Iain Glen on Jorah’s iconic outfit and unrequited love

Jorah scene

In a new interview with Vanity Fair, Iain Glen discusses his worries for Jorah’s future, fan reactions to his onscreen love-life and his quintessential yellow-shirt-blue-scarf combo!

Iain Glen recently took a starring role in TV3’s Jack Taylor, an Irish mystery series currently streaming in America  When Vanity Fair caught up with the actor, talk naturally turned to the differences between his roles as a hard-drinking detective and everyone’s favourite exiled knight.  For one thing, as Jack Taylor, Glen gets to wear a smart, statement blue coat, a refreshing change from Jorah’s infamous tattered yellow shirt.  However, it seems that Glen has become quite attached to his Game of Thrones’ threads, saying, ‘they found it for me, a costume that just felt right. I don’t know. It just felt like it belonged and belonged to him.’  It doesn’t look like he’ll be changing any time soon either, as Glen added, ‘I think Jorah just needs to land in a safer place, and then he’ll have time to change his clothing. Get cleaned up a little.’

Whether or not Jorah will ever find himself in a safe place, a rarity in Thrones at the best of times, remains to be seen.  The actor commented, ‘In all honesty, no one is more worried than me. There’s a high death rate in Thrones, and I desperately don’t want to be part of that number. We’ll have to see what unfolds.’

Glen also discussed the disparity between his two character’s sex lives.  While Jack Taylor often finds himself in sticky sexual situations, poor Jorah is still pining unrequitedly after his Khaleesi.  He comments,  ‘Jorah ponders it too much, I think….Jorah’s (n)ever going to get it. Well, he might. Who knows?’  However, Glen also believes that while most fans wish Jorah well and hope he gets a little love in return, some might actually prefer him to remain single.  ‘It’s sweet, the fan reactions….But there is a certain female fan where maybe they see themselves in the story, and as long as you’re failing as Jorah, you’re maybe still more available for them in a funny way.’

You can read the rest of the interview and find out more about Jack Taylor here.


  1. A friend has been streaming Jack Taylor and loves it. It’s in my ever-lengthening Netflix queue.

    On another note, we’d better get Quaithe this season, dammit. Maybe a sexy/healing body-painting experience is just what Jorah needs at this juncture in his life!

  2. I’ve loved Jack Taylor over the years. ❤

    Sigh. No comment. Just gonna sit here and stare at Iain for a bit.

  3. Yeah right, like Iain Glen knows anything about unrequited love. I mean, look at that fascinating hunk of a man — who wouldn’t requite that?

    Anywho, Ser Jorah is my favorite character on the show, and a lot of that is because of how Ser Iain plays the part, and having a face and form that the camera obviously has a crush on doesn’t hurt.

  4. This character is a great lesson to all those guys out there in the friendzone. No, things won’t change with her, and you just look to your friends like this guy does to you.

    I can imagine the poor bastard coming back to his khaleesi like “hey look, I’m cured, like you ordered me to do, now we can be togeth.. wait, who’s that emo kid with the curly hair???”

  5. O_o,

    Yes, she told him to get cured because she needs him by her side. He probably got his hopes up…poor man.

  6. Btw, I accidentally used my We ♥ Iain Glenn forum name “Tony” when posting my previous comment. Sorry for the confusion.

    :-^ ♬♪♫

  7. Next to Jorah, Jack Taylor is the next best character Iain Glen has portrayed in his long career. Jack Taylor is a great series and Jackie Boy gets many girls, and, unlike Jorah, has never been in the friendzone.

    Iain is one beautiful hunk of a man, no doubt, and the reason I began watching GoT and I have to say got hooked on the show and Jorah Mormont, of House Mormont, lord of Bear Island.

  8. I’m just gonna sit here a little longer and bask in the glow of all the Iain/Jorah/Jack love shining through. ? The young pretty ones get much of the attention (and that’s good!), but dang if the rugged middle aged men don’t steal the show for me (looking at you too, Rory McCann, Liam Cunningham, Stephen Dillane, Tom Wlaschiha (ok he’s young), Sean Bean……)

  9. Well, if the thread was good for nothing more than drooling, I must say I’ve pulled up Jack Taylor on Netflix for the first time and am watching. 🙂 Somehow any previous mention of the show was ignored by me… 40 minutes in… not too bad.

    Speaking of friend-zone and Daenerys though… I don’t see it ever happening. That’s simply because they’re trying to follow the direction the books are aiming. Book Jorah is no Iain is what I’m getting at, and not a ship that viewers would pine for.

  10. Iain sounds like such a lovely guy. I was most excited by his casting (and Sean Bean’s) and I knew nothing about the show. I’ve always been a fan of Bean and remembered Iain fine as hell. Excellent casting. We’re so lucky to have them both. /gush

  11. I wish I had that guy’s voice.

    Hearing him speak is the aural definition of “mellifluous”: rich and sweet-sounding voice, as if flowing with honey.

    How could Dany not melt after hearing him say “Sometimes I look at you, and I can’t believe you’re real”?

  12. Maybe Jorah just used the Kon Mari method and decluttered his entire wardrobe. He’s just simplified his morning routine.

