Looking Forward, Game of Thrones Ep. 601: We’re All Not Unsullied Now


The time has come. In-season Looking Forward is here.

Fear not, Unsullied army. For if you are one of those strong-willed souls who have fought the good fight over urge and avoided casting news and filming leaks and other spoilerific posts that this fair site has brought you, then you do not stand alone.

Join me as we venture into the true unknown. Your virgin eyes and ears shall remain unmolested in the posts of Oz.

Strap on your feathered helmets. Your all-inclusive, in-season, unofficial Watchers schedule awaits you below the cut, and the Unsullied Board of Trustees meeting convenes now.

Greetings Wallbies, and welcome to the weekly antics of the Wall’s version of a village idiot. Here is where the true Unsullied reside. The non-book readers. The non-spoiler seekers. The fresh eyes of the unadulterated. The ones that want the true shock and awe to come from their TV screens on a dark Sunday night (or Monday morning, depending on your locale). The home of the true Unsullied.

I took an oath, and a man is nothing if he is not an oath keeper.

Lord Commander “Buckeye” Sue has gone to great lengths to keep a man from spoilers, even going as far as to create a separate communication channel between myself and the rest of the residing Crows. Said channel is where the clan exchanges photos and leakages, and most certainly talk about me behind my back.

And I’m comfortable with that.

Small Council

I’ll now call the Unsullied Board of Trustees meeting to order. To be counted present and to attain your GoT CEU’s, you must respond with “here” in the comments.

Robert’s Rules of Order (surely named after King Robert Baratheon)

As lines become increasingly blurred (which is odd since the books have caught up with the show), it is important to know the Unsullied ground rules going forward into the unchartered territory. So here goes:

Basically, anything that is shown on television is fair game for discussion and speculation. This includes trailers, teasers, official HBO season photos, etc. Also included are previews for the upcoming episodes and those spoilerish reviews before new episodes air. If this is above your personal level of Unsulliedness and you feel you may be spoiled or corrupted by pictures of the upcoming season, do yourself a favor and excuse yourself from this meeting post.

More importantly, if you have closely followed casting, filming news, and anything that could encompass surprises that the new season hold, we kindly ask that you refrain from revealing those secrets in Unsullied posts. The moderators thank you in advance.

 1st Disclaimer of Season 6:

Sometimes, even the impregnable get pregnant (or the impenetrable get penetrated). So for the sake of full disclosure, here are a few things that spilled onto my plate over the past nine months. Unsullied army, you have been warned.

2 light

  1. Obviously, the news of Kit arriving in Belfast was a tough missile to dodge. As you know, according to him he is dead. And he stays dead. And he’s not coming back. And he made the trip to supposedly portray a corpse. OK. Other than that, a man is clueless.

Apparently the Jon Snow dead horse has been beaten all over Westeros, so no further speculation is required. Here is the Unsullied discussion from a few months ago where we made complete and total sense of Jon staying dead.

  1. I’ve seen the phrase “Tower of Joy” more than a few times, but I have no idea how it relates to the show. I’ve been trying to get Ozzette to refer to me as the tower of joy for years. She refuses to do so.


  1. I’m not a big breakfast eater, but a Bowl of Clegane sounds scrumptious. Since the Hound is dead, it makes sense that this has something to do with the chemically altered, rat-fed, jolly green giant. Maybe this refers to when the Mountain helps himself to a bite of Lancel Sandwich right after Cersei chooses violence.

Or was there a Maester hiding behind a rock?

All other mysteries remain a mystery, just as the oath commands.

Uninitiated Wallbies

Our server.

If by chance you have been under a rock with a maester, you may not have noticed that our little plot of internet property has expanded to include an abundance of new readers. As a result, the traffic wreaked havoc and dropped a scythe on our old server, forcing us to acquire more property thus expanding the Wall.

