The North Remembers: December 2011

Raven LogoWhat did December three years ago bring us? Let’s take a look, with some more links than usual.

  • We got our first look at Arya with a short hairdo from S2. A look that she got stuck with all the way until the coming season!
  • A report from filming in Iceland gave as the very first glimpse of Ygritte
  • On December 11, 2011, filming of S2 officially wrapped, and the familiar wait for promos began.
  • Well, the first S2 teaser was available right on the day!
  • Some ten days later, we got this behind-the-scenes look based on Belfast locations.
  • Our community founder WinterPhil listed the following as the top 5 Thrones moments of 2011: (i) his (and Axey’s) TCA involvement from the beginning of the year, where they met GRRM, D&D, and Dinklage; (ii) Said Dinklage winning an Emmy; (iii) the amazing Maester’s Path promo campaign; (iv) the NY moot, featuring Finn Jones; (v) experiencing the premiere of Game of Thrones (and the other 9 episodes of the first season). Yup, it was a good year, for sure.

Happy New Thrones Year, everybody!

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    1. I absolutely loved the behind-the-scenes stuff in Iceland and seeing D&D shivering in those parkas. And Ygritte! That got me so enthused for S2. Thx for the reminder.

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    2. Thanks for these looks back – it’s amazing how far the show has come. A very happy new year to everyone here at WoTW, looking forward to what 2015 will bring!

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    3. Although I came later to the party than 2011 I’m rather saddened that the powers that be seem to be less open than they used to be. Not that I want Season 5 to be spoiled but would it really hurt things if they told us, for instance, who will be playing Lollys or the Waif?

      All the best for 2015 to WOTW staff (with thanks for maintaining the site), likewise happy new year to posters and lurkers.

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