The Night’s Cast Bonus Episode: Analyzing the Season 8 Posters!

Just one of the possibilities HBO teased with the release of official Season 8 character posters today!

Here at The Night’s Cast, the official podcast of Watchers on the Wall, we’re getting pretty good at this bonus episode thing — probably because HBO is drawing out the marketing for Season 8 of Game of Thrones as much as possible and giving us lots of stuff to analyze and discuss. That’s okay, we’ll take it!

Join Petra, Axey and Samantha for this bonus episode as they break down the possibilities and bust out some tinfoil over the newly-released official Season 8 posters!

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  1. davosoldboy,

    They released a whole batch of set photos a few weeks ago from what we think is Episode 1. We did a bonus episode on those too 😉

  2. But they usually drop more then one batch of pics I recall. I’ll be fine if they don’t give us a final Trailer. But we need to speculate on something


    They released a whole batch of set photos a few weeks ago from what we think is Episode 1. We did a bonus episode on those too 😉

  3. Interesting, the clothes’ colour of Daenerys, Cersei and Jamie are the same whereas Tyrion’s is different…I always thought Tyrion was the one the Mad King fathered but now looking at the posters I may be wrong. The real son of Tywin Lannister was after all the son he hated the most. I also noticed the order of the posters, from the one with highest claim to the throne to the one with less. And who is next to Daenerys, Cersei and Jaime and then Tyrion.

  4. Maybe Bran will be leaving the fireside this season? He’ll need to bundle up?

    Brienne has always been a servant, she melts into the background, her height notwithstanding. She never acts for herself or in her own interests and is always sworn to someone elses agenda. That’s probably why she look the same.

  5. Brienne’s picture may not show many differences, but the quote on the twitter page is interesting. ‘This has gone beyond honour and houses and oaths.’ Whereas other character quotes represent how they have consistently been presented over the season, Brienne’s quote is from her final scene last season in her ‘fuck loyalty’ scene, where she shows a drastic change in world view. All her development points towards her moving away from life long oaths and servitude, and this just emphasises that.

  6. Anon:
    Would it kill Soundcloud to put a volume control on that player?

    Do you mean to amplify it? I couldn’t hear it.

    I tried it in iTunes as well, but still the volume was too low – and there was no closed-captioning or transcription option.

    Very frustrating.

  7. Thanks for pointing out all the little things that I obviously missed because I don’t have a great eye for detail! Theon’s missing sigil is particularly interesting… or maybe it is just because he’s been my favorite character since season 2 and I feel really invested in his story arch!

  8. Tuonela:
    Thanks for pointing out all the little things that I obviously missed because I don’t have a great eye for detail!

    This – from me too! I didn’t notice many of the things you all pointed out. Mind you I was determined not to take them seriously as I thought they wouldn’t really give anything away and they didn’t but a few of things you pointed out – especially Theon’s missing sigil now have me thinking in spite of my determination not to do! The description of Grey Worm had me laughing out loud I must admit. My favorite costume is Sansa’s by far, I love it! Thank you all for a great podcast, really enjoyed it!

  9. Love the posters for the most part. Would’ve definitely liked to see Pod, Yara, Gilly, Gendry, Bronn, Qyburn…& the Mountain making it look like a regular chair…xD But I think the 20 chosen make sense. Tormund and Beric, much as I love them, I figured they still didn’t want to reveal and thus confirm that they survived the fall of the Wall. Perhaps Yara was omitted because the posters kinda represent each person going into S8–and she’s currently a prisoner, so seeing her in a place of power wouldn’t be right. Again, Gregor would’ve looked impressive. Podrick, Gilly, and Qyburn have always been pretty underrated but maybe aren’t quite poster characters given the size of the cast? Gendry you might think would be pretty important again–enough to warrant a poster? Who knows. And Bronn probably would’ve been a very amusing image; one can hope he winds up with a castle or two, though. There is, however, simply no excuse for the lack of Hot Pie, whom had better be prominently featured in the trailer. #HotPieForTheThrone

    I appreciated a lot of the thoughts in this ep. I like the dark bluish/tealish Stark sheen (though my relatives will probably just see black, like they do on our Bluetick coonhound…;p)
    I hadn’t noticed the pendant/pregnant thing with Cersei. :0 And I’d been sorta leaning toward her having made that up. Hmm. Also saw someone point out that the metal down her chest is suggestive of a spine…

    Theon’s missing sigil is indeed interesting, but the reason purported for its removal seems likely and sufficiently non-spoilery. Like, that may be the first thing you see him wearing, so they didn’t want to reattach it just for the poster…
    Grey Worm the chubby 5-year-old definitely made me laugh. But he looks so ready to spring into action, eager to fight.