But this is a good problem to have, and if you are new to our realm then welcome to our humble abode. Wipe your feet at the door and put your covered dish on the table. Grab a cocktail (so long as it is not a tiny Tyrion-tini) and indulge. This Wall was built for you, and all Sers and Ladies are welcome (so long as disrespect and confrontational dispositions are checked at the door).

Tentative WotW In-Season Schedule

Although nothing is ever etched in stone and ice at the Wall, in-season brings with it a need for schedule to ensure that we are bringing you the most comprehensive (and hopefully entertaining) Game of Thrones coverage anywhere.

Sundays are Game days, which means an open chat post regarding the night’s upcoming episode.

Sunday night brings the Sullied Episode recap from Sue the Fury. We will also post an empty discussion post for the Unsullied to discuss the show.

Sunday night/Monday morning brings us Game of Owns post-episode edition.

Monday morning will also bring the Unsullied recaps by yours truly. My knowledge comes from the show alone, so take it for what it’s worth.

Monday Late Morning will feature the Episode Post-Mortem by the lovely Geoffrey.

On Monday Afternoon, Nate will pull many reviews for the Review/Recap Roundup.

Tuesdays mean discussing numbers as the numbers become available, and Marko excels with Excel and attractive charts and comparisons.

Later Tuesday will mark the return of the infamous Twitter recaps, brought to you by the most dangerous man with a laptop… the loose cannon, axe-wielding Wildling, Axechucker.

Wednesday will feature the return of Bex highlighting some of the best videos in the Video Recap Roundup.

Thursday is analysis day, brought to you by the quite intelligible Marc Kleinhenz in a new feature entitled “It Is Known.” A second weekly episode of Game of Owns is also planned. Thursday is typically the day that HBO releases new photos for the upcoming episode.

On Friday, we begin preparations for the next episode with a preview and synopsis post featuring Ser Spiffy (a.k.a. Cian). Friday also features the infamous Curtain Calls, assuming of course that someone dies.

Friday Night/Saturday morning means in-season Looking Forward for the next episode, where again, yours truly types up some insignificant rants along with what the army of Unsullied may be interested in seeing in the next installment.

Saturday offers an assortment of riches, although those riches have not yet been identified.

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The day has come.

The time is now. Rally the troops. Invite a friend to the Wall. And ready the scythe.

And at least once more, say the words:

“Night gathers, and now my watch begins. It shall not end until my death. I shall take no wife, hold no lands, father no children. I shall wear no crowns and win no glory. I shall live and die at my post. I am the sword in the darkness. I am the watcher on the walls. I am the fire that burns against the cold, the light that brings the dawn, the horn that wakes the sleepers, the shield that guards the realms of men. I pledge my life and honor to the Night’s Watch, for this night and all the nights to come.”

This is it, people. The moment of truth. The countless days of waiting and watching the clock and speculating and reporting have led up to this moment.

Savor it. There may not ever be another show that brings together a fandom of this nature again. You are the Watcher on the Wall. This is your site. And come Sunday night, history will be made.

“I said nock and hold! Does ‘nock’ mean ‘draw? Does fucking ‘hold’ mean fucking ‘drop? Are you all planning to die here tonight?”

Sunday night… we fight! And the next morning, I promise you that Watchers on the Wall will stand. Are you ready? With me now! Now with me!! Seal the fucking tunnel. Season 6 starts now.

And may there always be peace in your realm…


“Unbowed. Unbent. Unsullied”

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REMINDER: Please be mindful of the Unsullied-do not post any spoilery, blurred or otherwise, in the comments!!


  1. Only 2 days left.

    My mom is Unsullied too, so debating it with her is pretty interesting and what she thinks of events, characters and how plot moves. She has absolutely no idea about TOJ or any of that, only watch the show. But she’s got an idea what might happen, her theories. Part of me wish i was Unsullied too (well that might happen soon).

    Anyone else here going to watch (or even watched before) the show with Unsullied family members or friends?

  2. B,

    Yeah, we’re aware of this. And we’re not supposed to discuss it. It says no spoilers in the OP.

