. Yay Barb!!!! And I adore Olivia Colman, so I can’t complain. ?

  2. Gwendoline looks great in pretty much anything that she puts on. That dress is beautifully cut for her, although the color is less than ideal – too washed-out, too close to her own skin tone. She really needs something a little more vivid.

    Sophie, on the other hand, looks like she’s being swallowed by a kraken.

  3. Pigeon,

    Gwen is as pale as me and that colour just washes her out.

    It just baffles me that some actresses pick gorgeous dresses (like Gwendoline) but the colors are all wrong for their skin tone. Gwen looked classically beautiful tonight but why, dear God, why choose that color?

    I liked Maisie’s look a whole lot more than her Emmy dress/makeup/hair in September. I love when actresses wear that shade of yellow. As for Sophie…uh, hair and makeup were on point. Am I the only one who thinks NCW’s jacket is too small for him?

  4. Firannion:
    Gwendoline looks great in pretty much anything that she puts on.That dress is beautifully cut for her, although the color is less than ideal – too washed-out, too close to her own skin tone.She really needs something a little more vivid.

    Sophie, on the other hand, looks like she’s being swallowed by a kraken.

    LOL. Sophie is pretty and tall enough to have survived what was IMO the most disastrous outfit on the red carpet. Probably some fashion pundits will acclaim it for its daring, but tbh I thought it looked like someone had scrounged a rubbish tip and put together scraps of underwear and material to assemble a dress. I just re-looked at it–the white shoulder guards and the white leather belt are reminiscent of some of the faux-mediaeval costumes from GoT. The empress’s new clothes! Gwen looked fantastic as always, and Maisie was pretty, demure, and youthfully elegant. Neither pioneered fashion breakthroughs, but both looked great. The spotlight unfortunately was clearly on ST. By the way, I thought the whole Meryl Streep section was fantastic. What a woman!

  5. I love Gwendoline in that color! The first thought — how perfect that color was for her beautiful fair complexion. Love Maisie’s whole look too –very Audrey Hepburn! Sophie — well, her hair and makeup are gorgeous!

  6. Well who even cares about the golden globes? Game of Thrones will never win that one. Also… did HBO win 0 awards or did i miss one? Such a far cry from the Emmys!
    Somehow i value all the peers voting on the best show more highly than 93 elderly gentlemen / journalists. they (or at least too many of them) dont like boobs, booze, blood and dragons… so they wont even look at the drama.
    its funny how at the Emmys most the cast is there and here we only see a few people.
    I think all the girls are dressed nicely. I ll leave the outfits of the gents to the ladies.

  7. BunBunStark:

    It just baffles me that some actresses pick gorgeous dresses (like Gwendoline) but the colors are all wrong for their skin tone. Gwen looked classically beautiful tonight but why, dear God, why choose that color?

    I know. The shape is great on her, and she really is gorgeous, but imagine if the colour was an emerald or sapphire…..yowza! I love neutral colours like ivory, linen, oatmeal….but look like a bag o’ blah if I wear them. *plays tiny violin*.

    Remember that funky flamingo dress she wore? That was great.

  8. I only saw La La Land on Friday, just in time to have some context for what the opening number was parodying (this song, for those unfamiliar with it).

    Fashion recap:

    Dudes – men’s fashion is boring as usual.
    Gwen – I’m often not a fan of her looks, but this one is A+. Suits her figure perfectly.
    Sophie – I don’t know if she has a contract with Louis Vuitton that hasn’t been announced, or is trying to get one, because she’s wearing a lot of their stuff lately; and their stuff this year is kinda bonkers. Though she looks better in that dress than Louis Vuitton’s model does. It looks like something from a sci-fi movie. Great hair and makeup, though.
    Maisie – simple, but love the colour. I think I’d rather if she wore the hairstyle from yesterday’s BAFTA event with it, but a very good look overall.

    Incidentally, Anna Kendrick posted a photo on Instagram of Mophie on the red carpet (Sophie is carrying Maisie’s train).

