Kit Harington winkingly avoids Season 8 spoilers, Conleth Hill jokes around, and the cast are asked to snitch on each other

Kit Harington "winks" his way out of Season 8 spoilers
Kit Harington “winks” his way out of Season 8 spoilers

Last night, while they were still in New York City after the premiere, Kit Harington and Conleth Hill were guests on a few late night talk shows, where both joked around and discussed the premiere, the final season ahead, and the Thrones life now behind them.

At The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Harington talks about the mix of excitement and terror at his upcoming host role in Saturday Night Live, the tired “You know nothing, Jon Snow” jokes, the time he wore a Jon Snow costume to a party, and more. Best of all, Fallon weaponizes Harington’s infamous lack of ability to wink, making him wink as best he can to answer “yes” to his spoilery questions, and blink for “no”:

At Late Night with Seth Meyers, Conleth Hill talks about what being able to work on his homeland of Northern Ireland meant for him, having auditioned for Robert Baratheon first, and why he gave away an extra premiere ticket to Blondie’s Debbie Harry:

Meanwhile, during the premiere press junket, Sky Atlantic had a bit of fun with the cast, including Emilia Clarke, Maisie Williams, Sophie Turner, Isaac Hampstead Wright, Gwendoline Christie, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, Hannah Murray, John Bradley, Rory McCann, and Kristofer Hivju, asking them about the biggest pranksters on set, who they believe the first of the cast to win an Oscar will be, and who they will mis most:

The season premiere is nigh—so much that we can now count the days in single digits. Until that day, and beyond, the pace of interviews and other reports will not relent, so we’ll be here to parse out the best of it we can find. Later today, we’ll bring you a more thorough look at two long and juicy cast member interviews, and more!


  1. I especially like Nikolaj’s comment about McIlroy. Rory has been my favorite golfer since I first saw him play and kept telling friends about his sweet swing. Of course that annoying behavior of mine was vindicated when he rose to #1. Having said that, I actually would have really liked a cameo by him. 🙂

    I was too tired to stay up and watch Kit and Conleth last night so I just did now. Very good. It’s always nice to see Conleth get the attention he deserves.

  2. So good seeing these bits.

    It seems like the cast have enjoyed their experience and are having fun now. Such joy! Well deserved! Thank you all for giving us a great show, a great fan community!

    Am I the only one who thinks the absence of Stephen Dillane, the excellent Stannis that he was, not doing this… It’s a very Stannis thing to do. Mark Addy and Sean Bean were there, the “brothers”. Stephen Dillane is a great actor, he was a great Stannis, but he never really got GoT. A bit like the character Stannis.

    I think it was in an NYC Buid interview with John Bradley (Sam Tarly) a couple of days ago, he said that every character, every actor playing them, couldn’t have been cast any other way because they all had some personal touchstone. The actors, so experty cast by Nina Gold, were all somewhat similar to their characters.

    So no wonder Stephen Dillane, who didn’t like his role though did a very good job of it, out of duty, isn’t out there celebrating.

    OK, I can understand him, as a serious actor, being pissed off by wonky characterisation, not knowing what he was supposed to do. Feeling a bit underappreciated. Very Stannis.

  3. Ah haha, Nik saying Rory McSometing. Covered his slip well. Oh, the golfer, of course. Fnar fnar. He meant Rory McCann, the “Hound” of old, Sandor Clegane.

    They must have a confrontation about protecting the Stark girls.

  4. talvikorppi,

    Brienne (sarcastically): “And that’s what you’re doing? Watching over her?”
    Sandor: “Aye. That’s what I’m doing.”

    The director, in the Episode Commentary, explained that Sandor meant: “He loves her. He loves her.”

  5. Ten Bears,

    He being Sandor? She being Arya?

    Poor Brienne. Trying to fulfill conflicting vows. Jaime gave her a task nearly as impossible as his once was. Haha, eat that, you absurdly honourable child.

    Jaime is testing Brienne but also himself.

    After his hand, his sword hand, his IDENTITY was chopped off… This arrogant knight has to take a look at himself. Who am I? What am I?

    Interesting story.

    Not interesting if you lock your ideas by the first couple of chapters/episodes, and allow no character development.

  6. I must also say, I love Conleth Hill’s interviews, with that luxuriant thatch of hair. But for the fun of it, he’s being Varys, dissembling. All the cast think he’s a scream, the funniest man around.

  7. Kit is just enjoying himself now, which is awesome. Pressure is off. Love the bit about calling his mom. “THANKS, MOM.” 😆

    Conleth and Aidan have the most enviable hair, it’s ridiculous. Chaos is a hair salon.

  8. talvikorppi,

    Yes. He (Sandor) loves her (Arya). That’s what the director or writer said on the Episode Commentary. Sandor no longer cares about ransom or gold. He’s watching over Arya because he loves her. 🐶👸🏻😢

  9. talvikorppi,

    P.S. Sandor Clegane has gotten me into a terrible habit. After listening to him supply middle names to other characters (Brienne of F*cking Tarth; Meryn F*cking Trant), I find myself doing the same thing!

  10. talvikorppi:
    So no wonder Stephen Dillane, who didn’t like his role though did a very good job of it, out of duty, isn’t out there celebrating.

    Isn’t it his duty to celebrate? 🙂 Even though he may not like it, he should be out there with his brothers in solidarity. Or at least one brother. Speaking of which, Gethin Anthony wasn’t at the premiere either.

  11. Sam: “I suppose it’s a philosophical difference between a ‘wink’ and a ‘blink’.”
    Gilly: “A blink is on purpose.”

    Kit: “I do both at once.”

  12. Ten Bears,

    Ha ha ha I do the same thing with meryn trant. Bumper weekend just watched No One 608, BOtB tomorrow and Winds of Winter Sunday can’t wait. BTW did you get your magazine?

  13. Pigeon: Conleth and Aidan have the most enviable hair, it’s ridiculous. Chaos is a hair salon.

    I just choked on my peanut butter.

    I can never get over how truly splendid Conleth’s hair is. Oh, the irony!!!

  14. Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, welcome to press appearance #679 brain mush. LOL. I want a reaction shot from McCann.

  15. Wolfish,

    • Conleth is one of the handful of GoT actors who can go out in public without being recognized.

    • It’s almost a crime to have him shave off that lush head of hair for the role of Varys.

  16. Carole H,

    Yes!!!! I finally got my EW Arya cover magazine. It went straight into an acid-free protective sleeve for posterity. Once I get a germ-free mask and latex gloves I might actually read through it.

    PS Thanks for asking.

    PPS Now that it’s April 8th, I am going to shout (in my best Daenerys voice):

    “Where are my Oreos!!!!”

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