  3. This shouldn’t need to be said to anyone who read Oz’s post, but apparently it needs to be said:


  4. Wooooooowwwww!!! Oz, what a speech!!!!! I would follow you anywhere!!!!! And what a great article as usual from the great and powerful Oz!!! Please take a bow! I am so HYPED!!

  5. Geralt of Rivia,

    My oldest son is in Kuwait right now, so he can’t watch the upcoming season. And my youngest son forgot what season he watched last. I’m the only viewer in my house…it gets so lonely.

    Edit: Forgot to add my “Here”!

  6. Oz, your posts are a tower of joy.

    Semi-sullied here. I’ve read the starting post of most leaks, but haven’t read the discussions.

  7. While, yes, I’ve read the books, I always love reading your posts, Oz. If it’s even possible, reading your words got me even more excited for Sunday.

    On another note: Thanks to Sue and any other mods who are currently scouring the comments section of the various articles and deleting any posts about whatever it is that leaked.

  8. It’s all shaping up to be an exciting season. WotW adds to my enjoyment of GoT, so good luck to all the writers of this fine site. It’s a mad time, but that is why we’re all here.

  9. I cant wait to sit in my bed watching Game of Thrones every Sunday night like the always!

    We have waited 10 months for this! This season may be the greatest yet. Tower of Joy is what I am most hyped for, and many other things too of course.



  10. Here! And nowhere else.

    Thank the gods you are back, Oz.

    Looking forward to your “Looking Forwards” and also your “Looking Backwards” recaps.

    Let Season 6 begin. Our bodies are ready!

  11. I always enjoy your innocent outlook, your weekly in-season posts are always a respite from the cynical tones of those with book reader comments, as I enjoy the books and the show equally for differing reasons.

    We’re all in this together, now. Someone hold me.


  12. You know that there are many of us who were the “Sullied” but still followed your threads. What a treat to have you back and in such great form. This year it will be fun to actually be able to discuss some things on your Unsullied thread and be surprised for real, just like the rest of you and us.

    Okay, now comes the hard part. Put your hands over Ozette’s ears please? Done? Okay…

    WE LOVE YOU!! Okay fangirl mode turned off.

    Can’t wait until Monday, when a man will certainly be our Tower of Joy and help to give us a clue. Until then…UUU….out.

  13. Sue the Fury:
    This shouldn’t need to be said to anyone who read Oz’s post, but apparently it needs to be said:

    I’m confused. Aren’t we all unsullied now since we’re beyond the published books?

  14. If your question is not sarcasm, here’s an answer. Bookreaders still know many, many things that non-readers do not that will affect the story and what we anticipate will happen. Furthermore, there are spoilers online that are spoilers for everyone and the Unsullied threads are our protected space for non-spoiler conversation to occur. Therefore, no spoilers here.

  15. Dame Pasty:
    If your question is not sarcasm, here’s an answer.Bookreaders still know many, many things that non-readers do not that will affect the story and what we anticipate will happen. Furthermore, there are spoilers online that are spoilers for everyone and the Unsullied threads are our protected space for non-spoiler conversation to occur.Therefore, no spoilers here.

    Are you still going to do your weekly recaps? I didn’t see it in the schedule upthread (unless I just missed it)

  16. Nymeria Warrior Queen,

    Yes. This exactly. I will remain a bystander to the discussion here, because it is ususally quite interesting and sometimes gives me a different perspectived on what I see and know. So bring it on!

  17. Dame Pasty:
    I don’t know tbh.I’m leaning toward no because they are just so time consuming.

    Ah. That sucks. I really enjoyed them. But thanks for letting me know.

  18. OMG!! Looking Forward with the Great and Powerful OZ is BACK!! A loyal Sullied reader here, my liege! So dang excited that IT. IS. FINALLY. HERE!!! Yaaaaaay!

