Rose Leslie and Kit Harington discuss Ygritte’s death


As the official release of the Game of Thrones Season 4 Blu-ray/DVD box set draws nearer, more and more of its content keeps appearing online.

This time, Uproxx provides a brief clip in which Rose Leslie, Kit Harington and David Benioff offer their thoughts on what was going through the characters’ heads in their final, fatal meeting at Castle Black.

Video after the jump.

The Season 4 box set (officially) hits the streets on February 17th.


  1. May we all be able to share a cave with an Ygritte at some point, with her whispering “You know nothing” in our ear.

  2. Random question and maybe I missed this elsewhere: Does show Bronn know about Cersei and Lancel fucking? If so, do you think

    Bronn will tell Jaime in Dorne since Tyrion didn’t have his exchange with Jaime before leaving?
  3. Ser Blount Sarkasm,

    I don’t recall any scene in which he is shown to know but I don’t think it would be an issue if they just said Tyrion told him off screen. That said,my money is on Lancel revealing it himself during his religious transformation.
  4. Hodor’s Bastard,

    Indeed! Having just finished our annual binge-watch, I was re-struck by how well they did Jon/Ygritte. Jon’s conversation with Tormund afterwards encapsulated the story for the year perfectly: Tormund knew that Ygritte loved Jon because she couldn’t stop talking about wanting to kill him!

    It did remind me of why it would have been folly to try to

    do Val this year. The Jon/Val dynamics of the books just would have seemed too soon after Ygritte.

    (It probably would be in the books, too, if you don’t have 14 years to get over Ygritte….)

  5. Wimsey,

    I will be very (pleasantly) surprised if we ever see


    on this show.

    Also, I think it a good bet Bronn drops some Lancel knowledge on Jaime while traveling. Will run parellel with however they decide to play out the KL story with the lannisters/faith.

  6. Best romantic pair of characters on the show, great chemistry between the two actors, like them a lot more on the show than the books, actually. I never really got how Jon could “love” Ygritte and at the same time never be his real self around her. Ygritte figuring out his intentions put them on a level playing field where they could actually be honest with each other, so their relationship meant a lot more for me onscreen than on-page. I was surprised at how sad her death was for me when it actually happened.

  7. Hodor Targaryen: I never really got how Jon could “love” Ygritte and at the same time never be his real self around her.

    I don’t know, that sounds like every relationship I had until I was in my late 20’s…..

  8. Balerion The Cat,

    Thank you so much for the link. I watched this episode from the edge of my seat. And every time I re-watch a scene it really gets me. Knowing the behind-the-scenes stuff is just the icing on the cake.

  9. Balerion The Cat,

    That’s amazing. A lot of things that the show changed from the books kind of go unnoticed if you’ve not read them in a while, and this is one of those things. It was really different in the books after all, but this episode just nails it, perhaps even more than the books (one of the very few cases imo). So even though I can complain a lot about D&D, I can never praise them enough either. Much of blackwater wrote itself, and since it featured so many main characters and multible storylines, it was something the audience cared about automatically (almost all unsullied love Tyrion, right?). This on the other hand, they had to work really hard to make sure the audience cared. Obviously this is Neil Marshall’s work too, as well as everyone in this video, but I just wanted to get some D&D praise out there. They are the ones that decided on Styr vs. Jon, Alliser vs. Tormund, and like they said, made budget cuts other places to make the scyte happen. Great video! Oh, and Kristoffer Hivju makes me a proud kinsman 🙂 He’s so awesome, hope I can catch him in Oslo sometime.

  10. Al Swearengen:
    I am going to miss Rose so much Wish Dany would of died instead.

    I hate the targaryen girl with a passion, I detest her so much I wouldn’t even taste her if she was brought to me in a bronze plate.. I hope she gets eaten by her Dragons in future books.

  11. No wonder you folks wanted me back; there has been a shocking decline in the quality of negativism around here!

  12. Al Swearengen,

    Ygritte deserved dying, she killed Pyp. End of discussion. She was very annoying in the end with her Jon hate. That guy can do better.
    Liked Ygritte more in the books and somehow the show ruined it for me.

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