Join us Friday, January 10th, for the Watchers on the Wall Awards!


After months of voting, planning and debating, it’s finally time for the Watchers on the Wall Awards, celebrating the very best of the final season of Game of Thrones! Join us on Friday, January 10th at 8PM ET for a live ceremony, streaming from YouTube and embedded here at Watchers, as we announce the award winners chosen by the community. While we share the GoT season 8 winners, we’ll be discussing the final season, and as always, there will be giveaways galore!

Be ready for the event at 8PM sharp, because the giveaways start with the very first commenter on the ceremony post! The rest of the contests will be popping up throughout the ceremony so tune in, join in the fun, comment, and win.

If you can’t make it this Friday night to hear about the winners, have no fear- we’ll be posting the awards results later on, with final polling numbers.

Thank you all for your contributions, in making the Watchers on the Wall Awards happen, this year and every year since their inception. Save the date, and join us Friday!

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    1. Jack Bauer 24,

      Im too. I watch this amazing season every day. I’ve never had an experience like this.
      I still can’t believe how they managed to make such a brilliant finale. Thanks to everyone who was involved in the making.

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    2. Interested to see the winning choices!

      Best of luck to KH tonight at the Golden Globes. It’s an honour to be nominated.
      ⚔️ All Hail King AeJon Stargaryen First of His Name

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    3. I’m so bummed I’m going to miss it!!! It’s right about the time I’ll be arriving at my aunt’s house for a long weekend visit (she’s undergoing chemo). Looking forward to seeing the results later.

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    4. Trying to figure out the time difference between my time +2GMT and your American EST. American EST seems to be -5GMT, seven hours behind my time. So… I probably won’t stay up, stay awake for this.

      I can still appreciate all you do on this website, and thank you all for your efforts. Looking forward to catching the “Awards Show” at a time more convenient for me.

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    5. It starts at 3am my time, so I’ll miss all the live buzz and the giveaways – they were for US/Canadian pundits anyway, anyway.

      Anyway, hope you all have a great time reliving, reviewing, rediscussing S8 and GoT as a whole. I’ll catch it later.

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