The Night’s Cast Episode 10: Discussing “Stormborn,” with special guest Oz of Thrones!

We discuss the epic sea battle and all of “Stormborn” on this week’s episode!

The Night’s Cast, the official podcast of Watchers on the Wall, keeps on truckin’ with our discussion of Season 7, and this time we’re talking Episode 2, “Stormborn.”

Join Petra, Vanessa, Bex, Samantha and special guest Oz as we talk sea battles, Dany’s tough choices and what porn stars wear on the red carpet. Yes…you heard that right.

*Please note: this episode was recorded before the surprise teaser that accompanied the premiere date reveal, but you can check out our bonus episode on that as we break down all the footage and speculate our hearts out!*

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  1. Love this episode thanks for the podcast. With all the speculation and hype centered around the final battle with the AoTD and Jon’s parentage being revealed to everyone for S8, where does the Theon storyline go? A lot of people I’ve talked to about S8 have forgotten there’s still a Theon side story to wrap up.

  2. Jack Bauer 24,

    The Theon storyline is definitely taking a backseat to everything else, but I think it’ll all tie in together nicely in the end. I personally think Theon dies saving Yara, and then Yara brings the IB fleet to help defeat Cersei, ultimately fulfilling Theon’s promise to Robb Stark to get the IB fleet to attack King’s Landing. It’ll be the Rohirrim moment of season 8, IMO.

  3. Hey guys I just binged all 10 episodes of your podcast (plus the bonus eps) over the last week! Sam and Vanessa, you guys rock!! I must admit that there are very very very few podcasts out there with 2 female leads and even less so for GoT (don’t worry male Guests your contributions are also welcome). It’s a nice change of pace for sure. Especially thanks for standing up for ALL the female characters. And yeah Braime 5eva

  4. QueenofThrones,

    Thank you so much!! It’s wonderful to hear not only that people are liking the podcast, but that the perspective of female hosts is a nice change. We love being a part of the fandom and I know that Vanessa, myself and all of our contributors to the podcast feel grateful knowing that our work is being enjoyed 😊

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