Iain Glen says Jorah’s “end may well be close” on Game of Thrones


For the past 6 years, Iain Glen has balanced playing exiled knight and professional unrequited lover, Jorah Mormont on Game of Thrones with starring on Jack Taylor as the series’ titular Irish private investigator. Glen spoke to Stuff about the complexity of his character on Jack Taylor, his fondness for Jorah Mormont and his future on Game of Thrones.

Glen has reportedly taken some slack from fans of Jack Taylor for not quite matching his character’s physical description  in the novels on which the series is based … which Glen points out, is similar to his situation as Jorah Mormont.

“I don’t think I bear any physical resemblance whatsoever to the character that George R R Martin described in the books on which the series is based,” Glen said. “I think he was a very dark-haired, wiry man with an ugly face – I’m not saying I don’t have an ugly face – and I think quite short and stocky. But they probably thought it would be good if you could see why (Jorah and Daenerys) might get it together. If you had an ugly stump of a man who had no chance whatsoever and was fairly repellent then it would be harder for them to tell that story.”

Glen, of course, refused to play favorites between his Irish P.I. and exiled knight. Though the interview understandably focused on Jack Taylor, Glen did have a few words to say about his Westerosi character.

“I’ve always enjoyed playing Jorah. It’s been a role that’s been good to me so. There’s quite a high death count in Game Of Thrones and they don’t blanch at removing favorite characters. They just get rid of them in a brutal way. My end may well be close but so far I’m doing OK.”


  1. There are some that do, but I’ve never wanted Daenerys and Jorah to get together. In the books, obviously not, but I haven’t even with Iain as the show’s version. He’s just not what I picture for her. Book-Jorah should get with someone like… Lemore for instance. 🙂

    I haven’t quite finished Jack Taylor after it was added to Netflix but I think it’s enjoyable enough. I’ve been watching quite a few gems from that side of the pond. I saw today that Netflix also added Shetland so that’s on my list now too.

  2. I love the change D&D did, I know Jorah from the books but I have fallen in love with Iain’s portrayal of Jorah so much more. Iain and Emilia are gold on screen together and I love all their scenes even their emotionally painful ones. I’m hoping Jorah gets some kind of happy ending.

  3. Only two more seasons of Jorah, less than 13 episodes of him left. I guess I’ll have to start Jack Taylor as I love his accent too much to stop watching him.

  4. Silly bear.

    Of course his end is close – EVERYONE’S end is close. It’s Season 7 of GoT. He’s my #1 character, and I’ll likely cry if and when he dies (because Iain f*cking Glen), although I’m not much for shedding tears. However, since I thought he was a goner for certain in Season 5, and I’ve been able to ogle him since Season 1 Episode 1, well hey. I just ask that he goes down like a champ.

  5. How can one be ‘wiry’ and ‘short and stocky’ at the same time?

    Book!Jorah is stout and bald with a ton of body hair. ‘Wiry’ would be a poor description. But in any case, he’s not nearly as appealing as Iain Glen, who reminds me a lot of Richard Chamberlain around the time he starred in Shogun.

  6. Jorah is a tragic character and I doubt there will be a happy resolution for him. It’s probably essential that his love for Danaerys remain unrequited. I imagine his death is inevitable. Hopefully he’ll be able to say goodbye, and die in her arms.

  7. Wimsey,
    Oh, you cad, you.

    I’m so happy that we’re finally slowly coming up to an end. And there are 7 episodes this year to feed the meantime appetite, too!

  8. . If you had an ugly stump of a man who had no chance whatsoever and was fairly repellent then it would be harder for them to tell that story.”

    So that’s why I didn’t get the part.

  9. It’s been pretty clear from the first book onward that ol’ Jorah probably isn’t making it to the last page.

    But it is still going to suck like crazy when he finally gets the axe. I hope he at least gets to go out like a champ instead of a chump.

  10. He deserves Dany. For all the things they’ve been though much better than anything else but show will settle for something else. More plain and boring.

  11. Geralt of Rivia,

    Dany would tell you that she is not a thing to be ‘deserved.’ She is Queen of the Andals, Khaleesi of the Great Grass Sea, Mother of Dragons, etc etc. There will be no happy ending for Jorah, at least in the traditional sense.