  13. He was brilliant in “Jack Taylor”, but there is no indication (that i can find) that there will be any more of this series. Perhaps they are waiting for GoT to end. May the gods, old and new, provide him with steady work.

  14. 3eyes,

    In the full article he does say this: “We hope to make six more as soon as we can, and I think somehow in that feature format, that hour and a half rather than an hour, I think you get away with more time between them somehow.”

    So, there is hope he will film more Jack Taylor soon! YAY!

  15. Ten Bears,

    That line always gets me .. He’s such a fantastic guy and the way he looks at her and speaks to her makes me melt. But Dany just isn’t attracted to him unfortunately.


    When you realize that she will meet and bang the “emo kid with the curly hair” in a 4 episodes timespan and Jorah’s been trying for 6 seasons lmao

    He’s an incredible character. I’m very curious to see how they’ll end it all. Maybe his wife will pop up out of nowhere and beg him to forgive her. She isn’t dead is she ? “In another place with another man.” Besides the first reason Jorah liked Dany was because she resembled his wife so in a sense Dany was more or less a projection of her, in the books at least.

  16. The reason i watch and like GoT and Jack Taylor so much is because he made a stunning performance as Manfred Powell in Tomb Raider…i cheer for Jorah since day one…and still hope for a Jorah/Dany couple aka Azor Ahai/Nissa Nissa…
    Besides they are not following the books any longer…I think they did that at beginning…to keep also the book readers in line of the show…D & D want to show more of their own predictions…how They want the story to end…and like Charles Dance once said: ” They are not following the Books to 100 %…it’s an ADAPTATION of the books…

  17. Clob,

    Uhm, there are many Jorah x Dany shippers who are Jorah x Dany in general, believe me. I am one of them, and you can have a look at the fan community and at the fan fictions, if you don’t believe it! 😉

  18. Pigeon,

    Oh, yeah! Well, I always go for men. Boys can play with toys, certainly not with me! Give me Iain and Stephen!

  19. Pigeon,

    Rory and Liam, oh my! And Iain can certainly speak with his eyes, but was also blessed with a magnetic voice.

  20. I’m cheering up for Iain Glen since he appeared in Tomb Raider as Manfred Powell…since then i fall for all his characters..he is so gifted in what he does…Jorah Mormont and Jack Taylor are my favorites…i still hope for a jorah/dany couple aka Azor Ahai/Nissa Nissa theory…because i think they are not following the books any longer…like they did at the beginning of the show (to keep the book readers in line)…because D & D wanna do a ending baesd in their own predictions…and…like Charles Dance once said: ” The Story is based in the Books…but it’s an ADAPTION !!…”

  21. Some people were nit-picky about IG’s “Irish” accent in Jack Taylor. As I wasn’t brought up in Ireland I can’t judge. It wasn’t a bad show. I liked the onscreen dynamics between IG and his co-star, Nora Jane Noone (Garda Kate Noonan). She was one of my picks for Mya Stone if they had cast the character – obviously they didn’t.

    I know IG is better looking than Book Jorah but I didn’t mind.

  22. My hope for Jorah is that if he somehow survives the whole thing, he will go back to Bear Island, to his home, something he has wanted for a long time now.

    That’s the only happy ending for him I can think of. Dany is always going to be an impossible dream.

    Dee Stark,

    Same here, lol.

  23. Did anyone watch the video of the live reaction for the S6 finale by Mareck productions (YouTube reactors)?

    I ask because Marco had gone into this episode completely unspoiled about r+l=j, so his reaction was really fun to watch. I don’t know of anybody else who watched that scene without being aware of the theory beforehand lol.

  24. ghost of winterfell:
    My hope for Jorah is that if he somehow survives the whole thing, he will go back to Bear Island, to his home, something he has wanted for a long time now.

    I’d love that! Both Jorah and Lyanna deserve to find what should really be called “family”.

  25. ghost of winterfell,

    I watched it of course 😛 Poor guy started crying and everything. It was a cute reaction.

    I’m still in awe at Hunter Boyle figuring out the whole theory by herself haha.

    I saw another reaction and that person had no idea what the whole ToJ scene meant and the person sitting next to him had to explain everything and they missed the KITN scene lmao. The channel is Jodys Corner of something. His Jon hate is so OTT it’s actually hilarious. He has no idea lmao.

  26. ghost of winterfell,

    I’ve always envisioned Lord Friendzone ending up at the Wall, rebuilding the NW as its new Lord Commander. But that’s for the books. His ending on the should could be wildly different, so I’m intrigued.

  27. Flayed Potatoes,

    I hadn’t watched any of Hunter Boyle’s reactions, but I did watch the one where she figured out r+l=j, it was in the fourth episode right? It was so amazing watching her think it through! I also watched her reaction to the finale, she cried as well during the ToJ scene 🙂 .

    Marco could probably have figured it out too, if it wasn’t for Ali’s constant misdirection whenever he started talking about it lol.

    Ugh, I am so not interested in watching the reactions of a Jon hater! I hadn’t heard of him before.

  28. Flayed Potatoes,

    Ok, my guess has been that this time they will defeat the white walkers for good, so they won’t need a Night’s Watch after that and the Wall is coming down anyway.

