HBO announces new line of licensed Game of Thrones wines!

Not the Imp’s Delight but close enough!

In Westeros, there are really only two beverages: beer and wine. (Because water is for children and for drowning your enemies.) So naturally a few years back, HBO teamed up with Ommegang for a tasty line of brews inspired by Game of Thrones. It was only a matter of time before a matching line of wines came along, and that time has come.

HBO announced today that they’re teaming up with California’s Vintage Wine Estates in an exclusive partnership to produce a trio of Game of Thrones wines that will be available in the spring of 2017.  The wines will be available in standard-sized 750ml bottles. As for the range of prices and varietals/blends, Game of Thrones Chardonnay and Game of Thrones Red Blend is $19.99, while the Game of Thrones Cabernet Sauvignon is $39.99 a bottle.

“Given the prominent role of wine on Game of Thrones and our previous success in the beverage category, an officially licensed wine for the show feels like a natural extension for our fans,” says Jeff Peters, Director of Licensing and Retail for HBO. “Game of Thrones wines most definitely will add to the fan experience as the battle for the Iron Throne heats up heading into the final seasons.”

As a fan of wines, I’m even more excited about the line of wines than I was about the brews, so I wish they were debuting before Christmas- it would be a neat gift. But at least the Game of Thrones wines will arrive before season 7. So raise your glass, and toast the future of Thrones drunk-watching!


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Sue the Fury
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  1. What’s next Cheese?

    But lol, “as the battle for the iron throne is heating up”.. Has he been watching the show and has he realized that that stupid chair has no role in it any longer?

  2. lol The vintners didn’t put a lot of thought into these like Ommegang does, there’s no tie-in to the actual story. I want a wine someone put some thought into, not a cheap cash-in that just says ‘Game of Thrones’.

  3. How do the wines not have names? And how do they not have names like in the show? Dornish Red, Arbor Gold ect it’s just regular old wine? Corny, lazy, lame and obviously just a cash grab. Fans deserve better but hopefully these don’t sell because they were two lazy to give them a cool themed name instead of just “red”.

  4. What! None of Cersei’s plum wine???? How could they not have included this? I’m having a glass of it as I type.

  5. Seems a bit pricy for table wines. I’ll wait to hear if anyone tastes them and thinks the contents are special, and not just the labels.

    And Chuck, it makes a lot more sense for Northerners to drink the equivalent of single-malt Scotch, rather than Bourbon!

  6. Ah! Finally wine. I’m tired of people pretending that Ommegang beer is remotely related to the TV show: NO ONE DRINKS BEER IN THE SHOW, barring one or two isolated exceptions, most of them are aristocrats who drink wine, not beer.

    I made a whole video guide to “Wine and Other Drinks in Westeros”:

  7. Serious fail for not calling them Arbor Gold and Dornish Red. Or at least Imp’s Delight! I mean, come on!!!

    Maybe will try the red table wine anyway. I can pretend to be Cersei and drink a whole bottle while plotting the destruction of my enemies.

  8. The Dragon Demands,

    Ale is beer. It’s mentioned many times in the show and even more in the books. Wine is great, it’s just sad that Ommegang puts such thought into their varieties which are brewed with intent and this wine is just plain old table wine with a Game of Thrones label slapped on it. I’d love some wine, I just expected better.

  9. I wish hbo had contacted a family owned winery that actually watches the show. So much cool stuff could have been done with this and it could have been truly authentic and good. Alas, we will be subjected to cheap plonk in a cheesy effort to capitalise on a fantastic show. I’ll be shocked if any of these wines are worth half their cost. Next time hbo should reach out to real wineries who actually watch GOT!

  10. Ommegang’s ales are actually very, very good and exhibit careful craftsmanship. Their Game of Thrones line is not only a testament to their skill, but also a worthy tribute to the license.

    You all could only hope these wines are as up to snuff as the ales are. Because, Seven help us, right now from what I’m seeing . . . I can’t say I have much hope.

    The Cabernet looks like it might hold promise, though.

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