  12. Cersei’s Brain,

    I meant it as Jorah will die at some point. He has sacrifice for his unrequited love of the woman he desire aka Daenerys written all over his face. It will be plain and boring with another sacrifice of this kind. Certainly no happy ending whatsoever for him.

    Daenerys is very much all of it Khaleesi, Unburnt, Mother of dragons but as Tyrion put it. Who else really deserves her because who else can rule beside her? Answer is nobody.

  13. Geralt of Rivia,

    Dany deserves to be with someone she falls in loves with and wants to be with.Just because Jorah loves her it doesn’t mean he is entitled to her.It was always supposed to be an unrequited thing and judging by the books a creepy unrequited thing at that.And people can rule beside Dany.There are other remarkable people on the show.

  14. Jenny,

    Books are creepish in this but show. Not about being entitled but clearly these two have bond that goes a lot deeper. Still this is the most organic relationship of hers with ups and downs. Daenerys won’t let anyone dominate or rule. I don’t see anyone really wanting to rule out of all possibilities.

  15. I hope not… Give him the command of the new Night’s Watch. Let him repay his debts by service. Let him follow his father….

    …Oh that ending is super sweet and a little cheesy. 🙂

  16. Sand Snail:
    I hope not… Give him the command of the new Night’s Watch. Let him repay his debts by service. Let him follow his father….

    …Oh that ending is super sweet and a little cheesy. ?

    I always wanted this to happen for Jorah in the end! I don’t care how cheesy.

    I assume Dany will die by the end anyway so the idea of them being together is probably doomed anyway. More importantly as much as Dany clearly loves Jorah – she’s just not interested in f***ing him… I mean _I_ would, BUT totally her prerogative if she’s not into him in that way. Dany will end up either falling for or at least just sexing up at least 1 more person. Whether it’s Yara or Jon will be fun to see! :p

  17. I love how in the other interview Iain let out he wasn’t exactly going to die on ep. 1 s.7 (I love euphemisms) and now tries to “correct” his slip of the tongue 🙂 But I agree: many of the characters will die anyway. Not so sure about Jorah: I always had the feeling he and Davos would survive the War for the Dawn.
    Anyway, I always understood book!Jorah was tall, although not as tall as Barristan. Muscular, neck like a bull, hairy, and tall, hands that could kill a man.
    Oh, and Jorah is not “creepy”. He proposes once after kissing her once (he had misunderstood her excitement for the Unsullied plot for a more general. excitement towards their relationship) and then accepts the refusal, a refusal that comes after a while: Daenerys ponders his offer. A lot. Her feelings are not so clear. And she gets understandably paranoid because she is still hurt by Viserys and does not want Jorah to end up as Viserys.2. However, Jorah does nothing to control her, and does not even get pushy: many people exchange Dany’s understandable paranoia and biased interpretations in her PoV for the truth of a reliable narrator. All other interpretations have been spread by some functional illiterate and/or sex-negative people for their blogs.
    Show!Jorah does not even kiss her or propose. In the show they transposed the ASOS scene into the s.2 scene where he says “I can’t believe you are real” and reaches out for her (he might have tried to pull her to him, maybe to caress her, maybe to kiss her…who knows). D&D robbed us of a long, deep kiss by Iain/Jorah. Why???!!!!
    Yes, I am the biggest Jorah fan there is (and also a JorahxDany shipper)!

  18. Firannion,

    Yes! Book Jorah was thick and hairy (I always pictured a young Ed Asner). Not at all like Iain Glen. You are so right about him looking like Richard Chamberlain. That’s what I’ve always thought!

  19. I remember first seeing him in Taggart in the eighties and then in Linda La Plante’s Trial & Retribution and my work colleague said she thought he was beautiful and of course I agreed. Now, whilst you wouldn’t describe him as beautiful anymore, he certainly is ruggedly handsome and we always watch him in Jack Taylor.

