Announcement: Please welcome four new WatchersOnTheWall staff members!

We have four, count ’em, four new additions to introduce to the community today. Although some of them are quite familiar to readers of the site already!

But before we get to that, I’d like to announce that our writer Bex will be taking on the position of Features Editor for the site. She’ll be managing the special features, guest editorials and convention reports that we’ll be sharing with you on WatchersOnTheWall.

Now, onto the new blood!

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Diocletian’s Palace confirmed for season 5 filming

Diocletian's Cellars

Location shooting in Croatia is almost here, and Game of Thrones has once again booked the cellars of Diocletian’s Palace, according to the local Split news.

The ancient Roman palace served as a filming site for the show in season 4, hosting Emilia Clarke and a large number of actors and extras serving as Unsullied soldiers and Meereenese slaves. The narrow passageways of the palace and its cellars were the main shooting areas.

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Game of Thrones Spoiler Podcasts: A Sullied Podfest

PodcastsA few days ago, we had the pleasure of welcoming Game of Owns to the team, as Zack, Kate, Eric and Micah took the black with Watchers On The Wall. They dove right back into work with a new episode featuring a Tyrion chapter from A Storm of Swords.

Now we love our GOO, but there’s still room for other podcasts in our heart, particularly of the very Sullied variety. And so I thought today, it would be fun to share some great Game of Thrones podcasts that include spoilers from all five A Song of Ice and Fire books.

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Official Game of Thrones shooting dates for Croatian cities, and other new details

Game of Thrones set in Duilovo area of Split
Game of Thrones set in Duilovo area of Split

The dates of filming in Croatia have now been confirmed by Embassy Films (HBO’s partner company in Croatia), as reported by this Slobodna Dalmacija article. In brief, the three locations will be visited as follows:

  • Split: 28th August – 17th September
  • Šibenik: 18th September onwards, presumably a week until:
  • Dubrovnik: 26th September – 6 October

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The Problem with Giants and Mammoths, Part 2: Time to Rest in Peace

Giant in Tunnel

Oh Shit!!… Here he comes! How are we gonna stop that? We’ve put 20 arrows in it already!

We hold the gate. We hold the gate! Say the words, damn ya!!!

In retrospect, we should have sealed the tunnel. But the Alliser Thorne’s in our asses wouldn’t listen.

Welcome back to the brand new, freshly constructed, and all-inclusive Game of Thrones vacation destination of choice…

It’s time to get the elephant/mammoth out of the room and concentrate more on what we are here for… to break news; to discuss; to guard the realms of fans and essentially everything else we put here. Let us converse about it once more where you will be privy to the remainder of the story and finally, we can let Old Nan rest in peace.

So go grab a Big Mountain Martini (since size is apparently more valuable to some than it is to others) as we bring you back into the fold and we let the Giant go do whatever it is Giants do…

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Game of Thrones sets taking shape on the waterfront in Kaštel Gomilica; filming at Toome in September


The latest Game of Thrones location photos arrive via Croatia’s Jutarnji List (The Morning Paper), showing that HBO’s crews have completely covered the red boards seen in earlier photos and have begun transforming some of the docks and waterfront buildings of Kaštel Gomilica.

Eight more new photos below the cut!

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House of the Dragon -44 Days 3 Hours 30 Minutes 19 Seconds