  29. ghost of winterfell,

    Hunter guessed a lot of things from the show, including the fact that Mel was an old lady. She’s a writer I think, so it explains how she can guess some plot lines on her own.

    Ali was great at misdirecting. One of my friends actually guessed RLJ by herself and straight up came to me after Oathbreaker or Book of the Stranger aired and told me she thought Jon was “the son of Ned’s sister and that Targaryen guy” and I couldn’t get my poker face to work lol. I’d be toast in King’s Landing haha.

  30. ghost of winterfell,

    I hope you are right and this happens to be honest. The Night’s Watch is an obsolete organisation, and it makes sense to destroy the WW forever this time around. It can’t be a repeat of the first Long Night.

  31. Speaking of White Walkers/Others, I’m still trying to figure out why they leave behind geometric shapes with the dismembered body parts. The spiral shape (always the artists), to me, looks a lot like the Targaryen House Sigil, but not really sure what to make of it.

    Any thoughts?

  32. Mr Derp,

    This is something that will forever boggle my mind. well hopefully we get answers to that. I do see the resemblance to the targaryen sigil as well, but I dont know why.

  33. Dee Stark,

    I actually counted the “spokes” on both the Targaryen sigil and the spiral that the Walkers left behind to see if they are the same, but they’re not. If I remember correctly, the sigil has 8 spokes, but the spiral has 7. Could mean something, could mean absolutely nothing! ha

    It could be nothing more than a calling card to let people know who did it, but that seems a bit weak to me. I dunno.

    I also find it interesting that season 1 began with a White Walker scene and ended with the dragons being born. But again, i have no idea what, if anything, that means

  34. Mr Derp,

    Dee Stark,

    Those signs look very much like the one made of stone with the weirwood tree in the center where the first WW was created by the children of the forest (S6E5)… Maybe it has to do with that: the symbol of their origin and/or their revenge…

  35. A Dornish Tyrell,

    Wow, thank you! It’s a wonderful present. I haven’t read The Princess and the Queen (I prefer reading as well) so it’s a double gain. I’m preparing for a treat 😉

  36. A Dornish Tyrell,

    I’ve heard that too. Would be interesting to get an explanation on that one.

    That isn’t the only shape they make though. In season 1 episode 1 it kind of looks like a circle with a line through it, but it could also look like a number of other things too. I’ve heard some people say it looks like the “Hand of the King” pin, but I don’t see that one. Very curious to know more on this.

  37. Mr Derp,

    Haha no!! I figured out RLJ alone, in season 5!
    In regards to what you said, I think there is a relation implied regarding the dragons maybe being the end to the WW…. but that’s about it. I don’t think the WW do these symbols knowing it symbolizes Targs/Dragons.
    Like A Dornish Tyrell, mentioned, I was going to say that we saw that again in Bran’s vision. Theres definitely a relation there, because that where they originated. I think there is a three way relation between these three.

  38. Dee Stark: Haha no!! I figured out RLJ alone, in season 5!

    Dee Stark,

    Oh….oops…derp! I was gonna say, you got some serious detective skills, but now they’re just mediocre…j/k!

    Just like my comprehension skills apparently 😉

  39. Dee Stark,

    I think she figured it out in Episode 4, Season 6. But she binge-watched the show, so that makes it a bit difficult to get all the theories. There’s not much time to think of theories and there’s a lot of information to digest in a short amount of time. I don’t know how you watched GoT before. I got RLJ by reading book 1, so I went into the show knowing about it already.

  40. Flayed Potatoes,

    You figured it out yourself too? Impressive.

    I got spoiled when I decided to find out more about the show by googling it, when I first started watching it! Not very smart, I know ?

  41. Flayed Potatoes,

    Yeah I binged 1 and 2, and watched everything else live.
    I don’t know if it matters much how much time you have to think of theories. In this case at least. If you catch it you catch it. The reason I say this is because before then, I actually didn’t think much about Jon’s mystery mother. Yeah I thought Ned was being weird about it in season 1, but I never brought it up again and thought, hey, who could Jon’s mom be. It just hit me like a freight train when I was watching S5E04… I caught on to every clue as it aired and I didn’t have to watch it over to catch them.

  42. Flayed Potatoes,

    You wrote: “….and it makes sense to destroy the WW forever this time around. It can’t be a repeat of the first Long Night.”

    ( * Dons tinfoil helmet*): I suspect there is no “this time around” because there was no “first Long Night.” I’m sure Wimsey would know the proper term, but I’m making assumptions based on what I’ll refer to as “Chekhov’s Empty Gun Rack”: if there had been a prior encounter with and defeat of the WW and Army of the Dead, that bit of ancient history would’ve been the first set of images downloaded by the 3ER into Bran’s brain along with or right after the WW creation scene. It wasn’t.
    There’s another aspect to this crackpot theory that’s still percolating in my addled brain; I’ll have to see if I can articulate it without sounding like I’ve been smoking tinfoil-laced PCP….

  43. ghost of winterfell,

    That happened to me with so many other shows. I just spoiled myself by googling Big Little Lies (the new HBO miniseries) because I couldn’t take the suspense anymore and wanted some things confirmed XD

    I thought it was out of character for Ned to have a bastard and when he had the ToJ dream and I saw how much he thought about his sister making him promise things it clicked. I also watched a lot of telenovelas growing up, so I’m always on the lookout for some secret baby lmao.