  20. I don’t post on the site very often, and I admit I am more of a casual fan. But I do remember very clearly from the books, when the author spends quite a bit of time writing about Danys views on men. Grrm wouldnt be spending so much time on this if it were not relevant. I think of myself as pretty objective since I really dont “ship” couples in this series. It just has to make sense to me, kind of like brienne and jamie. Aside from the age difference, Jorah is devoted, loyal, a bit too serious and “broading”( if that is the correct term,) , and he hardly smiles. He isnt a “bad boy”. He is actually quite a catch to many women, except not to dany. Based on the information the author provides, (not my own wishful thinking) he is much,much more like family to her, and she finds his qualities like that if a family member. I think the author is cluing us in on something. However, on the show, their interactions together are some of the most multidimensional i have seen from the actress. It is actually beautiful to see, and they have a rock solid deep rooted history that is evident in their screen time. Actually, she might realize one day she was in love with him, since she was only a teenager when she knew him. Hey listen, these arent my characters so I dont expect my own expectations if they arent meant to be.

  21. Geralt of Rivia,

    They might have a bond but clearly she is not interested.She just wants him as a friend otherwise she had plenty of opportunities to take it further but she hasn’t.And that’s okay she can’t force herself and she shouldn’t have too.And we view Dany very differently.That’s what I took from her break the wheel speech and talk with Yara.I think she would be very open to share the burden of ruling.And she is always yearning for a family in the books.

  22. Iain has portrayed an amazing Jorah. I am glad they cast him and not some dark hairy dude! 😛

  23. Everybody’s End Is Near…13 Episodes to go…mmh…jorah makes it to the final…because Jorah is Azor Ahai

  24. He didn’t rebea thst his character is gonna die. He sinply said thst anyone may die, including Jorah.

  25. When I finally got around to reading the books, I was surprised at what book-Jorah looks like. And this made his kissing and lusting after 13 year-old Dany even creepier. Iain does a great job in portraying Jorah’s infatuation and respect for an aged up Daenerys.

    As for show-Jorah’s fate, I think if his greyscale is cured, he’ll actually survive this saga. That’s not to say book-Jorah will live. I think he’s minor enough of a character (sorry Jorah fans) that his ending could be different without affecting the outcome of the story.

  26. The show introduced me to the books so I’ve only ever pictured Jorah as Ian Glen and all the other show actors.

    Geralt of Rivia,

    He only sold her secrets to the people that killed her family and usurped her thrown. She should definitely hook up with him lol.

  27. My bear! I love, love, love Iain Glen! The velvet voice, the expressiveness of his face…he definitely removed a lot of the creep factor from bookJorah for me. I think the relationship with Dany will remain at arm’s length as it is his karmic destiny to be a slave to his love for her. And I hope that he makes it to the final episode just so that I can continue to watch and hear him on my tv screen!

  28. WallyFrench,

    It’s not her throne as being overthrown by the right of conquest, first of all and then he saved her. Counts for something.


    I understand it but still this would be more logical than what is being and the way t is being set up next season. She won’t be willing to be second fiddle to anyone and this is very clear. Not to Jon, not to anyone because her pride is just too damn big for it. She worked in her eyes too hard for it. Leaks only support it.

  29. Unfortunately it’s not about deserving… I have a male friend who has helped me a lot, I enjoy his company and I’m really fond of him. Other friends have told me that he would be a suitable partner for me and that he would like that. Of course he “deserves” me, I’m no Khaleesi 🙂 but I can’t imagine him being anything else that a good, trustworthy friend.
    About Jorah: I hope he will survive and become Lord of Bear Island, I think Lyanna would like this huge responsibility passed to an older, more experienced relative, she might enjoy having him around and let her do things more usual for her young age.
    I like Iain a lot and, having read the books after season one, I still picture Jorah looking like Iain.

  30. Ashara D,

    No removing creep from book Jorah as Dany is all of 13 in the books. If show Dany was that young even Iain wouldn’t be able to undo that.

    Geralt of Rivia,

    It counted for her sparing his life. Not forgiving though.

  31. Jorah has always been one character I can’t see making it to the end, to be honest I am surprised he has made it this long and would be an excellent candidate to die this forthcoming season, I mean what is his end game in this? I suspect it’s to die tragically so Dany has some losses before she dies.

  32. Jorah is tough.and gentle when he wants.I felt bad when he had the stone disease.I am going to keep a watch for anything new in.his future

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