Iwan Rheon and Kerry Ingram to appear at Con of Thrones!

Call the banners.

Please join us in welcoming Kerry Ingram and Iwan Rheon who play Princess Shireen Baratheon and Lord Ramsay Bolton to Con Of Thrones!

Next summer, Con of Thrones will host a spectacular lineup of guests who have dedicated their time and talents to bring the world of A Song and Ice and Fire to life. Follow the con’s Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and be the first to know when we announce new guests!

Special guests will also participate in convention programming, which is included in your general admissions. More details on the con’s events and programming will arrive at a later date. In the mean time, we have an update on Day Passes and the convention hotel for you after the cut!

We’re excited to announce day passes for Con of Thrones are now available! Weekend passes for all three days are selling fast, so be sure to get yours while the early bird pricing still applies! Visit the con’s website for tickets and more information.

Similarly, our final convention hotel block at the Gaylord Opryland Resort and Convention Center is sold out. While you can still purchase rooms outside of the convention discount, we are currently finalizing a new block and discounted rate at a nearby hotel. It is within walking distance to the Opryland, and there will be a complimentary shuttle bus connecting the two locations.

That’s all for now! Watch for new updates here and at conofthrones.com.

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    1. Ah, if I was on the fence about going, that’d definitely decide me! Alas, no traveling that distance for me. Maybe he’ll sing a song for y’all. ?

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    2. For some reason I expected the con to be in the UK, especially because I’m from Wales like Iwan :’)

      But nope, the USA is slightly out of my reach unfortunately!
      I hope Iwan comes to a British con sometime soon, and I still need to see Kerry if she still goes to them 🙁

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    3. Omg ? this is awesome 🙂 unfortunately I will be back to the States around the third of four week of July 🙁 I can’t make it and Believe me I try to get out early of my assignment 🙁

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    4. Omg!!I really REALLY want to go there SO badly!! I’m gonna try my best to go. Wish I could find a Valyrian pass!!
      And omg if Kit would be one of the guest too I’d just HAVE to find a way!! ?❤️
      I’m sure it’ll be a awesome event to attend!
      Also wished they had more locations for the Game of Thrones Concert experience !

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    5. Ack! So exciting!! 😀
      My life is a bit up in the air right now and not sure what country I will live in this summer, so waiting to get tickets.. but many these 2 really sweeten the pot! Kerry is super nice interacting with fans on Twitter too, our Princess!

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    6. Two of my favorite characters right there. No joke. I thought they were both AMAZINGLY portrayed in the TV show.

      Now I really wish I could make this…

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    7. Hey WotW/CoT, are there any more updates here? We bought tickets months ago and have been posting on the FB event along with many other fans who are concerned that there’s been total radio silence since the Kerry & Iwan announcement. Apparently folks have even been emailing, but nobody has gotten a reply in any medium. We are all very excited for the con (if it’s still happening?) but we’re really worried! Please reach out to the fans on Facebook/Twitter and let us know what’s up!

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    8. John,

      Thank you for reaching out! I wanted to let you know that my team is hard at work, and has been hard at work coordinating Con of Thrones. Rest assured that our quiet social media presence does not reflect activity behind the scenes. There are no ignored inquiries whether help desk or business related in connection to CoT. You can expect more news both guest and content related very soon. Thank you again for reaching out and most of all for joining us this summer, I can’t wait!

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