    Dee Stark,

    Aemon: A Targaryen alone in the world is a terrible thing.

    *Jon enters*

    Jon: ‘Sup guys!


  44. Dee Stark,

    Yeah the show set it up in season 1 and then brought it back much later. D&D did a good job keeping it hidden and it helps that we don’t have access to Jon’s thoughts about his parentage when watching the show (in the books he thinks about her a lot). And I think a lot of viewers gave up thinking about it when Ned died because they thought he was the only one who knew.

    Ten Bears,

    True, but those downloaded images might have cost a lot of money to film, so maybe that’s why we didn’t get them. Of course, we don’t know what visions Bran might have in seasons 7 and 8. Poor Bran just finished binging GoT last season 😛

  45. Ten Bears,

    Oh no…Not Orson Lannister………NOT ORSON LANNISTER!!!

    *Starts getting sleepy just thinking about that beetle-smashing story*

    Lol, in all fairness, I didn’t mind that scene, but it went on a bit too long…

  46. Mr Derp,

    The beetle-smashing scene was too long, indeed, but I found it funny, because I interpreted it as a friendly tease to GRRM for killing his characters.

  47. Shy Lady Dragon,

    Lol, nice…Yea, the interpretations of that scene can vary quite a bit. I’d have to see it again to have a clearer perspective, but my take is that the beetle-smashing was a metaphor for killing without any reason or purpose. It was killing just for the sake of killing, which happens an awful lot in GoT (and in reality). I don’t know if he meant the Gods enjoy killing for the sake of it, or if certain people like to kill just for the sake of it though.

  48. Since everyone is here. I have a question that’s been bothering me:

    Is the Night’s King the only one who can revive the dead, or can his generals (the other whitewalkers) create wights by themselves?

  49. Flayed Potatoes,

    I think only the Night King can revive the dead…at least on the White Walker side of things.

    It’s interesting that Mel and Thoros (Lord of Light followers) can do the same.


  50. ghost of winterfell: Wow how did she guess that Mel was an old lady ?!! I didn’t think the show had given any clues for that.

    That was a total surprise for me, and it was handled so well. I know Wimsey thinks that’s the last we’ll see of Old Mel, because he thinks the whole point of showing wrinkled Mel was mainly to show the power of R’hllor. But I hope we see more of her being used. I still think Mel is going to sneak around Westeros by using the guise of the old lady. If she slinks around Arya as an old lady, she might be surprised that the deception doesn’t work so well, because after Bravos, Arya will now be wary of any old lady coming near her.

    As for Jorah’s wardrobe, that yellow shirt HAS to go. If something was worn as constantly as Jorah wore that shirt, it would stand stiffly on it’s own from all the body crud and crawling things. Jorah is a gentleman at heart if not by birth, cured of the idea of dealing in slaves I think, and he should be able to dress as a Lord at least once in the show. And yes, his voice is a joy to the ear. Even when he played the villain in the Lara Croft movie, it was still pleasant to listen to him state his murderous deeds. But as far as Dany is concerned, he is Friendzone forever. She’ll show her gratitude for his help and advice, and her joy that he’s cured (I hope) with a big hug and kiss on the cheek, but not with her body.

  51. Would also love to see them visit that Ice Castle again that we saw briefly at the end of Season 4 Episode 4 (Oathkeeper). That was pretty awesome.

  52. Mr Derp,

    I actually liked that scene… it was a tease to GRR Martin for the brutal killing of his characters, as Shy Lady Dragon commented, but it is also supposed to represent the gods, who are equally bloodthirsty… XD

    In the same way, D&D tease themselves as well as the fans in the Braavosi Theatre Troupe scenes…

  53. Dee Stark,


    ghost of winterfell,

    I guess so. I’ve been wondering if we’ll get a Phantom Menace situation lol. If the NK controls everyone, including the other whitewalkers, of course.

    Mr Derp,

    Well R’hllor is in opposition to the Night’s King and his posse and purpose of that religion is to fight the darkness (NK army brings death and darkness). So I guess that is the connection?

  54. Mr Derp,

    Yes, I know it’s not there anymore. When I went to edit it (stupid SpellCheck had changed “Derp” to “Deep”), I got a red-font message that my comment had been “marked as spam.” Because I don’t believe anything I wrote was remotely offensive, insulting or spoilerish*, I’ve asked the administrators to review my comment if it’s in their spam folder. (Maybe, like King Arthur’s second encounter with the Knights Who Say “Ni” in Monty Python & The Holy Grail, I unwittingly uttered a word that triggered the spam filter. )

    * Since I have not read the books and have assiduously avoided “the leaks”, I don’t think there’s anything I could “spoil” even if I wanted to.

  55. Flayed Potatoes,

    Perhaps the key to killing the Night King is to get close enough in order to put a crown of flowers on his head.


    In all seriousness, I think you’re right, but why would the Red God’s religion specifically be all about fighting the darkness? Where/when did that start? Perhaps they cover this in the books? I’m not really sure.

