Ommegang to release For the Throne, the latest Game of Thrones Beer

For the Throne - Ommegang beer
For the Throne – Ommegang beer

Rejoice, all ye Game of Thrones fans who also like beer. Brewery Ommegang and HBO Licensing & Retail are announcing their latest in a series of beers as part of their ongoing partnership. Back in December, JoeMagician regaled us with his tasting of King in the North. Prior to that, in September, our resident beer historian, Bex, shared with us the good flavors of Mother of Dragons. And now, I look forward to sharing with you a little more that we’ve learned about the For the Throne, the latest beer from the ‘ol [Omme]gang.

“Winter is here, the wall has fallen, and the final battle for Westeros is underway. With this offering, we have bent the traditional boundaries of beer-making, co-fermenting traditional ingredients with juices normally destined for fine wines, going to great lengths to create a truly unique, special beer,” says Brewery Ommegang president Doug Campbell. “This style of beer, often called a ‘oenobeer,’ is a rapidly expanding area of study for us. For The Throne is our first of co-fermentation beer of 2019, and the only one we’ve launched under the Game of Thrones banner.”

While I haven’t gotten a chance to sample it myself, I do love the idea of a beer set to premiere around, well, premiere time! The winter has been dark and full of beer, so it’s only fitting that the spring is too.

“In the course of planning out the next beer in our amazing collaborative partnership with Brewery Ommegang we asked the brewers ‘What would Ommegang do for the throne?’” said Jeff Peters, Vice President of Licensing and Retail at HBO. “Their answer was to brew this exciting and innovative co-fermented beer so that our fans can raise a toast to the culmination of their beloved series this spring. Every bottle, every pour, every toast, every sip… or The Throne!”

I want you to carefully read this description from the company, because I have a question for you afterward:

Delicate yet complex, For The Throne is a tribute to those who aspire to be the final occupant of the Iron Throne. This 9.5% ABV strong golden ale is co-fermented with pinot grigio and viognier grape juices and then bottle conditioned with Champagne yeast to create an ale fit for royalty.For the Throne pours a striking golden copper with a fluffy white head. Aromas of honeysuckle and toasted grain mingle with notes of pear and apricot. Flavors of sweet malt and honeydew lead to a quaffable body that belies the elevated alcohol. The finish is clean and dry, with vibrant effervescence.

For The Throne is brewed with pilsner and carapils malts, dextrose, and pinot grigio and viognier grape juices, and hopped with Bravo and Saaz varietals. Ommegang’s house yeast is used in primary fermentation and Champagne yeast in bottle conditioning. A welcome addition to any feast, pair this versatile beer with all manner of cheeses, whole roasted poultry and smoked fish, and for dessert, macerated berries and fresh whipped cream.

How much money are we betting that George R. R. Martin himself wrote this and slipped it under the CEO’s door? Anyone who’s read any paragraph of any book of A Song of Ice and Fire knows that the man can write oodles and oodles about food and drink and the feasts they inhabit….but anywho….

Available on draft and in wrapped 750ml bottles with gold artwork, For The Throne will be sold throughout Ommegang’s distribution network beginning in early April.

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  1. I remember their very first Game of Thrones ale was called “Iron Throne” — and it was a Blonde ale. I didn’t much care for that one, and reading this makes me afraid that it’s just a beefed up version of that offering.

    But alas, I’m still going to purchase half a case and drink it all up during this final season! I do find myself intrigued by this co-fermenting process. And the high ABV at that is also worth checking this out for.

    Yeah, I guess you can count me in. 🙂

  2. “This 9.5% ABV strong golden ale is co-fermented with pinot grigio and viognier grape juices and then bottle conditioned with Champagne yeast to create an ale fit for royalty.”

    This had better be Sandor Ale, or Ommegang’s marketing department is clueless.

    “I know you! You’re the Hound! Pour our new friend some ale.”
    – Polliver

    Got any ale?”
    – S. Clegane

    How can a man not keep ale in his home?”
    – S. Clegane.


  3. Ten Bears,

    “Got any ale?”
    – S. Clegane

    “What happened to you, ‘Arry?” -H. Pie
    “Ya got any ale?” -A. Stark (channeling S. Clegane)

    Personally, I prefer my butter browned and my beer browner. King of the North is more my style. 😄

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