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Episode 326 – Home Part Two
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This is the second part of the post “Home” heart to heart between podcast hosts, and hordes of listener Owns.

We asked, you answered. A collection of thoughts and theories lie within!

Discussion Topics
The great mystery
Casual viewing is over
The Tower of Joy
The cost of coming back
Northern motivations
Ramsay’s gift?
Listener Owns

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  1. I came across a “spoiler” and I kind of just want to know some opinions. There’s a spoiler that says when the battle for the north comes Aka “bastard bowl” that towards the end little finger will come with the vale to help John and Sansa win….. I think it’s a strong possibility since little finger has this becoming the ward of the north objective and on the show it appears that Sansa is a part of his plan to obtain this anybody has any thoughts on this?

  2. Yarwa_Stark,

    I think he will, but his ambitions will be put in check by a much more aggressive, decisive, and implacable Jon and Sansa. They are not going to let his Machiavellian machinations take root in the North. Jon may even kill him if Sansa asks him to, this my guess. Sansa knows what he is about, and she has got to know he’s not on their side as much as he is on his own side.

  3. I’m really looking forward to seeing who among the externalities I don’t care about is killed next. I’m hoping for Cersei doing some spring cleaning this episode.

  4. Yarwa_Stark,

    Considering my book theory revolves around Sansa getting SR in the Vale to help her eject the Lannisters from Riverrun I think this is a possibility, as I expect Sansa to go South into the RL in S7 to shoehorn her into place so this season I reckon Jaimie gets the Tully’s out of RR ala AFfC but then it will get re-taken next season as the Lannisters really crash. I think they’ll get ejected from KL as well with Sparrows taking over so they’ll have to fall back to CR (which will be great to see)

    So, the Vale turning the tide of the battle for the North which has been given a preview last season in LF convo with Cersei and then having Sansa head south with that very army makes some sense to me, with Jon staying in the north

    Rickon may get killed but if Bran is leaving the Cave and heading north, as soon as he re-enters Westeros he’s either Warden or King in the North

  5. I always thought Little Finger would hold back and mop up the victors of the Battle for the North with another fresh force. Jon and Sansa winning…but then having to surrender to Little Finger with a Vale/Tyrell alliance or what have you – very GoT

    He’s a tricky dicky and I can imagine him giving Sansa another of those looks he gave Ned. You just can’t trust him.

  6. I was wondering what i was gonna do this morning – certainly not work – thank you GOO

  7. LittleWanger:
    Can Jaime still become Hand of the King if Kevan snuffs it?

    I think so, very first episode when talking over Jon Arryns body Cersei is saying Jaimie should be Hand, but he is generally loathe to do it given the workload etc

  8. Still think that Theon is not going to Pyke and he considers Home as Winterfell – he said he doesn’t want forgiveness i think he wants revenge on Ramsey – cant believe GOO not considered this at all.

  9. Davyth Stark: cant believe GOO not considered this at all.

    How could Theon do anything against Ramsay on his own? And more importantly, why would a totally traumatised abuse victim run back to his abuser after he was able to get away? The thing to do is run away as fast as you can in the other direction and seek refuge and help. That’s what Sansa is doing. Once you’re safe, you can reconsider your options, and get support, try to overcome your fear, and strike back.

    Oh and PS: Are you the only Stark in the village? 🙂

  10. Wylie,

    The only way that happens is if the ‘gift’ Ramsey is given is Theon and not Rickon as most believe. Meaning he was caught!

  11. Considering they are moving fast to the end game, I wonder if they will kill Littlefinger by the end of this season. I don’t see why they would spend too much time on him going forward….

  12. Does anyone who follows casting know if the guy who plays Bronze Yohn Royce has been cast again for this season?

  13. I look at it this way –

    If they have no qualms about killing an innocent like Rickon, who also has suffered greatly, then they sure as shit should off Olly.

    In addition, if certain Northerners ever find out that LF put a knife to Ned’s throat during his capture, he’s a goner.



    Also, 6.08 = 59 min. and 6.09 = 60 min. as we knew. Wow.

  15. Wylie,

    🙂 calm down Mr Coyote

    I see your logic – but … just get a feeling that it’s Winterfell and not Pyke he considers home. Wasn’t suggesting he just gonna waltz back into Winterfell – maybe a bit of misdirection from D&D – I dont think he thought much of the iron islands and regretted his actions towards the Starks – redemption is a big theme and I don’t see that coming for Theon if he just legs it back to Pyke. Maybe he will, and gets caught along the way perhaps but I think it would be a nice touch if he does head back there. Either / Or it’s a possibility worthy of consideration.

    Beep. Beep.

  16. Davyth Stark:
    Still think that Theon is not going to Pyke and he considers Home as Winterfell – he said he doesn’t want forgiveness i think he wants revenge on Ramsey – cant believe GOO not considered this at all.

    He’s going to Pyke. We know he’s at the

    Kingsmoot from filming spoilers
  17. Dutch Maester:


    Also, 6.08 = 59 min. and 6.09 = 60 min. as we knew. Wow.

    Don’t those 69 minutes include everything like the credits/inside the episode? Mother’s Mercy is 73 minutes all together.

    Still great news though! Final 3 are 59, 60, and 69! Even next weeks episode 4 is 59 minutes!

  18. Both in the first and in the second episode, Tyrion made a ‘Varys has no dick’-joke. I have a feeling this isn’t just to add a light note to the show. Could it be there’ll happen something this season for which it’s important that the casual viewer remembers that Varys is dickless? Anybody has any idea why this could be important?

  19. JSPR_G,

    Well if he turns out to have one, that would be the twist. Him lying about being a eunuch for decades.

  20. Listening to all the chatter about the costs of bringing back someone from the dead made me think that the reviewers were thinking about the world of GOT similarly to the current prevailing opinion, that though religious are pluralistic, there is a general assumption that deep down this is a monotheistic society – i.e. there is only one god with a multitude of names -whether it be the Old, the Seven, The Lord of Light, or the Many Faced god.
    Watching how each of the characters relate to their god, its seem evident to me that we are dealing with some sort of Pantheon of Gods, or polytheism. And I think these gods are in competition with one another vying for supremacy and this adds another layer of intrigue to the story. So to wrap, if any debt is owed it is to Melisandre, as she gave the Lord of Light, Manse, Shireen, Balon, and he took Stanis.


  21. Bott,



    I’m guessing it’s simply because the Red Priestess they will speak to in this episode (Kinvara), apparently knows how he was cut (from the leaked script). This is also what I think is meant by “Varys finds an answer”.

  22. Oh Hannah you sweet summer child. In the books and show both its alway been reiterated that there’s always a cost for life.

  23. I’ve watched at least 10 times. the child of the forest says bran will need meera out there. Well, he cannot be a side watcher forever. Bran will take an active part at some poinnt.

  24. Apologies in advance…

    A little bit of patricide in my life
    A little bit of killin’ daddy’s wife
    A little bit of imps setting dragons free
    A little bit of flashers goin pee
    A little bit of kingsmoot in the air
    A little bit of washing a dead guy’s hair.

  25. Wylie,

    Abuse victims return to their abusers more often than you would think.

    I REALLY hope that Theon is the gift for Ramsay.

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