House of the Dragon World Premiere Reaction Round-up!


There’s less than a month to go until we all get to enjoy the premiere of House of the Dragon, but the wait is over for a lucky few as of last night! The world premiere took place, with a red (okay, dark) carpet, complete with the cast and the unveiling of the first episode. You can check out pics and interviews from the event HERE, but most importantly, how was the episode?! Was the series premiere a bomb or a hit? Let’s find out!

(No, there are no spoilers!)

So says this collection of fine folk across Twitter, creative minds and critics:

Oooooh juicy! Speculation???

Kim Renfro‘s take on the premiere, shared with A Cast of Kings:

Emergency Awesome‘s spoiler-free review of Episode 1:

A uniformly positive take on the world premiere, all things considered! I promise I didn’t ignore anyone saying it was trash. The results are incredibly promising- so much so that I suspect we’ll see huge ratings and a season 2 renewal on August 22nd.

Feel free to share in comments any more reactions you find!

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  1. I have little doubt they’ll make the show worth watching. And we know how it ends so… when your non book reading friends start telling you how they’re super happy & how X will definitely win in the end etc, you can just suggest they go watch something happier like The Crown.

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