  9. The Globes do not like GoT and that is no secret anymore. They have ONE globe in SIX years and that was Dinklage’s supporting actor award many years ago. The Globes loathe Game of Thrones.

  10. In the category where Stranger Things, Westworld, and Game of Thrones were nominated… The Crown won for Best Drama… I honestly cannot fathom how Westworld didn’t easily take it this year, and if not Westworld, then surely GoT.

    Also don’t get me wrong, Claire Foy was spectacular as Queen Elizabeth the Second. But the show without her & John Lithgow, who played Churchill, wouldn’t even be up there (Oh and that damn Hans Zimmer music wow).

  11. Mustafa. S.,

    There were a lot of things I liked about Westworld, but I had some significant narrative issues with it (mainly Maeve’s story, but so much ended up turning on Maeve’s story).

    I’d have voted for Stranger Things, which was pure fun (to the point where I think people underrate how solid its construction is), but The Crown was a good choice to win, in my view. I like that it makes its individual episodes more standalone than is increasingly the case in contemporary prestige TV (particularly on Netflix, where, e.g., the Marvel shows especially suffer from a lack of differentiation on an episodic basis).

  12. BunBunStark: Am I the only one who thinks NCW’s jacket is too small for him?

    No, you’re not. I noticed that too. With the single button, it makes him look like he’s got a pot belly pushing the sides of the jacket apart (despite the fact that there’s probably no actual fat there). And that little glimpse of white shirt just above his waistband makes it look a bit like his pants are falling down.

  13. GoT did deserve to win the Golden Globe, but they weren’t going to because this particular award show likes to hand out trophies to newer shows. It’s more surprising Westworld went home empty handed.

  14. I’m very disappointed. I enjoyed The Crown, but obviously it wasn’t my favourite show. Better to discuss clothes! I myself dislike yellow, but Maisie looked very cute, the Audrey style some readers above have mentioned suits her, even if she is different from Audrey’s serene innocence. Even dressed up, Maisie seems to say: “Mischief managed!” Sophie’s dress in not at all my cup of tea, but at least it proves that beautiful girls can wear anything, no matter how strange. Remember Sophie’s wine dress and her hair braided in a crown? That was a majestic look. I love the way Gwen looked, I think the colour of her dress so close to her skin was deliberate to make her resemblant to a marble statue. As if we didn’t know she is a goddess! Nikolaj and Liam, love them and they possess such natural elegance in any clothes.

  15. Gwen – WOW! The word ‘statuesque’ was invented for her.
    Love Maisie’s dress! Yellow can be a difficult colour but she pulled it off. (But I think she was wearing too much make-up.)
    Sophie… uhm… Hair and make-up was nice.
    Lian, dapper as ever. Nikolaj’s jacket looked too small but that doesn’t take away from his general hotness! 😀

    WotW twitter has a funny picture of Nik looming behind the Stranger Things guys, as if Jaime is about to denestrate four more young kids… 😀

  16. Not a very big turnout but then I don’t think anyone was expecting them to win either of the 2 awards.

    I’ve never seen the Crown (in fact I’d only seen Stranger Things) out of the other nominees but I’ve only heard positive things about the show so well done to them.

    I think maybe apart from the final season (and awards for costuming, stunts and visuals) that’s Game of Thrones done on the awards front.

    Awards will want to nominate new fresh shows and that’s now 4 different people Lena has lost a supporting actress award to so I just don’t think it’s meant to be. The only season I’d say she was snubbed was 5 where she had 3 fantastic episodes displaying a variety of emotions.

    I don’t get the impression she’s that bothered to be fair, I don’t even think she said anything about this nomination and she doesn’t tend to go to award shows.

    Hopefully she’ll get a juicy death (if that’s the fate of Cersei) and we’ll see. I see Peter is nominated for something soon. I don’t think he’s done anything award worthy since season 4 but it would be nice to see them get another acting award the one category the shows fallen short.

