Joe Dempsie Joins the Con of Thrones 2018 Special Guest Line-up! Welcome Gendry!

Joe Dempsie Con of Thrones Gendry

It was only yesterday that we announced James Cosmo, the Lord Commander Mormont himself, would grace us with his presence at this year’s Con of Thrones, and yet the amazing guest announcements just keep on coming: today, Watchers on the Wall has the honor of revealing Joe Dempsie is joining the ever-growing guest line-up! That’s right: in less than two months, if you swing by the Con of Thrones in Dallas, you’ll get to meet the man behind Gendry, who we just learned will have a big part in season eight.

After disappearing for three seasons, Dempsie’s character made an exciting return in season seven, one that is promised to be followed through in the last season of Game of Thrones. The English actor, best known for his roles in the British comedy-drama Skins and a certain HBO show, is such an exciting inclusion to the already impressive list of special guests for Con of Thrones 2018, including cast members Esme Bianco​ (Ros), Sam Coleman​ (Young Hodor), Kate Dickie (Lysa Arryn), Sibel Kekilli​ (Shae) Hannah Murray​ (Gilly), Aimee Richardson (Myrcella Baratheon), and Miltos Yerolemou​ (Syrio Forel); Sound Designer Paula Fairfield and Weapons Master Tommy Dunne; and fan-favorite podcasts A Storm of Spoilers, The Ringer’s Binge Mode​, and Bald Move​.

You may join some of the biggest Game of Thrones fans, actors and creators at the Hyatt Regency Dallas in Dallas, Texas, from May 25 to May 27. This packed three-day weekend will feature panels, interviews, discussions, workshops, and more. Autograph and photograph experiences with special guests, including Dempsie, are now on sale. Keep an ear out for the programming schedule, as well as more special guests, coming soon!

Con of Thrones is produced by Mischief Management, and we at Watchers on the Wall are proud to be their official programming partner. Keep yourself up to date via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and the Con of Thrones website, where tickets are still on sale!

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    1. Hodor!

      That’s surprising! All the other guests aren’t on the show anymore, so he must have finished filming by then I suppose? Or he has a short break?

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    2. BY THE OLD GODS AND THE NEW, I’M ABOUT TO SHOUT HALLELUJAH! Gendry is a HUGE Character in the End Game!!!!! OMG I’m SO EXCITED!!!!! 50 Days to go! Gonna DEF get a pic with Joe Dempsie! He should marry one of my daughters. He’s got quite the list of great credits to his name, too! AWESOME JOB, WotW & CoT!!!!!! You all CONTINUE to outdo yourselves!

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    3. Why do I live and work in Europe? I want to come too! Next year there must be a European version too. Luckily this year I’m going to the Game of Thrones live concert experience around the same time. I already ordered special clothes to wear.

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    4. Daisy,

      That’s a relief she’s there too. I don’t expect her to die. Some people have to survive, otherwise the ending is bitter instead of bittersweet.

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    5. If I could travel right now, this Canadian gal would be hoping a flight meet James, Miltos, and Joe in record time.

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    6. I am beyond thrilled with the growing guest line-up! It is going to be even harder this year to decide what to do each hour of the day, and we haven’t even seen the programming yet. My husband thought I was kidding when I told him we have to stock up on protein bars and bottled water between the airport and hotel because we won’t have time to eat!

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    7. Always exciting to see new faces added to the con list! Can’t wait to meet the one true king!

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    8. Well, isn’t this a thing?!! An important character who’s still alive. And Gendry’s met Arya, Jon, Ned, Davos, Tywin, Yoren, Dany, Tormund, Sandor, Beric, Tormund, Jorah, Tyrion, Thoros, Stannis, Melisandre, Auguy, Drogon, and the doughty Hot Pie. Seriously, I’m surprised D&D are allowing this, especially since very recently Joe said he’s afraid he’ll get drunk and tell someone the ending. Attendees no doubt will try to pry some nuggets out of the poor lad.

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    9. Stark Raven' Rad, You can add Jaqen H’ghar to your little list. Gendry probably dies in the cold open. GRRM has said D&D are more bloodthirsty than he is. Just look at all of the characters they have butchered.

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