HBO invites Watchers to The Dead Must Die experience-and the NYC season 8 premiere!

Jon Snow reads Ramsay Bolton's letter in "Book of the Stranger"

I’ve been fortunate enough to be invited by HBO to enjoy early access to their immersive Game of Thrones experience, The Dead Must Die, as well as attend the season 8 premiere in New York City on April 3!

I’ve been pinching myself all week, and this morning I received my official invitation in the mail.

About a week ago, I got an e-mail from Magic Leap, creators of The Dead Must Die, asking me if I’d be available to attend when it opens in Boston on April 2. After I accepted the offer with many exclamation points and caps locked words I was told to await a “very special invitation” in the mail.

This morning, this arrived on my doorstep:


After taking an embarrassingly long amount of time to figure out that I had to press the eyes of the logo (Mountain vs. Red Viper-style) to unlock the box, I opened to this:


The scroll bore a letter written “by” Jon Snow in show-accurate calligraphy calling me to “come and fight for the living.”


Within the burlap bundle was my very own dragonglass dagger.


Tomorrow I’ll present Jon’s letter at the AT&T Flagship store in Boston to gain early access to The Dead Must Diemixed reality experience” after which I’ll ride HBO’s Dragon Wagon bus to New York City to attend the premiere.

Keep on the lookout on Watchers on the Wall and our Twitter account for more news, photos, and updates over the next few days, from the Boston experience to the red carpet premiere in NYC!

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    1. OMG! OMG! OMG!! This is so awesome!! I am sooo happy for you and soooo jealous! Have a great time and enjoy EVERYTHING, Petra! Will definitely be awaiting your report with excitement!🙌🏻❤️🤗

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    2. This is incredible! I am very glad you got this honor. You, Luka, and the other moderators do so much to keep this beast of a website afloat.

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    3. My first reaction was OMG too!! That’s fantastic!! I’m excited for you, and I look forward to hearing about your experience.

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    4. MY first thought was hearing Christian Bale’s voice sarcastically saying, “Ohh good for YOU!!” Seriously though, good for you!! 😀

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    5. This looks like an Amazing experience! Can’t wait for your updates! I will definitely be looking into the Boston The Dead Must Die!

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    6. Jealous. I hope it’s a GOT-like ploy to lure you all on the bus and then not release you until the final season’s ended. Ha.
      Seriously though, that’s awesome congrats and hope you have a blast!

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    7. That would of been the cruelest April Fool’s joke if it wasn’t true…

      Congratulations for being a chosen one.

      Travel Safe the watchers on the wall need you

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    8. Regarding the first photo:

      Tormund: Someone slipped this scroll under my door this morning, but I can’t read.

      Jon: Allow me, my friend… “Dearest Tormy, I want you, I need you! Come to me now in my chamber, my sweet bear lover! Signed, Brienne.”

      Tormund: I can’t believe it, she does want me! Our monster babies will conquer the wor—

      Jon: April Fools!!!!

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    9. Oh my oh my – Congratulations, Petra! That’s so exciting. I love that dragonglass dagger! I would have been knee deep in Cosplay reciting Jon’s lines from S7 with that thing by now. I am looking forward to non-spoilery updates lol

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    10. YOU DESERVE IT! Does anyone know and mind sharing where the red carpet will be for the premiere tomorrow? I don’t have a ticket but I want to fan girl!

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    11. BrideofFire:
      YOU DESERVE IT! Does anyone know and mind sharing where the red carpet will be for the premiere tomorrow? I don’t have a ticket but I want to fan girl!

      Radio City Music Hall in NYC starting at 7pm est.

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    12. Good on you, Petra!

      Someone from WotW deserves an invitation, the way this site has promoted GoT = done HBO’s marketing for them. I’m glad YOU got the invite. Too bad Luka didn’t, so you can’t do your double act.

      What an amazing invitation. Not just a stiff cream envelope, haha.

      Keep us posted and tell us as much as you can!

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    13. Is that really Obsidian, or a prop? (Obsidian knives do exist.)
      And didn’t you need to sign sth. defending you to spoil the first episode between April 3rd and 14th?

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    14. Well done Petra, that’s amazing news! I’m sure there are thousands of people who would love to take your place and judging by your enthusiasm when you contribute to this site very few who deserve it more!

      I wonder if you attend the premiere will you be able to drop any hints about the premiere or will you be bound by an NDA? Also it would be great if you could share the episode title given it’s tonight and we’ve still not seen anything.

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