    Ok, I’ll go read the post now…

  19. Well said and nicely done Oz.

    I know the traffic on this site on Sunday, say at about 10 PM EST, is going to be craaaaazzzy. However, it’s going to be a lot of fun and a very long night of reading comments.

    Thank you Watchers on the Wall…because of you, I survived the off season.

    Now, let the bloodletting and debauchery begin!!!

  20. Woo hoo–we’re almost there! Bring on those Twitter recaps.

    All together now–one day moooooooreeeeee!

  21. Here, Oh Great Oz!!!

    Being partially sullied (I’ve read the books) I’ll not be posting anything that could be considered a spoiler. In fact, it’s been long enough that I don’t really recall any of the true differences. I’m just looking forward to the new season and the surprises it may hold for us.

    Glad to see you back.

  22. I’m in England but I’ll be up all Sunday night!!!! Simulcast goodness and a rewatch and alot of reading thoughts and opinions on here and then some sleep and repeat and impatiently wait for podcasts and stuff. It’s gonna be epic lol

    Need the Lord Commander to rise the book me and show me have waited long enough!!!!! I gather we might not get it e1 but Jeez just a hint will do.


  23. Pathetic, I know, but I live for this time of year…my goal is to addict all my friends and family to the show (if not the books as well). So far, so good-

    Night’s King (& Oz) in 2016! Woot!

  24. Man I have never seen a show have so much publicity as much as GoT – al these shows on tv having game of thrones special in preparation for Sunday
    Just happened to turn my tv on And a show called eTalk which is like a gossip show is having a game of thrones special

  25. Deesensfan:
    Man I have never seen a show have so much publicity as much as GoT – al these shows on tv having game of thrones special in preparation for Sunday
    Just happened to turn my tv on And a show called eTalk which is like a gossip show is having a game of thrones special

    I also seen a number of radio sports talk show dedicate either a segment or even a whole episode just to talk of the upcoming GOT season opener

  26. TWITTER RECAPS!!!!! So glad those are back. Thanks, Axechucker!

    If you’re new to the site, make sure to catch this feature!

  27. It is quite incredible how much the sullied knows compared to what the unsullied dont know.

    There is so much info

  28. OMG. I quite sullied, but the Bowl of Clegane bit above made me laugh out loud. This is wonderful 🙂

  29. There’s so much “They caught up with the books!” hype going around.

    Yes, arguably the most important storylines have caught up: Jon Snow, Daenerys Targaryen, Tyrion Lannister.

    But a lot of the other storylines haven’t really caught up completely with the books and may take the rest of Season 6 to fully catch up.

    I’m happy the WOTW crowd managed to stick together….everyone from Seasons 2 and 3….despite everything that’s happened.

    ….(quoting the BlackAdder 4 finale):

    Good luck everyone.

  30. Once again, welcome back, oh Great and Powerful one! What a relief to have our Unsullied thread back – now I can safely drop all the questions, theories etc. that I’ve been holding back.
    To get right down to business, if Qyburn used the Wight’s hand to create Mountainstein, that would mean that he can only be defeated by burning, not so? Will anyone in the castle figure that out?
    With the Baratheons all gone, except for Gendry, who now owns Dragonstone, with it’s generous supply of Dragonglass?
    As far as we Unsullied know, the only other Valerian steel sword in the north, besides Longclaw, is Oathkeeper.
    What WAS Jaquen H’gar dong in a KL prison, surely he could have escaped any time he liked? Certainly he could have escaped the cage on the way to the wall.
    Doesn’t Sansa have to re-take Winterfell in order for the WW to be defeated? It seems likely that her needling of Ramsey will, eventually mean trouble for Roose and Walda.
    Cersei will burn KL to the ground before Dany gets there.
    Tyron will survive his encounter with the dragons, and perhaps find out that his father was right all along.
    We will find out who’s royal blood Mel saw in Jon snow.
    We will see Rickon ( very much grown) and Osha again.
    One more day.

  31. The Dragon Demands: But a lot of the other storylines haven’t really caught up completely with the books and may take the rest of Season 6 to fully catch up.