  56. Mr Derp,

    Well, Thoros and Melisandre “revive” the dead so they actually live again, but our boy The Knight King reanimates corpses that stay dead.
    Then of course there’s a hybrid wight/human like undead Uncle Benjen, and whatever the Mountain is now.
    (In my juvenile mind, I like to imagine a battle between the Night King’s zombies and an army of Qyburn’s zombies…)

  57. Ten Bears,

    Lol, or a battle between the Night King and Melisandre to see who can resurrect the dead faster. That would make a great “anything you can do, I can do better” commercial.

  58. Mr Derp,

    ” Perhaps the key to killing the Night King is to get close enough in order to put a crown of flowers on his head.”

    A www. Is this all about the Night King’s feelings getting hurt because he wasn’t crowned Queen of Love and Beauty”?

  59. Mr Derp,

    I’m guessing the books might go more into detail. George loves his worldbuilding.

    Of course the NK will be defeated with a flower crown! Why do you think Rhaegar lay a crown of blue winter roses in Lyanna’s lap? HE KNEW ALL ALONG!!!11

    Ten Bears,

    Yes and this is why they’ve returned. NK was spurned by Rhaegar!11

  60. Mr Derp,

    I’m guessing the books might go more into detail. George loves his worldbuilding.

    Of course the NK will be defeated with a flower crown! Why do you think Rhaegar lay a crown of blue winter roses in Lyanna’s lap? HE KNEW ALL ALONG!!!11

  61. Mr Derp,

    Now you’ve got me picturing Melisandre and the NK performing the duet, “Anything You Can Do I Can Do Better” by Irving Berlin from the musical, “Annie Get Your Gun.”

  62. Mr Derp:
    Ten Bears,

    Lol, or a battle between the Night King and Melisandre to see who can resurrect the dead faster.That would make a great “anything you can do, I can do better” commercial.

    Melisandre would lose this badly I am afraid. The NK would have resurrected thousands of people by the time Melisandre manages to wash and give her dead guy a haircut…

  63. ghost of winterfell,

    Yea, she’ll have a hell of a time resurrecting anyone who’s bald for sure. Maybe that’s why Varys hates magic so much. He’s just bitter that he is not eligible for resurrection.

  64. Mr Derp,

    Maybe that’s what the voice in the flames was telling Varys!! “We regret to inform you that you are not eligible for our resurrection program” ?

  65. Pigeon,

    *Raises hand* I’ll go ahead and take responsibility for derailing the thread. My apologies.

    Though my comments about resurrection seem to be well-placed now that you’ve added the visual to go with it 🙂 Although, thats kind of the opposite of resurrection. Perhaps the Grim Reaper will kill the Night King?

  66. Pigeon,

    Don’t Fear the Reaper would have to be playing during the death scene, though…without question…

    And I enjoy your Soundgarden avatar. Well played.

  67. Mr Derp:

    Don’t Fear the Reaper would have to be playing during the death scene, though…without question…

    And I enjoy your Soundgarden avatar.Well played.

    *clanking of cowbell*

  68. Mr Derp,

    Well…Rhaegar lay a crown of winter roses in Lyanna’s lap, so the clue to stop the NK was there all along. Foreshadowing!!

  69. ghost of winterfell,

    Well, not all dead guys have the curly locks and six-pack abs of Kit Harington. Kind of explains Melisandre’s “extra special” attention to his body.
    I doubt she’d spend more than a few seconds on the average schlub.

  70. Ten Bears: Yes, you’re right. The Jorah Mormont love must resume.

    Oh, I’d be happy to help. There must be a cure for the grayscale somewhere, I’m hoping at the Citadel. I’d love seeing Jorah at some other location than Essos. Those mellow tones must continue soothing his Khaleesi right through the end. Although, sadly for the tough old bear, a kiss on the cheek and big hug are all he will get for his troubles. Better than nothing, Jorah. HOWEVER, there is NO love for that dreadful yellow shirt. That thing has to go. Our Bear must be dressed at some point as the gentleman he is, not as the Dothraki go-between he once was. Question, Jorah would be a lord, technically, wouldn’t he? Joer Mormont was, until he became LC of the NW. Or would the Old Bear’s lordship terminate for his family as well once he took the black?

  71. Luckily Jorah might find some old clothes at Bear Island when he meets Lyanna (I suppose she was born after he had left Westeros), which I so much want to happen.
    But I like the yellow shirt, it really looks fine on Jorah, no matter how old and stained.
    I have an idea to help HBO raise money to get direwolves: make an auction with old costumes from GOT, I’m sure lots of people would pay more than they would normally do for clothes to get some fabrics which have touched the bodies of our beloved characters. I would never throw money out of the window to buy a Chanel suit, but I’d totally invest in something precious like Jaime’s leather jacket 🙂

  72. Oh now what the heck, I posted a nice comment re Jorah and it was up for a few minutes and now it’s gone. It was lovely, too, even Pigeon would have approved. What the heck did I do that would get my comments deleted?

