Game of Owns: The Trial

Episode 297 – The Trial
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The Hound’s axe took her, but now Arya follows, letting go of her mother once and forever. In this episode, Tyrion stands trial.

A Storm of Swords — Arya XII, Tyrion IX

Discussion Topics
Empty on the inside
Alone in the world
Finding Catelyn
Arya vs. Sansa
A place to stay
A question of evidence
Lord Tywin
Cersei’s chess game
The trial
Oberyn’s visit
Owns of the Chapters
A Night of Ice and Fire

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    1. Unrelated, but I’ve spent much of my recent time working on a fan trailer for the latest season. Do check it out if you’re looking to pass some time until season 6, will ya? Thanks 🙂

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    2. Crickets and tumbleweeds once again in the GoO comment section…. I’m about to listen right now and I’m here to say I enjoy these

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    3. Random tumbleweed – thanks GOO Guys … Really enjoyed this episode as we are quickly approaching the end of the book – just one awesome scene after another.

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    4. LordGriffith,

      Thanks for the kind words, you and all the other people that provided them on this post and others. Do send me a pm or leave a comment on my video when your tribute is done, I’d love to see it 🙂

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    5. Yeah I think it’s because the podcast’s play button is right there on the front page, you don’t even have to expand the article, so people immediately get immersed in the podcast file and then just forget to go into the comments section and say anything.

      I listened to the first third of this yesterday and I’m really enjoying the Arya analysis. About to resume, thanks for the work you put into these, GOO guys!

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    6. Zach’s reading of the Nymeria section where she finds Catelyn’s body was especially chilling. Really enjoy the discussion as the gang dissects each chapter, I’ve read the whole series 3 times……

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