    Actually, all of the major characters are pretty much where they were at the end of Dragons. There are a couple of odds and ends: but I suspect that those will be handled in the first episode or two.

    3eyes: To get right down to business, if Qyburn used the Wight’s hand to create Mountainstein, that would mean that he can only be defeated by burning, not so? Will anyone in the castle figure that out?

    That does not follow at all. We’ve no indication that the Walker’s magic can stretch past the Wall. Moreover, how would Qyburn have come by this hand? It got to Kings Landing a year or two before he did, and nobody ever mentioned it. As we saw from Season 2, people laughed at the letter about wights and they never discussed it again. Qyburn himself would be even less apt to take tales about the White Walkers seriously than others, given the disdain for religious beliefs he expresses on the show.

    3eyes: Doesn’t Sansa have to re-take Winterfell in order for the WW to be defeated?

    Why in the world would one think that? There is no reason to think that the ability to defeat the Walkers is in any way connected to anything involving Winterfell. And, quite frankly, I don’t think that there is any reason to expect that the White Walkers will be defeated: it’s going to be a different sort of resolution.

    3eyes: Tyron will survive his encounter with the dragons, and perhaps find out that his father was right all along.

    Given that Tywin said the same thing to Jaime, I think should know that this is (or was) Tywin’s way of saying “piss off” to his children.

  32. OZ! Here … happily and happy to see you back. Looking forward to your reviews.

    Axey’s Twitter recaps are the best and hilarious to boot – so glad you guys made the adjustments to accommodate the increase in traffic because the site is sure to be jam-packed with all the regulars, newbies and those who have lurked for a long time and can contain their comments no longer and have to post or die.

    Thanks to all of you who run the site and participate here – this was the first full off-season I’ve spent connected to a GoT site, and it made the months fly by. Can’t wait for Sunday!

  33. 3eyes: With the Baratheons all gone, except for Gendry, who now owns Dragonstone, with it’s generous supply of Dragonglass?

    I’d say that the Iron Bank has the biggest claim to anything left by Stannis. If I remember correctly, not only was Dragonstone left, but there is a fleet of Stannis’ ships moored at Eastwatch by the Sea, last used to rescue about 5000 wildings. I believe that the money Davos cajoled the IB to loan Stannis went to finance those ships. And, as Tywin explained in an earlier episode, no one escapes their debts to the Iron Bank.

  34. Thanks for an interesting feature, Oz. I’m almost afraid to watch the next season because I’m scared characters I like will be killed off. Of course that always happens in GoT.

  35. So happy to hear that the Twitter-recap will return. My favourite feature after watching the episode.

  36. Hoyti Von Totiy,

    Also Europe here.

    I guess your other comment was just deleted as offtopic. To the problem: I just refresh the page everytime after it loaded. Not nice but not too much of work either

  37. I’m sad some footage of ep 1 leaked. The charme of watching a serie is to get shocked or suprised. We all know some things, but how and who and when is the question.

    Only one day left. I will be watching it in Europe in the night. Can’t wait for the next day.

    Valar Morghulis.

  38. Kit Hairyton,

    Here’s to hoping you don’t end up with a full on beard 🙂 I have been tossing around the idea of not watching the show after tomorrow’s opener. I’ll check for updates here and start watching if I hear things are taking a turn for the good. Can’t say why until Sun. night.

  39. Kit Hairyton:
    OK, I’m gonna do something mad, but starting Sunday, in Honour of Jon/Kit, I’m not gonna shave me facial hair until he’s ressurected. Of course, if it gets to the end of Season 6 episode 10 and he’s still not back, I’m gonna shave, cos that’ll be a sure sign he’s never… Oh God, I don’t even wanna think about.

    Your beard will be like Khal Drogo’s. It is known. Maybe you can braid it once it’s long enough.

  40. I’m sullied and honestly, most of what we know know is useless (names of swords, house mottos, other things that are not really important), not going to happen (which distracted lots of sullied that spend the whole show wondering when will X show up) or theories (Jon Snow’s mother).

