Latest VFX reel shows off epic scale of Game of Thrones Season 6

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We’ve turned up another visual effects highlight reel for season 6 of Game of Thrones. This one is from Rodeo FX, who were responsible for much of the environments, backgrounds and digital extras. Their work on display here is quite impressive and essential for providing the epic scale for this epic show.

Check out the video below the cut.


  1. Boojam:
    So are they gonna show this on the IMAX screens?
    Already missed that for season 5.

    Oh man! I hope so! I’d love to see BotB in IMAX 3D if possible. That scene with Kit swinging Longclaw and dodging horses would be awesome!

  2. Ugh… Still waiting on the behind-the-scenes video of emilia shooting the ending of episode four =P

  3. Hoyti Von Totiy,

    I guess it’s because the number of new characters being involved will be lesser than ever before. Maybe they are also taking extra precautions to ensure no casting calls leak.
    But yeah this off-season is going soo slow 🙁 .
    Now if only there was a casting call for a melancholy, charismatic prince…

  4. Really impressive how this CGI/VFX is done. Must be strange for the actors to work in front of green screens and then later to see the final results 🙂

  5. What I love about the CGI in Game of Thrones is that you very rarely go: “Look at all the CGI!” It’s so well done, but not overdone. Very often you can’t even tell it’s not a practical or at least partially practical set. They don’t get complacent because it’s a fantasy show, but stick to the gritty realism that they’re famous for – even here.

    Also, yes, news are super slow. Looks like they closed down completely over the summer. I bet they are all on some well-deserved vacation for four weeks or so. Good for them, nerve-wrecking for us. I’m hoping things are picking up again by September.

  6. ghost of winterfell:
    Hoyti Von Totiy,

    Now if only there was a casting call for a melancholy, charismatic prince…

    I’m waiting to hear that they’re seeking a gruff, roughhewn renegade Maester who has traveled the known world collecting magical knowledge. And a slim, athletic young black woman who can pass for a boy and handle a longbow. I’d wait happily enough if I knew the Citadel scheming were in the works!

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