King’s Landing tower watches over crucial new Game of Thrones Season 8 set

Cersei overlooks King's Landing in "The Winds of Winter", season six
Cersei overlooks King’s Landing in the sixth season finale, “The Winds of Winter”

The gargantuan new Game of Thrones set at Titanic Studios was a bit of a mystery until we broke the news of what it’s supposed to be. However, the set hadn’t taken shape yet, so you’d just have to take our word for it. If that wasn’t enough, now we bring you a first look at some of the set as it will look when the show airs. And it looks real good!

We must thank Diana, among our other sources, for providing these photos, in which we can see the tower that oversees the rest of the buildings now looks almost finished:







The tower follows the architectural patterns we have previously seen in King’s Landing, which is mostly filmed in Dubrovnik, Croatia (with great help from the Spanish cities of Girona and Cรกceres these last few seasons.) You may also notice the arched windows in many buildings, characteristic of the architecture in all three of these old cities.

This jibes with our report, which revealed that this set will depict the streets of the capital in a major season eight action set-piece. You can read the spoilery details here!


  1. H.Stark,

    I mean… yeah. Did you read the article? ๐Ÿ˜‰

    This jibes with our report, which revealed that this set will depict the streets of the capital in a major season eight action set-piece. You can read the spoilery details here!

  2. Maybe the NK will visit Cercei[he is able to fly with a dragon now..why not?] and will kill/resurrect her as his NQ sacrificing also her baby[inside her] to be the last WW baby.. That will lead Jon and Danny to go in Kings Landing to face both of them in one single combat/siege in the city and great final battle to be there..The name of the capital is also a code name..the Landing of the [Night]King..I wish to see that in S8..Will be interesting twist

  3. Luka Nieto,

    It may be the gates of the city or the gates of the Red Keep inside the city. For me it looks a bit similar to the city block Euron was riding through in The Queen’s Justice, though it’s hard to say.

  4. Clob:
    I canโ€™t wait until they drop the giant green screen dome over the top for filming.๐Ÿ˜›

    I think they will have to do something like that! Building that huge set beside a dockyard with tower cranes overlooking the site is asking for trouble. They would make a perfect viewing platform and I wouldn’t be surprised when filming starts if some enthusiastic fans or the paps climb up them to take photos or make a video ๐Ÿ˜‰

  5. looks like the place were the poor threw the rotten fruit at joffrey and chased him and sansa. were the hound saved sansa from getting raped.

  6. Black Raven,

    A few photos won’t harm especially with script pages starting to leak: spoiler lovers need something to chew and specultate on. The only thing I wouldn’t want to is an entire script leak (though I would read it, if it happens). Anyway there will be plenty of surprices, like in the last season despite of all those leaks. So, I wouldn’t mind any course of events.

  7. Inga,

    Script pages starting to leak!! Are you serious? I sincerely hope not ๐Ÿ™

    I have no problem with photos as that’s sure to happen, but I hope this time HBO have tightened up their security re script leaks.

  8. I haven’t read them but there were supposed leak scripts but they were proven to be fake. As I understand there are no S8 leaks other than one article by Watchers (which I have avoided as I’m trying to stay unspoiled all through filming) in relation to battles.

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