    Some unsullied might have better theories, since the show is cleaner and doesn’t distract us with millions of characters we won’t see again. Just a few dozen.

  41. Mihnea,
    I’m sure they did. But I admit I have overhyped myself a bit too much. I expected way too much to happen in episode one, I believe. Only so much can happen in fifty minutes.

  42. Hawk,

    My speculation is that it’s taking a girl-power (feminist or whatever you wanna call it) direction. Think about all who have died plus The ones this coming season that Er, so yeah imo we have as mostly safe: Dany, Sansa, Arya, Tyrion. I suppose Theon could survive? What do ya’ll think about the fates of Jamie and Cercei?

  43. Ygritte,

    Didn’t a critic said in his review:”women are taking over, in some places frighteningly so”?

    I remember something like that. Can’t remember exactly where though.

  44. Ygritte,

    There is very interesting quote from LF.
    I’ll put it under spoilers in case you may not want to read it. But I don’t consider it that spoilery.

    LF tells Sansa this:”Westeros survived the war of the five kings, it may not survive the war of three queens.” He doesn’t say who they are though and there are countless theories.

    So the story moving into something that resembles this, doesn’t really suprise me.

  45. HERE to follow your commands and discuss the hell out of season 6! 🙂 Thanks for this wonderfully motivating in-season introduction speech! Hear, hear! Goosebumps all over, after my first off-season on WotW! Has been a great time here and now I’m so hyped as a non-book reader (even though sullied in terms of casting news) to speculate and share our experiences.


  46. Geralt,

    I think his point is that most book purists don’t actually have the ability to enjoy something that isn’t an exact copy of their precious books.

    *Olenna voice*

    You ought to try enjoying something before you die. It might suit you.

  47. Ygritte,
    What do you mean “it’s fine but not in this show”? Do you see GoT as a very masculinist show?

    I certainly don’t and never have. It might surprise you that GRRM is a feminist, and has always had a very balanced representation of women and men. Overall I believe D and D are following the original material along those thematic lines.

    Doesn’t mean men aren’t gonna do important things too – but women are going to be much more powerful at the end of the story than at the start (of course they started with almost no power).

  48. Oz, since Saturdays are light, per the schedule, perhaps you should wax-rhapsodic on the wisdom and dreams of Lysa? Oh, what could have been! 🙂

  49. Queenofthrones,
    “What do you mean “it’s fine but not in this show”?

    What I mean is exactly what I said. In a different tale, sure. But I simply like some of these male characters, and I don’t wish to see them brought low or worse, killed off.

    *Personal opinion on how I’d like the show to end. No offense to anyone else’s ideas*

  50. Not only should there be ZERO discussion of the leaked material, this is an Unsullied post, period. All Oz of Thrones posts are. The rules are stated in the post at the top. If anything requires spoiler coding? It does not belong in this post.

    If people want to go the spoiler forums here, and start a post there fro discussion, please do that. Though I still would prefer there be no linking to any illegally leaked materials.

  51. By the way I’m really surprised that “High Sparrow” only received 3 votes out of 1400+ in the “favorite episode of Season 5” poll. It was such a well done hour, not a dull scene during this actionless episode.

    Pretty impressive.

  52. Mihnea,

    yeah, since I went incognito, things have been much easier (except tha t my comment screen cant seem to keep up with my speed of typinng!

  53. Here!! Welcome back Oz and hi everyone else, especially all the new people *waves like a crazy thing*

    The thing I most want to see in the whole series is that glorious helmet in the photo at the top of your post on an HD tv screen. Preferably in EVERY SINGLE SCENE. If it’s not really suitable they could hide it in the background and play a headgear equivalent of “Where’s Wally?” (I think he’s called Waldo in the USA?).

