The Kraken and the Squid – You Win Or You Die


We finally get to the episode in which Cersei says the show’s name … yet we don’t discuss that subplot of Game of Thrones much. Instead, we talk a great deal about Daenerys and Khal Drogo’s game plan and (as you can see in the thumbnail) I make my feelings on the subject clear.

In all seriousness, what’s your take on Khal Drogo? There are no wrong answers and I’m curious to hear your thoughts.


  1. I really enjoy watching Petra introduce Nolan to GOT. He was kinda indifferent at first. Then he decided he doesn’t like Sansa, hates Viserys [loved his golden crown!] and does like Tyrion and Bronn. Petra interprets each episode without spoilers and points out a few things that I missed. Along the way, they discuss issues like gender roles.

    It’s a lotta fun to watch them—almost like reliving my own experience. Highly recommended!

  2. I haven’t watched this or couple of previous edisodes yet – real life time problems – but really enjoyed the first couple of installments.

    Now I have some free time and I’m going to binge watch all episodes of the Kraken and the Squid, my Friday evening treat after a busy week!

    However, finding the previous episodes requires some effort. I went to the menu – about us – staff writers – Petra – author archives, and they’re all there, goody good!

    Still, wouldn’t it be easier for prospective watchers to have ready links at the end of each WOTW article for the latest installment? Something like “The first episode can be watched here, the second here,” etc., giving direct links to each episode. I’m sure you’d get more watches that way.

    I think WOTW articles for episodes of GOO have a link where you can access all previous episodes (and accesss them I have! lol!)

    Anyway, off to bake a lemon cake (why do I feel Sansaish..?) and then binge watch the Kraken and the Squid!

  3. I have to agree with Petra and Nolan’s comments re Khal Drogo and his comment – “I will rape all their women” – Not good 🙁

    In that scene I got the impression he was just trying to impress Dany, his blood-riders and the Dosh Khaleen that he would fulfill Dany’s wish to attack Westeros and put her on the Iron Throne.

    However in real life, I’ve seen many examples of guys who had a ‘Macho’ tendency thinking they were ‘God’s gift to women’, getting their own way with them and so forth and treating their wives/girlfriends like shit! What is even more surprising, I found quite a few women liked guys of that temperament and would put up with their antics and stick with them!

    Of course, those sorts of relationships don’t always last forever? One only has to watch the news or those crime investigation documentaries to see what can happen. Sometimes with fatal results 🙁

  4. I never liked Drogo’s relationship with Daenerys and I was deeply relieved when, last season, she stated that she’d been “raped and defiled,” which means that she’s under no illusions about the actual nature of that relationship. She made the best of an awful situation with Drogo. From one perspective, this scene represents her success in having engineered that situation so that he was willing to support HER claim to power – probably the first time in her life that anyone had ever said, implicitly or explicitly, that she was worth that kind of support and that her claim was legitimate. I can see why that situation would be a turn-on for her. But she does quickly go from her pride in his support to revulsion at the reality of rape and pillage when she sees it first hand. So I think it’s unfair to judge her based on this scene alone.

    Women who think Drogo is appealing could probably do with some counseling.

    The other reason I dislike Drogo and this whole “let’s go rape indiscriminately” thing is the fact that GRRM has said that the Dothraki are largely based on the Mongols, and women had (and still have) very high status in Mongolian society. Although conquering Mongols did commit rape, the whole depiction of women in Dothraki society is antithetical to women’s status within Mongol society, so I’m wary of the conclusions people might draw from these alleged parallels.

  5. It’s ironic that Petra puts down the earlier seasons as more obviously written & directed by men, since the only episodes written by women were in the first three seasons (the only episodes directed by a woman were MacLaren’s in seasons 3 & 4).

    I did not think of that parallel for the Theon scenes.

  6. Please keep making these guys, I’m finding them really interesting and enjoyable. I’ll be starting my re-watch of S3 soon but hoping you will catch up with me before I hit the later seasons.

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