  73. Shy&#32 -;Lady Dragon: But I like the yellow shirt, it really looks fine on Jorah, no matter how old and stained

    Everyone in the main cast has been able to have clothing changes, except Jorah. Even Edd got the Lord Commander’s cape, and even GILLY got some new clothes. When she went to the Citadel, she was wearing a new dress. No telling how many times Dany has had new dresses. Nope, the shirt has to go.

  74. Thronetender: Everyone in the main cast has been able to have clothing changes, except Jorah. Nope, the shirt has to go.

    Something tells me that Pigeon would want it 🙂
    As I wrote above, I think Jorah will go to Bear Island and wear some clothes fit for a lord. I don’t think he was neglected, but his losing his family and fortune was shown through that single yellow shirt.

  75. In the interest of continuing the Jorah love (he’s my second-favorite after the Hound—I must leave the pretty young boys to the pretty young girls), I’ll reiterate my hope for a Quaithe encounter in S7. I just can’t imagine that the pointed exchange between them way back in S2 will be left open-ended, especially given what she was doing when he found her.

    Has anyone ever established whether or not Davos knows who cured Shireen?

    If anyone at the Citadel actually knows how to cure greyscale, he’s certainly been a real shit by withholding that information. Also, I can’t imagine that Sam—as much as I love him, and as intelligent as he is—is going to find not just one or two, but two or three great secrets at the Citadel. Re-discovering how to forge Valyrian-steel swords ought to be enough, no?

    On another note, a few months ago I watched a great little Danish suspense flick with Nicolaj Coster-Waldau, Headhunters (2012). There are definitely some holes in the plot, but it was one helluva ride.

    Five more days until the GoT Concert Experience in Portland.


  76. Wolfish,

    Good for you! Have a great time at the concert!
    As far as I remember, nothing was said about Davos knowing anything about greyscale cure, but he might. He was not in the room when Shireen and Gilly were discussing greyscale.

  77. Shy Lady Dragon,

    Thank you!!!

    Another regular commenter from WotW and I are meeting for cocktails before the concert—along with her spouse, Wolf Pup #2, and one of Wolf Pup’s best friends, who’s flying in from Tucson (not on a dragon, alas). I’m planning on being a total nerd and tweeting it, so I’d better figure that out pretty quickly. (I love Twitter for headlines and photos, but almost never tweet.)

    Which reminds me… Said commenter made an excellent point in a recent email: “We haven’t heard anything about a Quaithe sighting, but no one outside of the production would be likely to recognize Laura Pradelska because she always wore the mask!”


  78. Wolfish,

    By the Old Gods and the New, it’s high time she reappears!
    That mask of hers was intriguing. Why was she wearing it, first of all? Some believed greyscale marks. Secondly, why was her mask made of those hexagons present on the red priestesses’ necklaces?

  79. Shy Lady Dragon,

    I don’t know. I haven’t read The World of Ice and Fire yet—it’s in my Amazon cart, along with Norse Mythology—so I hope to understand a little more before S7 begins. (I’m a great fan of used bookstores, but there seems to be a high concentration of GRRM and Neil Gaiman fans in my area. I can never find their books!)

    What little I do remember, from reading things here and there, is that Quaithe is from Asshai of the Shadow, as is Melisandre. Paradoxically, it’s a port city but its inhabitants rarely venture forth into the greater world—even though its environs are so toxic that no crops will grow, no animals or children will thrive, and the fish in its waters are stunted. Its residents depend entirely on traded foodstuffs to survive, but few ever leave.

    I looked up your question about Quaithe’s mask; according to the wiki on Westeros.org, all the residents of Asshai “wear masks or veils.” I have no idea where that information comes from or how accurate it is.

    Given all that, it’s strange that we haven’t seen it yet. Maybe we will in S7, although with only 13 episodes left, there isn’t a whole lot of time to be introducing new cities to the series unless they’re really, really important. Maybe Jorah will make his way there before returning to Westeros.

    In the meantime, I’m counting on Jack Taylor, American Gods, and The Handmaid’s Tale to keep me entertained until July 16. 🙂

  80. Wolfish,

    I have ordered The World of Ice and Fire at an online bookstore which brings books in English in my country (I indulge from time to time, not as much as I’d like to, because they are expensive) and I have read most of it. It has many details, so I can’t remember much. Anyway, I must say I had no revelations while reading it, which is fine: I just wanted something to keep me in Westeros before TWOW is published (such a summer child, I know, although my birthday is in October) and I knew it had wonderful pictures – these alone makes it worth buying!
    Thank you for reminding me of American Gods! I’m looking forward to watching it!

  81. BTW, attention, mods. For some reason I can’t refresh the site on FireFox. Could you please check what’s wrong?

  82. Thronetender,

    Jorah was Lord of Bear Island. Jeor took the Black so his son could be lord while still in his prime. Jorah fleeing to Essos was tantamount to abdication. Jeor’s sister Maege took over leadership of the family, and with her death at the Red Wedding, Lyanna became head of the family.