    I like all the dresses above. Gwen is beautful 🙂

  17. Love that pic on IG of Sophie fixing Maisie’s train aww.

    Gwen looks elegant, Nikolaj looks dapper, Maisie looks gorgeous like Belle from Beauty and The Beast, I liked Sophie’s dress when I saw just the top of it but not when I saw the bottom, I might have liked it if it stayed the same kind of material all the way down but she still looks beautiful.
    Also gotta give Liam some love, his tuxedo is such a brilliant colour, love it.

  18. I do not care for these dresses, Maisie’s suits her and is fairly nice. There were other much nicer dresses. Sophie, the top part, I like. Gwens, not so much. They all look beautiful, especially Sophie.

    Love the whole cast 🙂

  19. OT: I saw somebody post on Reddit that GOT crew have started arriving in Iceland! (based on Instagram pics)

  20. Gwendolyn Christie & Maisie Williams looked amazing!!!

    I really would have loved to see Lena Headey get recognized she did such an amazing job in season 6. She’s the best actor/actress on the most popular show in the world.

  21. ghost of winterfell,

    It looks like they’re part of the costuming department, which means there will be actors involved in whatever they’re shooting. Despite the earlier report that six main actors would potentially be filming in Iceland, I had started to wonder if they were only going to send a skeleton crew to obtain landscape shots for the VFX team to composite in later, as they have for the previous two seasons. Good to see that’s not the case. Whichever actors are required (I think we have a pretty good idea who they are) should be arriving in the country shortly.

    Fabian Wagner, Miguel Sapochnik’s Director of Photography, also revealed on Instagram that he’s working on Game of Thrones for a few weeks, shooting pick-ups.

    He confirms that he was not involved in primary filming this season, so don’t hold out hope for any secret contributions from Sapochnik this year. I do think that this bodes well for their potential return in Season 8, however.

  22. Gwen looked like a beautiful column of pale pink, head to toe. That made her stand out more than a blue or green dress would have.

  23. Jared,

    Yeah I noticed that they were part of the costuming department. Hopefully we should soon see the actors themselves arriving in Iceland.

  24. I watched both red carpet shows hoping to get an interview or at least see the GoT cast. The most I saw was Sophie posing for pictures while they interviewed someone else. So even the red carpet coverage kind of ignores GoT at the Globes.

    Maisie’s dress must have been a pain by the end of the night – dragging that train through all those people. I like it though.

  25. LadyCones,

    Yeah, I saw that reported earlier to today. Good for her on getting that £££, even if I’m not a big fan of their clothes. Those contracts are a big deal in the fashion world.

  26. – I always enjoy Maisie Williams’ style. It’s very nontraditional, but it works for her and I think we need more of that in this world.

    – Sophie Turner is one of the most mesmerizingly beautiful women on tv, but not a fan of her outfit this time.

    – Very much enjoy the blue tux that Liam has on. Men don’t have as many options on how to dress up, so I appreciate the different color. It works.

    – Gwendoline looks striking in that outfit. I love it.

    – Nikolaj has a pretty traditional looking outfit, but it looks appropriate.

    That’s my two cents regarding their Golden Globes fashion. (God I’m starving for more season 7 news)

  27. I liked both Masie and Sophie’s gowns, the gown on Gwen is to pale for her, like her in colors, as for NCW a bit small.

  28. watched a few minutes of the opening , and a bit of Streep’s biased rant before I had to go find a bucket, just another attack on Trump by the bad loser, crooked clinton support brigade. It would have dignified that clown show if the great G.O.T. had won any awards there!

  29. It was a shame about GoT not winning, but it was predictable. I haven’t seen Westworld, but IMO neither Stranger Things nor The Crown were better than GoT.
    Take Stand by Me and add a little girl from one of a number of sci-fi films and you get ST. It was enjoyable but I wouldn’t cross the road for it The Crown inherited Downton Abbey’s prestige mantle, minus the wit, so it was naturally embraced by the HFPA. My take is that it was sumptuous but staid, like Her Majesty, at times like filmed royal gossip from Hello! or Majesty magazines. At least the Emmys are chosen by peers, people who know quality when they see it. Olivia Colman’s admirably ferocious supporting turn in The Night Manager was more showy than Lena’s sustained virtuosity, so it too was rewarded.

