News Round-up: Catch the Throne update, an award nomination, and more


There are a few miscellaneous things happening in the Game of Thrones world during this (seemingly) endless wait for the first season five trailer.

We cover some new information for the Catch the Throne mix tape plus another award nomination and Kit Harington’s new do after the jump.

Hip-Hop Returning to Catch the Throne?

We found out last week that Anthrax will join Killswitch Engage on the latest Game of Thrones mix tape– something we assumed meant that this volume would be metal-focused. That may not be the case, however, as a tweet from HBO seems to confirm that hip-hop will also be featured on the new mix:

No word yet on who the rest of the artists on the album will be, though last year’s mix tape featured the likes of Big Boi and Common in its roster.

Game of Thrones Scoops Up Art Directors Guild Nomination

Nominations for the Art Directors Guild Awards were released earlier this week, and Game of Thrones found itself recognized in the category of One Hour Period or Fantasy Single-Camera Television Series. Production designer Deborah Riley and two episodes, “The Laws of Gods and Men” and “The Mountain and the Viper,” will go toe to toe with episodes from GothamMad MenBoardwalk Empire, and The Knick.

Winners of the awards, which acknowledge excellence in production design, will be announced on January 31st, at the 19th Annual Awards Banquet at the Beverly Hilton Hotel.

Kit Harington’s Hair Cut Surprise

We’ve heard Kit Harington speak in the past about being contractually obligated to never cut his hair, so his newly clipped ‘do is a bit surprising.



But, fans of his luscious locks, fear not, Kit may have snipped a few inches off, done a little shaping, and now seems to be using a healthy amount of hair gel- but he hasn’t gone completely off the rails (*cough*Nikolaj Coster-Waldau*cough*).


There’s still enough for lucky wildling women to run their hands through, for sure.

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    1. CaliopeSnow,

      That’s a really good article. It should be added to this post.

      When asked if Thrones’ creators might have reached a peak in the providing dramatic suspense, Harrington told The Telegraph: “I was worried about that very thing.”
      During an interview for his new film, Testament of Youth, Harrington said he is convinced that season five will match up: “The thing I noticed this year is that they threw so much money at it.”

      In particular, season five will bring filmic set pieces. “They were so huge,” Harington says.

      Jon Snow left season four on a low after his lover Ygritte was killed. However, his actor said he’s been involved with big parts of the new series: “There’s one scene for me which took a month to film. It wasn’t even the whole thing, it was one section.”

      It’s got late Book 3 and Book 5 spoilers that will be adapted into Jon’s Season 5 storyline, though. So be careful, Unsullied.

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    2. Luka Nieto,

      Thanks for posting that, looks like season 5 will be even more expensive than season 4! Wonder what that huge set Kit was talking about is… hmm

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    3. “There’s one scene for me which took a month to film. It wasn’t even the whole thing, it was one section.”

      Could this be

      the Choosing of the new Lord Commander, combined with a montage of Sam’s manipulations, similar to Tyrion’s from Season 2


      Or (please please please) an epic version of

      Edd, fetch me a block

      and the events that lead up to it…

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    4. Turncloak:
      Jane Johnson just tweeted a few minutes ago that TWOW is not on her publishing schedule for 2015. Le sigh

      Is that a surprise? We know GRRM is not finished writing it, and before he’s finished, he can’t be sure of any future release date. Of course, when he finishes, they’ll still need months to edit it and prepare it for printing.

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    5. Turncloak:
      It just dawned on me. Myhsa sounds a lot like xxxxxxx
      What do you guys make of this?

      Lightbringer and its lore is sad. Where do you think it really is, if not with Stannis?

      Do you also think that Mel will be the next NN?

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    6. Greenjones,

      Thanks. Completely missed it!

      I’m surprised by this “Brusco” character.

      We heard about Brea, and now Brusco. Maybe they’re just using these established names… but maybe the actual characters are in? In AFFC (and briefly in ADWD) Arya stays with Brusco and his daughters, including Brea, during her training. I really didn’t think that would be included, but now I’m not so sure.

      Either way, I REALLY like the focus on Braavos. I’m looking forward to that storyline the most. Well, that and Cersei’s.

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    7. Turncloak:
      Annara Snow,

      For ADWD we got an announcement in October, 2010 that GRRM had 5 chapters left to right.