    Here in the UK we have a show called Line of Duty which I love and we had the nail biting penultimate episode on Thursday. I was using it to help me count down to S6 ep1, but that’s been really tense and I’m now so over excited/hyped/nervous I’m doing this. ONE MORE SLEEEEEEEEEP (yes I took monday off so I could watch it live at 2am and join the fun on here) 😀

  54. Sorry guys, didn’t mean to swear it was just the fastest way I could think of to alert the mods. Someone just posted something incredibly spoilery but Super Sue was on the case so I’m deleting my very rude comment about it. All good now, as you were….. 🙂

  55. Deesensfan,

    It’s a special browsing mode that doesn’t record history, cookies, or saved passwords or anything like that. In chrome, you click the cool little icon on the top right (where it shows the cool list of settings and all) and click “Open new incognito window”.

  56. I was sullied before. I’m Unsullied now. This is my first time here and I love Oz already. Here’s my “Here”.

  57. Deesensfan:

    What is incognito mode

    It is a chrome browser feature. You basically browse the internet in “privacy” mode. It does not store cookies, browser history, cache etc as soon as you closed the window
    In firefox it is called Private window.

    To pull it up, click that icon with three horizontal line on the upper right of your browser and look for either Incognito mode or Private window

  58. Stargaryen,

    heh, yes: the “sullied” do include a lot of people who get so mesmerized by the minutiae that they miss the big picture! However, the sullied also include a fair number of people who do focus on the big picture and spend more time thinking about what GRRM’s imaginings mean rather than trying to imagine what he’ll imagine next.

    But this is true for every fandom: it is not unique to Game of Thrones. Along these lines:

    Dragonmcmx: *Olenna voice*
    You ought to try enjoying something before you die. It might suit you.

    OR, better yet:

    William Shatner “Get a life, will ya, people! I mean for crying out loud, it was just a show. I mean look at you, look at the way you’re dressed. You’ve turned an enjoyable little job I did as a lark for a few years into a colossal waste of time. I mean, how old are you people? What have you done with yourselves? You–you must be almost 30–have you ever kissed a girl? I didn’t think so! Geez. There’s a whole world out there! When I was your age, I didn’t even watch television. I lived! So move out of your parent’s basements, get your own apartments, and grow the hell up! It’s just a TV show, dammit! IT’S JUST A DAMN TV SHOW!”

  59. Fuck yes Oz, fuck yes. Glad to see these articles are back. Looking forward to the season. I am of course a book reader, but I have stayed away from all SHOW spoilers, and fan websites for almost a year now, venturing onto this website every once in a while to look at a headline or two and rarely ever clicking on articles.

  60. I’m book-sullied and also a bit filming/casting spoilers sullied but I wouldn’t dream of sullying things for the true Unsullied. In the future I probably won’t comment on Unsullied threads, in case I accidentally let something slip, but I came here to say that I’ll be reading all the Unsullied articles and comments. As someone, Ash, I think, said above, it gives a nice, new perspective for us Sullied!

    Thank you to everybody at WotW, what a great site! You’ve got me through this off-season!

    Also, a huge thank you to the mods of purging the treads of leaks! I’m getting so paranoid, I’m avoiding most of the internet now.

    In my country, we won’t get the episodes until 24 hours after the US screening – which will be 4am Tuesday morning here! For the next ten weeks I’ll have to avoid the internet on Mondays, lol!

    I’ve never been this hyped for a TV show’s new season before, and looking forward to discussing everything with all the friendly folk here.

  61. I saw a cousin of mine today. She and her husband are a bit into sci-fi & fantasy books, and she mentioned starting to read a series and being annoyed when she discovered the third book hasn’t come out yet. I groaned and asked if she knew about GRRM and the TV show GoT that’s based on his unifinished book series.

    It turns out, she’d caught an episode or two of GoT occasionally. “There was this guy climbing a wall… And some poor chick, there was a wedding. A young chick without friends.” Me: “Which one of her weddings was it?” Cousin: “Huh? Which one?” Me: “Oops… Sorry.”