  83. Thronetender,

    • About Jorah’s Greyscale:
    I’ve been thinking that greyscale is one of the big unsolved/yet to be resolved mysteries of the show.
    After all, the show cut out the book character who contracted greyscale, yet retained the greyscale subplot itself by “giving” it to Jorah. There had to be a good reason for that.
    I trust the showrunners. I cannot fathom them wasting time on a “House MD”-type subplot involving a race to find a cure for a fatal disease before a character succumbs to it. There have been too many mentions of greyscale, and not enough hours left, for such a soap opera-ish story line. There HAS to be more to it.
    I’ve alternatively wondered if greyscale was (a) a biological warfare experiment gone awry; (b) an attempt to formulate a customized virus or poison to use against WWs or wights;
    (c) an attempt to create an army of soldiers immune from dragon fire or from Wightening (wightification?); or (d) a means of enabling kamikazi fighters to armor themselves against wights/WWs for a brief period even though it’d eventually kill them.
    All pure speculation at this point. But it can’t just be a variation of the cheap “potentially fatal disease” cliche. Can it???

    •. My niece (a huge House Mormont fan) imagined a “Jorah returns to Bear Island and meets Lyanna Mormont” scene. I thought it was cute. I’m going to see if I can find it and condense it.
    She incorporated her view that Jorah cannot be considered Lord of Bear Island because his “pardon” from King Robert is worthless; Bear Island recognizes only “the King in the North.”
    There was also a snarky bit of imagined dialog about Jorah’s decision to flee and become a fugitive: something about Lyanna telling Jorah she thought House Mormont’s words are “Here We Stand”, and not the Pythonesque “Run Away!”

  84. Inga,

    Very interesting video Inga, thanks for sharing!

    Ten Bears,

    In my mind, the show cut out book character who contracted grey scale’s subplot is to bring a highly contagious disease to Westeros (to add insult to injury, there’s going to be an epidemy besides civil war, famine, and ice undeads… wait! that’s the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse!!!)

    Maybe the show will go in a different direction and I would hate it if Jorah becames the Seven Kingdoms’ Patient Zero… The guy has suffered enough already!!

  85. A Dornish Tyrell,

    Yes. I forgot about that possibility: an epidemic of a fatal disease on top of everything else. That would sure help “thin the herd” along with all of the other s__t that’s about to hit the fan.

    I vaguely remember reading historical accounts of plagues (Black Plague, bubonic plague, etc) that wiped out ridiculous percentages of populations.

    Sounds like some of the “bitter” of the “bittersweet” ending will be that less than 1% of the human population will be left after all is said and done.

    As long as that 1% includes Arya, I’m okay with that.

  86. Shy Lady Dragon: Something tells me that Pigeon would want it ?
    As I wrote above, I think Jorah will go to Bear Island and wear some clothes fit for a lord. I don’t think he was neglected, but his losing his family and fortune was shown through that single yellow shirt.

    Pigeon WOULD want it. ? Granted, I think he rinses it in the water now and again. Probably dead marine life popping up everywhere….thank goodness we don’t have Smellivision because watching shows like Game of Thrones would probably be intolerable. Anytime a character gets a bath or jumps in a river, I think “Ahhhhhhh yes.”

    Of course, Jorah in his season 1 gear was mighty mighty fine. Dang. Oof.

  87. Pigeon,

    I thought Jorah looked great in his fighting pit costume when he did that somersault move to take out his last opponent, and then threw that spear for a bullseye into the harpy clown sneaking up behind his Khaleesi.
    To me, that was a Jorah highlight, along with the time he stopped Viserys from stealing Dany’s dragon eggs with that confident voice: “Hear I Stand.”

    Other top “Jodah moments”:

    – Last scene of S1 ( Dany + baby dragons): Overwhelmed Jorah exclaims “Blood of my blood!”

    – Reaction when Tyrion informs him Jeor had died;

  88. Since we are discussing Jorah’s tattered sense of style ( of course Pigeon, with the exception of S1 Jorah… 😀 ), I’ve recently found the Youtuber Costume Cinematografico. She analyzes the costumes of Melisandre, Daenerys, Sansa, Cersei and Margaery… It’s amazing all the symbolism hidden in little details in the costumes of these ladies. I can only marvel (even more than I already do) at the work and designs of Michele Clapton.

    She hasn’t analyzed yet the costumes of the guys, but it would be very interesting…

  89. Pigeon,

    Oh the excitement. So many gorgeous men (and good actors of course) in Peaky Blinders can’t wait for next series. Re-watching Black Sails so I can watch Tom Hopper and imagine him in black & red!?

  90. syzygy:

    Jorah was Lord of Bear Island.Jeor took the Black so his son could be lord while still in his prime.Jorah fleeing to Essos was tantamount to abdication.Jeor’s sister Maege took over leadership of the family, and with her death at the Red Wedding, Lyanna became head of the family.

    We never saw what happened to Maege on the show as we didn’t see her after season 1. It was just mentioned that she died fighting for Robb in the war. She doesn’t die in the books at the RW.

