A sneak peek of the Game of Thrones Season 7 Blu-Ray/DVD special features including creating dragon skulls and beyond the Wall

The Season 7 Blu-Ray and DVD set of “Game of Thrones” includes a behind-the-scenes look at how the Dragon Skull Room was created, including the construction of the skulls themselves.

The holidays are rapidly approaching, so it’s no coincidence that HBO is releasing the Blu-Ray and DVD sets of Game of Thrones Season 7 on Dec. 12. As usual, the sets will include a bevy of special features to tantalize the fandom, which we previously reported on — everything from audio commentaries to “Conquest & Rebellion: An Animated History of the Seven Kingdoms,” narrated by several cast members. Today, we got a sneak peek at some of those other features.

The Verge published an exclusive video excerpt from part 1 of a two-part, 20-minute feature titled “Imagination To Reality: Inside the Art Department.” The special feature lays out the processes behind planning, designing and shooting the series, and the 1-minute-long clip posted by The Verge focuses on production of episode 6, “Beyond The Wall.” It includes interviews from cast and crew, set shots, and an interesting split-screen effect that shows the same shot from multiple angles.

A scene from "Beyond The Wall," an episode highlighted in the special feature "Imagination To Reality: Inside The Art Department" on the Season 7 Blu-Ray of "Game of Thrones."
A scene from “Beyond The Wall,” an episode highlighted in the special feature “Imagination To Reality: Inside The Art Department” on the Season 7 Blu-Ray of “Game of Thrones.”

Meanwhile, USA Today posted an exclusive behind-the-scenes clip included on the Blu-Ray set that focuses on the creation of the Dragon Skull Room, the space far below the Red Keep where the skulls of dragons like Balerion the Black Dread are kept. We see the room a few times in Season 7 — when Qyburn demonstrates the scorpion weapon to Cersei in episode 2 (“Stormborn”) and when Jaime and Tyrion meet secretly in episode 5 (“Eastwatch”) — and it’s interesting to see how its created; the skulls were built nearly to scale and each featured between 20 and 30 horns and up to 70 teeth.

What else will the Blu-Ray and DVD sets include? We have a pretty good idea so far, but Dec. 12 isn’t far away!



  1. No deleted scenes from the large archive of footage they would have shot? How very disappointing (for me) would have been nice to get a few extra minutes of raw footage instead of the same very limited behind the scenes, sucks to be me lol

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