Game of Owns: A Night of Ice and Fire

Episode 300 – A Night of Ice and Fire
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Banners were called. Friday evening of 2015’s long prophesized New York Comic Con ended with a rave. Joined by Kristian Nairn, Finn Jones, and Keisha Castle-Hughes — Hard Rock Times Square served as a rallying point for loyal fans of the series.

Discussion Topics
Greeting New York
How does it feel?
Following Oberyn Martell
Loras Tyrell, in peril
Let’s get emotional
Hopes for the future
Drinks from Brewery Ommegang
Amazing audience Q and A
Book something, show something
Thrones and relationships
Moving on

An unfathomable list of thank yous are in order, but we promise to be succinct. Thank you, to everyone, for helping us create this reality. It was a night to remember!
Watchers stuff

Hard Rock



Thanks to Sue for an excellent play by play of the event! Also, to the wonderful people at Brewery Ommegang — they are in love with what they do, and are the perfect match for creating such a significant product in this community. The night would have been far less of an occasion without the celebratory spirit brought by the wonderful humans of Fire and Lunch — thank you! And thank you to the greatest of friends, David J. Peterson, for his energy and love during the night’s activities — David is the real hero.

Thank you to, Dark Horse ComicsPenguin Books, and Brewery Ommegang for providing prizes for the night’s games and bloodsport.

Until we meet again, here’s to another 300!

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    1. The Dragon Demands,

      Pretty neat! There may not be much new information in there but it’s nice to see the actors think so much about their characters, even though most of it sadly doesn’t really come through in the show, at least not explicitly. Still, you should probably let them speak a bit more next time, keeping the questions more snappy, with less commentary on your part. Certainly not so many interruptions 😉

      It’s nice that Jones clarified that the anti-homosexuality laws (well, anti-sodomy laws) are a new thing because of the Faith Militant —or at least their enforcement is new. Personally, I think that was clear in the show itself, but obviously many people didn’t think so.

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    2. The Dragon Demands,

      Wow. I couldn’t name the three youngest Sand Snakes in my best day. Castle-Hughes’s got some skills. I know she’s a book reader, but still. Hopefully season six will take advantage of the obvious preparation that the Sand Snakes actresses went into for the role. I’m so hoping that one of the Blu-Ray deleted scenes is the extended introduction in the tent before Ellaria comes to them on horseback —there were vague descriptions of the scene by the actresses, as well as promotional pictures. Unless the acting was terrible or it was deemed a bad introduction for some other reason, I can’t for the life of me understand why they cut that. They needed more character development. Hopefully the Blu-Ray will deliver, as well as season six.

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    3. Happy 300th episode, GOO! We’re all thrilled that you’re here with us at Watchers on the Wall. Congratulations on the milestone, and here’s to the many successful shows and great memories that you’ll share with this community as your journey through this epic story continues!

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