      This almost guarantees that we won’t get TWOW until at least 2016.

      GRRM hasn’t been giving any updates on his progress with TWOW, and it looks like after ADWD he’s decided he won’t be doing that anymore.

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    8. Annara Snow,

      GRRM has to contact his publisher atleast 4 months in advance prior to releasing his book. It’s clear that the publisher doesn’t expect contact this year. At the very least you have to concede that if GRRM contacts his publisher this Summer the book won’t be out until atleast January of 2016. Thats a very optimistic guess

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    9. Luka Nieto,

      Since Brusco is called “Bouncer” in the character name, my guess is they reused the name from AFFC for the doorman of a certain establishment (likely the one where showBrea works).

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    10. After the rumors came out that George was asking for a 2016 date (perhaps before the release of season 6) I figured this was likely.

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    11. So apparently the IMAX trailer will be 3 MINUTES LONG.
      Holy Cow! That lady is so dumb btw “SO ONLY THREE MINUTES” roflmao

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    12. Ashara D,

      Hah! I knew that you would chime in! You are the one with all the answers. Come out of hiding, Ms. Dayne, and bring secret sword with you! By the way, since Beric passed on for the 7th and final time a few years back, what has your sister, Allyria, been up to? And where the heck is Edric? Those Daynes are a mysterious & devious bunch…

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    13. Hodor’s Bastard,

      What makes you think Lightbringer is really a thing? After reading the worldbook, Azor Ahai and Nissa Nissa sounds like just an invented fable. Every kingdom claims a hero born amongst them stopped the Long Night. It’s bollocks. Nobody from Essos had anything to do with defeating the Others.

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    14. spacechampion,

      Yes, I must admit it is a fleeting wonder. Those damn dueling maesters do quite a disservice to prophecy, escorting us back to the mundane. The valonqar is probably a poison like the Stranger, the “beauty rising up” is probably a flower growing on Cersei’s grave, the 3-headed dragon is probably a siamese whore in Volantis, the “song of ice and fire” is probably just a riverland children’s tune, the dragon horns are probably fancy dildos from Myr, “the stallion that mounts the world” is Tyrion’s favorite position with Shae, and the blue flower in the wall of ice are the blueballs that Jorah has for Dany. (Btw, he NEVER did get his kiss on the show, dammit!)


      Seriously, there are a shitload of missing/hidden valyrian swords and unhatched/petrified dragon eggs out there, so I’m simply running with it.

      You are right about the Essos bit though…well…nevermind…

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    15. Bogden,

      Hm… repost them again, but with less links in each post, no more than a few, just in case, and some text. Not sure if that’s exactly how the anti-spam filter works, but I hope so. If not, I probably won’t see the post, because it will be way behind.

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    16. The Hound:

      So apparently the IMAX trailer will be 3 MINUTES LONG.
      Holy Cow!That lady is so dumb btw “SO ONLY THREE MINUTES” roflmao

      Holy shit that lady is hard to listen to listen to.

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    17. Annara Snow: Is that a surprise? We know GRRM is not finished writing it, and before he’s finished, he can’t be sure of any future release date. Of course, when he finishes, they’ll still need months to edit it and prepare it for printing.

      The editing itself shouldn’t take so long this time around according to his editor:

      “When one of George’s manuscripts come in, I basically drop everything, and go into isolation for as long as I need to get it done. With ADWD, because of the six year gap, it took me about two weeks solid of ten-hour editing days. This is because I read the whole thing through at once (well, the about 1400 pages I had while we were still finessing the ending), checked to see how much I had forgotten from the last book which readers would need to be reminded of, then went back and read the previous four books, then book 5 again. Now that I have the app, no more rereading for me! So maybe I can cut back down to seven days or so.”

      They also edit as they go along, so I think once the book’s turned in there’ll be a few weeks of to’ing and fro’ing, and then we should maybe have it in stores a few months later.

      I was hoping it’d be out this year. It’d be crazy to think the last book came out when season 1 finished, and now we’re a couple of years from finishing the show. Time flies.

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    18. Now here is a scarry thought. Maybe he cut his hair because he

      dies at the end of this season.

      . That might prove all those

      Jon doesn’t really die at the end of Dance theories are wrong.

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