    Melisandre looks once more beautiful and elegant, though you’re right that she’s almost got a corpse-like quality, helped by her pale thinness…I think she knows she’s finally not much longer for this world, and I expect her to unleash everything she’s got following centuries of mystical study and practice, in an epic last stand for the world’s fate. Also I’m sure she’ll return with an entourage (including Kinvara?!) because they need all the help they can get. (I’m exceedingly curious as to how she and Varys will meet their ends…saw someone hypothesize that the NK could try to take her into his service as well, which would be quite a problem.) Think we have seen this large purplish-red/black hexagon/honeycomb-pattern gown before. It does resemble coal.

    You’ve got all these great expressions that look intense, solemn, serious, angry, dominant, threatening, neutral-ish…but Sam’s has to be the best. xD
    Ugh, and now I can’t unsee baby-feet Varys! The perspective on his does look kinda wonky actually, almost as if he’s a weird doll standing in front of it.

    The idea of HAVING to dismantle the throne has me picturing them taking it apart looking for what they need, then putting it back together looking like the monstrosity of a brick barbecue Lucy & Ethel reassembled after searching for Lucy’s wedding ring in the cement. XD

    I think Dany has the right idea about “breaking the wheel” in that she intends to be different from previous rulers who were either vicious or idiots (or vicious idiots.) She’s concerned with the well-being of all rather than only herself and her family or her allies or other powerful people. However, if she survives long enough perhaps she may come to see that doing away with the monarchy is actually a further step that should be taken in order to keep the wheel of terror broken for good.

    ANYways, I guess this means the trailer has to be near…! <:-} I've also still got my eyes peeled for the press day interviews and the date of the final red carpet premiere.

  10. One thing I noticed that was not mentioned on the podcast: given the importance of Valyrian steel, I expected to see Sam with Heartsbane. If not holding it, since he’s not a soldier (though he’s killed a walker!) , then perhaps across his lap.

  11. I’m in the feather camp with Sansa’s dress. Look at how Dany’s dragon scales are made into her clothing. They’re elongated diamond shapes or chevrons. The Tully scales are round and smooth at the bottom. The covering on Sansa’s dress look like the clipped feathers from the front og her bodice in s7. Blunt ends, vane work (the creases in a feather) within each piece. This would also bring the winged theme to fruition with her character. She was little dove (love and peace(ful)), then often used dragonfly fastenings (change, self-actualization), with a bypass at the raven’s wings of messenger, starting to flex her intellect (also with the needle), and black for mourning she was finally able to do openly.

    Season 6 saw a young woman who knew what she needed to do but not yet with her own identity in various ways borrow from her mother and re-establish her Stark-ness. In season 7 as Lady of Winterfell and with some safety restored, she fully embraced House Stark and the North and started enveloping herself in patterns of armor, conquest (flayed man dress) and the breastplate of feathers. That s8 dress is full blown raven wing — her intelligence and political savvy are her strength and shield — and her metaphorical sword is her needle. A simple woman’s tool never to be underestimated.

  12. Oh yeah, I was totally fish-scales on Sansa…because it made sense and kinda does look like the way light would glint off a fish. Then I thought, “Well, yeah, I suppose it could also be dragon scales again, but I doubt that given she’s unlikely to be on board with Dany, at least at first.” Feathers didn’t even occur to me, but I suppose that could be…

  13. Without shoes, Gwen Christie is only one inch taller than NCW. NCW is one of the taller and more athletic cast members. NCW, Hound and Gwen are all above six feet. When not on set, she wears very high heels and so when they appear together she seems much taller.

    For Sansa – someone suggested wet fur! I never thought of that. Feather, fur, scales – each could work.

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