HBO to release ‘Beautiful Death’ images as puzzles


Whether you’re looking to pass the time between seasons of Game Of Thrones or to collect some more GoT artwork, HBO has you covered: the network has just announced the release of six puzzles featuring breathtaking artwork from, HBO’s official guide to the series’ most memorable deaths.

Each 1,000-piece, 19-by-27-inch puzzle features original art by Robert M. Ball, who creates all of the “Beautiful Death” images. Two are available at a wide variety of game and toy stores — “Long May She Reign” and “Violence Is A Disease” — while the other four are exclusive to Barnes & Noble and can be found at their locations nationwide.


Capturing episode 4 of season 3, “Dracarys!” is a vivid reminder of one of the series’ most memorable moments: Dany handing over Drogon’s chain to Krhaznys mo Nakloz, just before issuing the command to burn the Astapor slaver alive.

“Hold The Door”

Haunting yet beautiful, Ball pays tribute to Hodor’s heart-wrenching death at the hands of the White Walkers from episode 5 of season 6 in “Hold The Door.”

“Long May She Reign”

Aflame with both green wildfire and the blood of Cersei’s enemies, “Long May She Reign” harkens back to episode 10 of season 6 and the explosive beginnings of Cersei’s reign as Queen of the Seven Kingdoms.

“Violence Is A Disease”

Many had assumed The Hound was dead until he re-emerged in episode 7 of season 6, healed and befriended by a septon — but after the septon’s death by rogue members of the Brotherhood, he was reborn with vengeance on his mind, depicted in “Violence Is A Disease.”

“We Never Stop Playing”

Echoing Jaqen H’ghar’s words to Arya in episode 6 of season 5, “We Never Stop Playing” is an homage to the eerie, dimly lit House of Black and White, dashed with vivid red.

“Your Name Will Disappear”

Perhaps no death was more satisfying than that of Ramsay Bolton, who was devoured by his own dogs after his defeat in the Battle of the Bastards in episode 9 of season 6 — gorgeously captured in “Your Name Will Disappear” in the form of Sansa, who administered the punishment, looking on.

Puzzles are available now!


  1. Aha. I went into this post/article expecting to be challenged (puzzled) as to what six (presumably additional) Beautiful Death images represented – and found they are fantastic Jigsaw Puzzles. They look amazing and challenging to complete, but are probably not available here, otherwise I know who might like one …

    Two cultures separated by a common language, and all that 🙂

  2. Wow. I’ll take all 6 please, and will eagerly await the rest. Once shellacked and framed, they’ll be perfect for the man-cave! Spare time conundrum resolved!

  3. Yes, thank you, I’ll take them all. Wonder if I can get them online and shipped to Sweden.

  4. sorry, where are these available to purchase? I didn’t see them on the Beautiful Death site or the HBO official store…

  5. I would be interested in the Sansa puzzle but I wonder whether there is an online shop which sells it AND ships to Europe.

  6. Love these! The Sansa puzzle isn’t available at yet. That’s the one that I prefer but I also like the Cersei puzzle.

  7. Fu*king Barney, I read the damn news and the jingles for the god damn non existent Bar started playing ><

  8. These are beautiful images which would be challenging, but not the most satisfying puzzles to solve, being mostly dark with large patches of sameness. As an avid jigsaw puzzler, they don’t look like much fun, though they might be nice to glue and hang up afterward.

  9. Very cool! I’ve been hoping that HBO would start selling these Beautiful Death posters forever. This is the next best thing!

  10. It’s a shame I can’t post an image here. Because, for once in my life, the “Shut up and take my money” meme applies.

  11. I always liked those.

    Not going to ask why it’s a bear on the axe and why the reflection is upside down… It’s supposed to be the hound I guess.

  12. Jigsaw puzzles aren’t really my cuppa but there is no denying the art work is beautiful.

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