Possible Game of Thrones Season 7 Poster Art Spotted

game of thrones season 7 poster
Photo: reddit/lethargic_octopus

Game of Thrones is headed to SXSW next weekend, with showrunners and cast members in attendance, and we hoped some season seven info might come out of the Austin, Texas event. In addition to the immersive interactive fan experience HBO is planning for the festival, the show has its own panel next Sunday. As it turns out, it looks like there may be news even sooner than we’d hoped!

This afternoon, a fan spotted Game of Thrones poster art on a bus in Austin and shared it on Reddit.

If this is indeed a version of Game of Thrones’ key art for season seven, the show is going heavy on the ice and fire theme this year. The bus poster with the abbreviated text is presumably not the full version of the poster artwork, as GoT usually has a few variations on its main artwork each season, adapting the poster as needed for the medium.

game of thrones season 7 poster bus
Photo: reddit/lethargic_octopus
Photo: imgur.com/a/CipvM
Photo: imgur.com/a/CipvM

Hopefully the complete poster art for season seven will be revealed soon, along with the premiere date, but it’s nice to get a taste of it!

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Sue the Fury
Susan Miller, Editor in Chief of WatchersOnTheWall.com


  1. Nice! Hopefully that full version has the premiere date and they unveil it Sunday at SXSW.

  2. Looks great! I think we’ll get some big announcements (at least the premiere date) at SXSW.

  3. Yes, yes, yes!! The promo machine is heating up!! It makes sense that the bus ad would first appear in Austin, TX because of SXSW. I’m keeping my fingers crossed a poster and/or the premiere date will be unveiled during this event.

    As for the bus artwork, I’ll take your guys’ word for it that there is Ice in that poster. All I see is Fire and smoke, lol.

  4. Sounds like the premiere date is now very close, let’s hope it’s June if not the very start of July!

  5. Cool. But as for SXSW reveals, I’m more excited about the fact that Season 1, Episode 1 of American Gods is going to be screened! How am I going to stay away from it until the season officially gets underway at the end of April?

  6. BunBunStark:

    As for the bus artwork, I’ll take your guys’ word for it that there is Ice in that poster. All I see is Fire and smoke, lol.

    me too.. lots of “fire” cant quite make out the “ice”…maybe in the full poster? lol

  7. Jon Snowed:
    Sounds like the premiere date is now very close, let’s hope it’s June if not the very start of July!

    The earliest it’ll premiere is June 25th since The Leftovers finale is June 18th.

  8. King’s Landing burning during winter….Nice! That’s quite blunt referral to Ice and Fire.

  9. Jack Bauer 24,

    The final season of The Leftovers will only consist of 8 episodes instead of 10 putting its finale on June 4th. So earliest GoT could premiere is actually June 11th, but that’s likely too early based on this July speculation from Liam and Nikolaj.

  10. Where you guys see ice and fire, I see disturbed sea waters and fire and I think it could be Euron’s Silence on the right?

    I think this is from the naval battle.
  11. singedbylife,

    I can see why you would see water but I don’t think one battle would make a poster, which probably isn’t even gonna take up one whole episode from the filming spoilers.
    We have to remember this is only a small section of the poster, probably the bottom so it’s meaning won’t be clear until we see the whole thing.
    To me it’s a Mountain made of Ice with Fire climbing up itbut we all see different things. It also does make sense for them to eventually make a Ice and Fire poster considering that is what the book series is called and they’ve already done the Iron Throne and a hand holding the crown.
    We won’t know though until the official poster is released. D&D will be at the SXSW Panel next week so hopefully then we’ll find out more about the new season.

  12. Mel,

    I agree it is not clear whether I’m right or not. I do believe, however, that the

    Greyjoy storyline will play a significant part in season 7 – Theon’s in particular and to me this poster could point in that direction.

    I could see the fire and ice theme be presented in all its grandeur in season 8 where the battle against the Night King finally plays out.

  13. Why do people keep discussing about Filming Spoilers in a Non-Spoiler thread without using spoiler text? JC people. Stahp. It’s not that hard.

  14. Singedbylife,
    Yeah, I’d think the Greyjoys almost HAVE to play a bigger role this season. They’re no longer on the ‘edges’ of or outside of the main story. I guess we can say that everything all of the characters do will have a direct effect on the main storyline moving forward.

  15. I was watching “And Now His Watch is Ended” last night, season 3 episode 4, which is one of my favorite episodes. I thought about something that I’m not sure has been answered yet…

    Craster said he had 100 sons. Were all 100 of his sons offered up to the White Walkers or did he only start giving the last of them up when the White Walkers came back? We’ve only seen 13 or so White Walkers so far. Are there 100 of them or just the ones that we’ve seen so far?

    And the sons are given to the Walkers when they are babies. Do they spend all kinds of time growing up into adult White Walkers or do they just become White Walkers quicker than it would take a baby to grow up into an adult?

  16. With respect the show is global and only one nation celebrates 4th July so would it really matter very much?

  17. Veep just released their poster for the upcoming season, so it may be too early still for Thrones.

  18. Jon Snowed:
    With respect the show is global and only one nation celebrates 4th July so would it really matter very much?

    Well they don’t skip a week due to holiday anymore, but I don’t think they would want to premiere on a holiday.

  19. Sean C.,

    Wow, for a brief description Jim really let the mild spoilers fly. The interviewer must’ve slipped him some of that Harry Potter truth serum when he wasnt looking……*rimshot followed by crickets chirping*

  20. Jon Snowed,

    Yes because HBO is a American Channel, so it’s natural they are gonna air it when they would make the most money from the audience in America. GOT is number one in people streaming or downloading it online and they don’t make money that way.
    The world may all watch GOT but for a American channel, America will always come first and that weekend is way too important to America for HBO to try and compete with that.

  21. Mr Derp,

    Yes, but Craster said he had 99 sons. After that he had one more making it 100.
    Looks like all were given up to the White Walkers…. EXCEPT for Gilly’s baby, and they came after him too.
    It makes you wonder if there is some significance to number of babies (100) being turned into White Walkers… and maybe they won’t give up trying to capture and “turn” baby Sam.

  22. KCdeb,

    I wholeheartedly agree and thank you for replying. I think there has to be some significance that baby Sam is the only one of Craster’s sons that escaped the clutches of the White Walkers.

  23. “Fire on the mountain, run boy run!” (From Charlie Daniels’ epic “Devil Went Down to Westeros,” er, “Georgia” (to do battle with a boy named Johnny, by the way):

    “The boy said, ‘My name’s Johnny, and it might be a sin,
    But I’ll take your bet, you’re gonna regret.
    ‘Cause I’m the best there’s ever been'”

  24. KCdeb,

    OK maybe it goes like this:
    speculation partly based on leak

    Jon knocks up Dany on the boat. At season 8 end she gives birth. The WW want Craster’s last child but Sam/Gilly are not about to turn him over. NK steps up and through Bran maybe, communicates somehow, and Jonerys will have to sacrifice their newborn child to the lands of always winter in order to save the kingdoms.
  25. I really think the premiere date is going to be July 16, the tie-in with the All Star game doesn’t really make sense otherwise.

    I don’t normally like to hope I’m mistaken, but I hope so in this instance – and the premiere is June 25 (or earlier).

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