    She hadn’t been sure if she wanted to watch the show because a lot of people seemed to get naked for no good reason whatsoever. I reassured her that it gets slightly better in the later seasons, and that the show is well worth watching, the production values are incredible, and she said she mainly liked watching it for all the different ways to braid hair (she’s got very, very long hair). We then talked about the sets, props and costumes – she’d also noticed those things.

    She decided she might not want to start reading the books until the book series is finished. Cue a hollow laugh from me… We then went on to talk about fantasy writing in general, and some problems, like too much world-building at the expence of a good story. But it was nice to get a glimpse of a totally unsullied mind. But she might give the show a go later on DVD (I offered to lend mine.)

  62. Wimsey,

    I believe the hand/arm disintergrated (in the books at least) as Tyrion kept Alliser waiting so long to present it …

    As to the saying that there must always be a Stark in Winterfell … I’m assuming this is what is meant by Sansa retaking … I think that is more a book thing and there are a number of threads that speculate on why that is … without much authority … so it could be an “old wife’s tale” or there might be something to it … like there was to many of Old Nan’s tales …

  63. ash:
    Lulus Mum,

    hey good to see you back!

    Why thank you Ser/Lady, good to see you too! 😀 (I am actually always here, lurking beneath the waves like Jaws* ready to suddenly break the surface and spout nonsense when the moment seems right.)

    *except a LOT less bitey. I’d be a rubbish shark and/or vampire, I hate the taste of blood, it’s waaaay too salty – yuck! 🙁

  64. ash: oh gawd I loved that ever since I first saw it! Classic!

    I do like to remind people of it for two reasons. One, it’s not just “us”: all fandoms are like that. Two, yes, that is how the rest of the world sees us!

    Darkrobin: I believe the hand/arm disintergrated (in the books at least) as Tyrion kept Alliser waiting so long to present it …

    (psst… we don’t know that on this thread! 😉 )

    Darkrobin: As to the saying that there must always be a Stark in Winterfell … I’m assuming this is what is meant by Sansa retaking … I think that is more a book thing

    A lot of book readers imagine this to be the case, but nothing in the books indicates that GRRM imagines this to be the case! At any rate, sticking to just the show, the Walkers came back long before the Starks left Winterfell, and the Starks leaving Winterfell did not coincide with any increase in the Walkers’ powers. The Wall and Winterfell are unconnected. Indeed, I’m betting that (on the show, anyway) the Walkers breach the Wall after the Starks retake Winterfell.

  65. A man is back and this one is HERE to join the army once again. I am very much looking forward to all those recaps and looking forwards to come as this is the only space where I do not fear to read comments (thanks Sue!).

  66. Semi-sullied but I’ve tried my damnedest not to read any season premiere spoilers. Won’t be staying up for the 2am broadcast but hoping to be able to see it later in the morning on catch-up.

    I honestly have no idea what we will see in the first episode but I doubt if we will get a full resolution the the “big question”. I’ve waited 4 years since reading ADWD so I’ve been happy to wait that bit longer but the suspense is growing now with season 6 almost upon us…

  67. Queenofthrones: Why would women doing well and having power mean that men have to be “laid low”?

    It doesn’t. But I’m not speaking of them just doing well and having some power. What I’m talking about is hypothetical…that if this story continues down the path of maiming or killing off prominent male characters so that in the end we’re left with only the women as main protag and antagonists then any remaining men would by necessity have become relatively powerless for some reason or are no longer a player (killed off). Would you agree? And I’m rooting for some of them so…

  68. HERE!!!!! So glad to see you back and so glad to be back at the site. I followed all the articles last season during the season, then shutdown until today. I have tried avoid as much as possible and any time I have seen GoT in any kind of article I have jumped on Hordor’s back and lumbered in the opposite direction. It has been tough especially the last month, I have 1000 Facebook updates I think because I won’t open it only to see a Mashable article every other post. Well tonight I can get back into social media, and more importantly back into this community I love.

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