Lokrum island to be used to film controversial Game of Thrones scene?


The Dubrovnik Times is reporting that the island of Lokrum could be used to film a certain Game of Thrones scene that has been the source of much controversy in Dubrovnik.

After recent news confirmed that the production team has found a suitable replacement location, speculation turned to where that location may be. It now seems that the location in question could well be Lokrum.

Major spoilers below the cut!

The current rumor, according to the Times, is that Cersei’s Walk may be filmed on Lokrum, a small island just off the coast of Dubrovnik. It formerly has been used to film Game of Thrones, namely Daenerys’ outdoor Qarth scenes in season 2. Pictures have already emerged of a set being constructed there, but we don’t yet know what exactly for.

DuList puts forward Trsteno as another possible location. Trsteno has previously been used to film the many Tyrell garden scenes in King’s Landing.

Cian: As none of this information has been officially confirmed, we should take it with a pinch of salt. Also, make sure to mark your spoilers.

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    1. Production has it tough for this one, given all the roadblocks. How do you

      make her whole walk of shame on an island??

      Oh, no worries! We’ll just build some new sets, throw some cgi backdrop in, and ship in a few hundred poor, angry extras!

      I’m sure they’ll pull it off, but I don’t envy the logistics.

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    2. The article indicates that it’s only the church itself – but the rest of the scene and location is fine. Or did I read that wrong –

      They have stated that they only disallowed filming of the interior of the cathedral/walking out of it, and that they did not and can not prohibit filming in the immediate surrounding area.

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    3. Does this mean they won’t be shooting on the Stradun anymore? Or are they just replacing where it begins from? I hope just the former.

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    4. jentario,

      That’s what I’m wondering if they’re doing. It would be a neat solution. I wish someone could get out to Lokrum to take another pic of that set!

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    5. Lucía:
      Found this in a Spanish forum, looks like a script page though I can’t read a word of it other than “Thoros” (and Brienne, but we knew she was in). Is there any way to confirm Paul Kaye’s return to the show?

      Wow, if that is true, then a certain other figure looks to be returning as well.

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    6. Lucía,

      I can read it and it is trying a little too hard to confirm that one character some people would really like to see. It does look somewhat official, but I’d bank on it being a fake.

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    7. I think the script page is fake. We saw part of a script from season 4 filming (that was later confirmed real by the actual episode airing) , and while not massively different, these pages are so generic and missing some distinct marks that the show seems to use.

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    8. Sue the Fury,

      If only someone involved in the production could definitively say it’s fake or give the old “no comment” if it isn’t. I doubt they’d bother with either though, either because they don’t want to dignify a fake leak by responding or because they don’t want to draw attention to it if it’s legit. For the moment I’ll assume it’s fake so that I don’t get my hopes up for something that might not occur.

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    9. Transcript of the scene, feel free to correct this if it’s wrong

      The old man laughs, POD breathes heavily.

      I do hope you forgive my good
      friends here. Bleak times for
      hospitality I´m afraid.

      Whatever it is you accuse me of, he
      had no part of it. By the old gods
      and the new, I swear it.

      The One True God is here with us.
      Now tell me. That sword of yours,
      does it have a name?


      And whose (?) oath is that?

      My lord –

      Spare us, Milady. We know who
      you are, and we know who sent you. In
      any case, I will not be your judge

      PODRICK falls to the ground.


      A hooded figure rises beside the fire.

      Silence! Your trial begins now.

      BRIENNE, petrified, looks at THOROS, then at the fire. The
      figure begins to move towards her, slowly at first, the face
      indistinct. BRIENNE trembles.

      __________ but she remembers.

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    10. I think the controversial scene has to do with a myrish swamp. It must have been hard for the showrunners to find a good location to film the myrish swamp scene. Obviously, they weren’t going down to the tropics to film that one scene, so they probably chose this isolated island and gave the CGI folks lots to do.

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    11. Hodor’s Bastard,

      I thought it’d be the scene involving the erection of a certain “fat pink mast”. They’d need somewhere quite isolated to do it, to prevent any spoilers getting out, or any… leaks.

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    12. Lucía,

      Anyone could write a script and say it’s real. But if this IS, it means LS is in. Notice the hooded figure? The dialogue (which I can mostly read) works.

      Is there any indication that the script page is legit?

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    13. Greenjones,

      Here is the digital version of Tyrion’s trial speech (so it doesn’t have any “do not duplicate!” stamps):


      The format looks exactly the same as the supposedly leaked page. That said, don’t all the movies and shows use the same format for scripts? I think that’s a page-per-minute format, fairly standard.

      And how would some Spanish man or woman get their hands on the script? We are still a couple of months ahead of the Spain filming

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    14. jentario,

      Also it’s doubtful that the scene in question would even shoot in Spain.