    I’m curious how House Mormont progresses in the books since the (current) situation is quite a bit different. Lyanna is sitting in as Lady of Bear Island since all the rest went off to war, but

    the last we’ve read of Maege and her daughters only Dacey is dead (Red Wedding). Maege, Lyra and Jorelle were sent on a mission to House Reed prior to the RW and Alysane is with Stannis’ army.
  91. Aw Jorah Bear has to get a little love eventually. I think he’ll be happy being near Dany even in the friend zone at this point. Please let him have a new suit of armor to wear though… 🙂

  92. A Dornish Tyrell,

    I have immensely enjoyed the videos about the costumes. It amazes me how much work was put in creating those beautiful clothes, which say a lot about the characters who wear them.
    I have listened to two hours of the audio book, hearing Iain’s voice as if it were music. Music to my ears indeed! I recognized bits from the Targaryen history. Does the audio book use the same lines as The World of Ice and Fire? I’ll still finish listening to it to let Iain’s voice flow like a river.

  93. Shy Lady Dragon,
    I have the same problem with Chrome–it only started when the website was revamped last time. It does help to clean out history, but that has its own issues. This is the only website I’ve ever had this problem with and it would be so nice if something could be done to fix it. Sorry to complain–love this website, but the refreshing problem is frustrating.

  94. I’ve had an issue with this website too, but differently. I can post anytime from my computer at work, but none of my posts from my home computer get through at all. It’s very strange. I sent an email to WOTW using the “Contact Us” area of the website, but I never received a reply. Frustrating.

  95. Shy Lady Dragon,

    Another oft-repeated story is that D&D were getting back at Orson Scott Card after he wrote a scathing review of the first 2 GoT episodes. “Cousin” Orson’s beetle smashing could also be seen as a direct jab at the plot of “Ender’s Game.”

  96. Shy Lady Dragon,

    I’m glad you enjoyed the videos… I found the story behind Sansa’s dress for her wedding to Tyrion simply mind-blowing! How the dress was designed to show Sansa’s vulnerability (bare arms) and oppression (rigid collar and tight corset) as well as her unwanted submission to House Lannister in the patterns of the embroidered lions, direwolves and fishes… So much symbolism and so much thought into a dress that was used only once and only for a few minutes… Simply amazing!!

    As you’ve said, Iain’s voice and his inflections throughout the audiobook are like music… And for the guys and gals who, like me, swoon over a musician, here is Iain Glen playing a guitar and singing… A man of many talents indeed!!!

  97. A Dornish Tyrell,

    Beautiful! Precious velvet! And the smile at the end…
    Immediately after it there is a video with Iain singing “Tell Me to Go”. Who, except for Daenerys, could tell him to go?

  98. Mr Derp:
    Speaking of White Walkers/Others, I’m still trying to figure out why they leave behind geometric shapes with the dismembered body parts.The spiral shape (always the artists), to me, looks a lot like the Targaryen House Sigil, but not really sure what to make of it.

    Any thoughts?

    I never put it together that the spiral shape represented (or could represent) the Targaryen sigil! The first one to appear, in Season 1, episode 1 seemed to be in the shape of the Kraken sigil.

  99. Ten Bears,

    Ten Bears, I just went on to the Forum pages because there seemed to have been some activity (the Forums don’t seem to get used as much as they could) but it was nearly all charlatans trying to sell fake money and that sort of thing i.e. spam. I wish those posts would get swallowed up!!!! Still I do realise that the moderators run this site for free and that they have to fit in their time here round working and looking after families etc. so maybe the spam on the forums will be cleared eventually.

    This isn’t aimed at you Ten Bears, it’s just me thinking of the forums, while I don’t normally like to give Censeros credit for anything they do have a “rant and rave” thread for people who hate changes from book to show – maybe if there was something like that here folk who hate the changes might not derail the threads so much – but then if they are “trolling” maybe they would still comment on the main site.

    With another stream of consciousness thought – on a history site I sometimes visit somebody had posted about a film called “Mountains of the Moon” from about 1990 about Burton’s and Speke’s expedition to the eponymous mountains in Africa. Speke was played by Iain Glen. Whether John Hanning Speke was from the family associated with Speke Hall on the outskirts of Liverpool, UK (and what used to be Speke Airport in Liverpool – I think it’s John Lennon Airport now) I don’t know.

  100. Sounds petty probably, but Jorah’s dirty, tattered clothes bother me a lot. He is the advisor of a powerful queen. Can’t he afford some new clothes? If not, can’t the queen gift him some decent clothing, if only for the glory of her court?

    No wonder he is still friendzoned. No matter how good his personal hygiene, his clothes not only look awful, they probably stink too.

  101. Dame of Mercia,

    • I did not realize the forums were getting bombarded by spambots. I was hoping to contribute a few posts there with some of my pet theories and see if they’d be debunked. I’d also started a list of unsolved/unresolved mysteries” on the show, and was hoping to read what others think are the likely solutions. But if the forums are being overrun by trolls and spammers… that sucks.

    • Is “Cesneros” your Auto Correct’s version of “Westeros.org”? I don’t go there at all, partly because I haven’t read the books and want to avoid “the leaks”, but mostly because my screen freezes up whenever I’m on one of their web pages, so it’s not worth the bother to try to navigate around.
    I’ve always felt that show-bashing book purists have a comfy home on Reddit and Westeros.org; I’m not sure why they come here to bitch and moan.

  102. Dame of Mercia,

    Damn! I just went to the Forum pages. I see what you mean. Endless series of spam with “offers” to pay $ to watch a movie. I had never seen that infiltration before. I may use the “Contact Us” messaging to alert the administrators.

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