    Fashion-wise, at least now we know why Sophie wore that horrible thing of threads and patches (see below), plus the loony outfit from the BAFTA tea: LV money. I don’t blame her; in fact, it cements my feeling that modeling is more her forte than acting. She’s been modeling throughout GoT. Has anyone counted how many outfits she (or Cersei, Margaery or Daenerys for that matter) wore over six seasons? 25? 50? Poor old Maisie and Gwen probably have had 10 outfits between them but still managed to make as much of an impression by good old-fashioned acting. Gods, those two must love any chance to dress up and shine.

    For larfs, I’ve checked several worst and best dressed lists. This is not merely schadenfreude, but to calibrate my own opinion. We all know Sophie is beautiful and looks good in most anything, but for once she made a misstep and some others did better. On Variety’s 32 Best and Worst list, ST merited the latter: “Worst: Sophie Turner. We appreciate Sophie Turner going modern in Louis Vuitton, but her dress had one too many ideas going on, from the epaulets to the belt to the mixed materials.” The Wrap listed “25 Red Carpet Looks Ranked Best to Worst. To my amazement at #11, “Maisie Williams kept it simple and classy with this pretty yellow gown.” Gwendoline at #14 was “Meh.” Sophie was #24: “1980s cocaine chic? Sophie Turner looks like she stepped out of the “Billionaire Boys Club” or “Less Than Zero.” The Los Angeles times said Sophie wore one of the least-liked looks. USA Today had her first on their worst-dressed lists, saying: “Turner was one of the notable disappointments. The gorgeous Game of Thrones star is usually a red carpet darling, but her Louis Vuitton dress left some hard-to-answer questions, like: Is that a slit? A sheer panel? Shoulder pads? A duct tape belt? Seriously, why are there shoulder pads?”

  30. Stark Raven’ Rad,
    Not that anyone looks to TV Guide for their fashion expertise, but they also had Sophie and Gwen on their Worst Dressed List. None of the others were on their worst or best lists. They did have three yellow dresses not entirely dissimilar to Maisie’s on their best list however. Two of those I personally thought were less ‘elegant’ than Maisie’s. whatever *shrug*

  31. Maisie looks stunning. Gwen’s dress is ill-fitting and the wrong colour for her. Too bad as she usually looks amazing. Sophie Turner .. well, again with the revealing tasteless outfits. Skin does not equal style.

  32. Love the style of Gwendoline’s dress but I think color is too pale for her skin tone; it washes her out. Maisie’s dress is stunning and she looks great in it; I just wish it was bit more of a pop of yellow but that’s my personal preferences. Sophie’s makeup and hair looks fantastic; her dress might be high fashion but it looks terrible to me. Nikolaj looks gooood.

  33. Somewhere on WotW I assumed that Gwen’s dress, which I liked despite the colour, was by her designer boyfriend. Wrong! Actually, it was custom Vivienne Westwood. Apparently, some best dressed lists are geared to (or even exclusive to) celebrities wearing designer clothes, so these factoids become known. Who knew?

  34. Sofie’s dress is awful !!! Some of these fashion designers have got their heads up their asses 😮

    Would look better if she took a pair of scissors to it and cut off the bottom just below her thighs to make it into a mini/micro skirt! She’s got great legs so why not show them off 😉

  35. Paul,

    Your fave is being bribed by Russia with footage of golden showers and you have a problem with Meryl Streep making a plea for more common decency from the person who will become President in 10 days?

    OK, then.

    As for GoT, I wish Lena Headey had gotten recognition and I’m crossing my fingers for her next year.

  36. Game of Thrones 1.2 million reviews (9.5)
    The Night Manager 40.000 (8.8)
    The Crown 28.000 (8.8)

    No wonder they didn’t gave a Golden Globe to the Game of Thrones, it would have lived in the shadow of something much greater. It’s not GoT worthy

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