Season 8 Read-through Dates Confirmed, with Game of Thrones Filming Set for Mid-October!

Jon Davos

Liam Cunningham has been helpfully chatty this past week, sharing his thoughts on why season 8 episodes of Game of Thrones will be longer, and saying even more in a fresh interview out of Italy. At the Wired Next Fest, the actor spoke about his work on the show since season 2, the pleasures of working with Stephen Dillane and Kit Harington, but most importantly, he provides concrete info about season 8!

According to Cunningham, in the video interview, this week he’ll be stopping by New York Comic Con on Friday and then flying back to Ireland on Saturday to visit his family briefly. Then it’s time for Game of Thrones!

Cunningham states that the table read will be taking place over two days, which explains the confusion we had this week, with reports of the read-through happening on Sunday and Monday. Both were correct. Cunningham says that the cast will be reading 3 episodes of season 8 this coming Sunday, and then they’ll finish the remaining 3 episodes the next day.

He also states they’ll spend the rest of the week rehearsing with two of the directors for this season (he doesn’t name which). Then, Cunningham happily shares that filming will start soon after, but he isn’t quite sure of the date! Liam says they’ll begin filming on the 16th or the 19th of October. The 16th is a Monday, which feels more likely for a start date, but you never know!

The portion of the interview dealing with season 8 filming begins about 17:20 but really, the entire video is worth a watch!

Thanks to our reader Raffaella for sending us the interview!

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    1. Off topic, but does anyone know if anyone other than is selling the NYCC Exclusive Jaqen? They’re sold out on and is selling the Lyanna but I haven’t been able to find the Jaqen for sale anywhere else. Thank you!

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    2. The whole cast doing a read-through of the entire season in two days? Sounds intense! Oh, to be a fly on that wall…

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    3. Firannion,

      HBO, how about you just film the 2 days of read-through and pop that up on YouTube for us? Would save a lot of waiting around. I, for one, am not getting any younger.

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    4. Sue the Fury:

      Books-A-Million had it but it’s sold out. 🙁 I’m super bummed out, I really wanted to get the Jaqen toy!

      Ugh! This is the one pop I’ve wanted forever. I know you’re a Sexy Jesus lover as well. They’re already on ebay for over $100. If I find them for normal price, I’ll grab an extra for you!

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    5. firstone,

      S8 episode title speculation has begun!

      Let’s see…. In no particular order:

      1. Ice and Fire
      2. The Great War
      3. The White Walkers
      4. A Common Enemy
      5. The Prince and The Princess
      6. The Old Gods and The New
      7. Winterfell
      8. A Dream of Spring (A Time for Wolves)
      9. The Warrior
      10. Dawn
      11. The Realms of Men
      12. The Sword in the Darkness
      13. The Jets Game is On.
      14. The Long Night
      15. Dark Sister
      16. The Army of the Dead
      17. The Knight
      18. For All Nights to Come
      19. The Wolf and The Hound
      20. Whispers of the Birds
      21. The Iron Throne
      22. Fire and Blood [used already?]
      23. The Song
      24. A Woman’s Weapon

      Sorry. I should stop. Back to the real world…

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    6. “The cast” ????

      About the two-day table read* by “the cast”:
      Do we know who will participate? Obviously, one would assume the leads will attend (Kit H, Emilia C, Lena H, NCW. Peter D, Maisie W, etc.) along with supporting actors with significant roles (e.g., Liam C, Rory McCann, etc.).

      But where’s the cut-off? They can’t have the entire cast (50+ people ?) at the two-day script read-through, can they? The more people present for the table read, the greater the likelihood that the plotlines of S6 will be leaked.

      Does anyone have any idea?

      (The “Wired” interview of Liam C. was in Italian. If it gave any indication of who the “cast” participating in the table-read consists of, I couldn’t tell.)

      * [From Post, above]
      “Cunningham states that the table read will be taking place over two days…Cunningham says that the cast will be reading 3 episodes of season 8 this coming Sunday, and then they’ll finish the remaining 3 episodes the next day.”

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    7. Sue the Fury,

      eBay has loads, a few on Amazon, if you don’t mind rewarding someone for price gouging. Barnes & Noble may have some this weekend. In store only. They’re carrying NYCC Exclusives, but didn’t publish a full list. Sometimes HBO gets more in. I’m thinking of Joffrey’s crown which started off as a con exclusive.

      If only the start of filming meant the show would premiere in 2018! But I guess, just as they postponed filming for winter skies, they have to wait for spring for the proper lighting and look for some shots.

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    8. Ten Bears,

      Haha, the Jets.

      I really think we will get the season after the 2019 SuperBowl. Hopefully the week immediately following the game.

      Good job on the picks. I’d say you’re bound to get at least one right.

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