      The format is industry standard and there are plenty of programs (Celtx for instance) that make writing like that very easy.

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    15. jentario,

      But then it would be pretty easy to photoshop a stamp like that over the image. Or if the troll had a stamp like that for some other reason and then used it to make his fake script look legit.

      Until we have some indication of the source of this image, I’ll assume it’s fake, though as I said above I hope to R’hollor that it’s legit.

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    16. Ser Florian:
      Hodor’s Bastard,

      I thought it’d be the scene involving the erection of a certain “fat pink mast”. They’d need somewhere quite isolated to do it, to prevent any spoilers getting out, or any… leaks.

      Maybe they’ll combine both scenes? Could lead up to a great climax.

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    17. Holly…this is still news?! I thought only those fucktards at TMZ were still on this…never mind the fact that they are a bunch of assholes for putting out spoilers without any thought whatsoever…

      But then again it is TMZ, and thiking was never their strongsuit…

      So let’s hope we get to move on to something else.

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    18. loco73,

      TMZ’s actually posted an article recanting their supposed scoop. Now they say the scene will be shot but, as we learned, not on the church premises. I’d post their link but I don’t want to bother going on their website… They really are scumbags.

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    19. jentario: The only thing that makes it believable is the stamp, otherwise anyone could have done it

      The stamp is actually one of the things that makes it look NOT like the real thing.

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    20. I pretty sure the script is fake. It doesn’t exactly fit the format the show uses as far as I can tell, the quality of the print looks really bad (that could be because it’s a copy of curse) and most of all: Why would someone steal a script and then only show one page of it? Who ever leaks anything on that level is in trouble anyway, you might as well show the whole thing at this point.

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    21. jentario,

      This is my thought. It would seem silly to not film the majority of the scene right there where it was planned, only using another location or built set for the cathdral…

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    22. The script pages have to be fake unless they’re completely rewriting brienne’s personality. Trembling? Petrified? This is so far out of character in both the show AND the books, that I find it impossible to believe that it could be even remotely legit…

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    23. I have screenwriting software and could write up something like the above, formatted, in 5 minutes. (It is in fact formatted normally, including use of “CONT’D” and such, so I imagine an actual person whose written screenplays came up with it — however, half of the population of L.A. has written screenplays, so that doesn’t mean much).

      Someone did go to a fair amount of trouble to make that watermark and such, though, and photocopy it a few times.

      Too bad you can’t see the top of the page where it would list the episode number and page number, if one were there and it were actually real.

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    24. One thing that would be evidence it is fake (will put in spoiler tags anyway though) — the phrases like

      The OLD MAN laughs, etc

      have the character names/descriptions in all caps. But then we have:

      A hooded figure rises beside the fire.

      “hooded figure” should be in all caps.

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    25. Ironborn:
      The controversial scene was the Kingsmoot, Lokrum will be Old Wyk. It is known.

      First thing before reading the article was that it would be a perfect location for Kingsmoot! lol

      The Walk of Shame scene production is quickly becoming about as famous as Walk of Shame!

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    26. Re: “the script”

      As I mentioned earlier, all my info suggests that

      LS will not be included, or at least, Michelle Fairley

      will not be involved. However, I have not been able to get a firm confirmation on this.

      On the other hand, I would not be so quick to dismiss the script as a fake. It may or may not be genuine. The question is why would someone go to the trouble of fabricating a story like this? I really fail to see the benefit… If the script is genuine and not just a silly prank, then it looks like LS will be played by some other actress.

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    27. Patchface,

      Because the troll knows there would be enough gullible LS fans that would take any sort of rumor as confirmation ,duh ! Just look at this article alone .

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    28. Greenjones:

      TMZ’s actually posted an article recanting their supposed scoop. Now they say the scene will be shot but, as we learned, not on the church premises. I’d post their link but I don’t want to bother going on their website… They really are scumbags.

      Thanks for that tidbit of information! Your last sentence made me laugh…with agreement of course! Good looking out!

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    29. @ auranewaters,

      Hopefully next week I will get more info as I will be meeting with some people. Right now I am staying and travelling through northern Europe…

      @ tavicollen123

      Still why trolling? I don’t see the fun of it or any tangible benefit… Maybe it’s just me but when there is 50% chance either way, I tend to give people the benefit of the doubt…and I am saying that with all my info suggesting that no LS, but I may be wrong since I have no definite confirmation on this.

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    30. Veltigar,

      True – very true –
      however the trembling and petrification in that page comes before she would even remotely be aware of who is under the hood…

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    31. It would be awesome if this script was actually legit, but no, it’s fake. Just search for “Do Not Duplicate” on Google Images. On of the first images it will find is the exact same as the one printed on the script.

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